Sorting Baby Blocks: Educational game for boy girl 1.4
This is a fun, educational learning game for toddlers. Little boysand girls will define on which shadow do they need to put colorfulpieces. This is a funny puzzle (like Jigsaw puzzle, but with 1piece) so it is quite educational for preschool and kindergartenkids.  Children will learn fruits, vegetables, animals andpopular toys while solving this brain game. Meanwhile kids willdevelop fine motor skills, tactile and the way they think. * It isa truly free game * There are no any hidden in-app purchases Someof the blocks your baby will play with: Animals: cat, dog, rabbit,cow, fish, frog, pig, whale… Objects: ball, truck, car, plane,candy, house, cake, train… Fruits and vegetables: Pineapple,tomato, lemon, carrot, apple, pear, coconut… * Right brainexercise: memory, creativity and imagination. * Improve thecoordination of the brain and the body. * Easy to navigate andmanage puzzle blocks * High quality app * Funny and cheering sounds* Drag and drop the colorful pieces It is an easy game for toddlersas it does not have menus or unnecessary options that can confusekids. We designed this app for all speaking languages. So if yourkid is learning English, Italian, Chinese, French, German,Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese he can definitely play it.
The world's hardest game ever! Zen Arrow 1.3
The world's hardest game ever!!!An awesome artillery-type arcadegame. The goal in each level is to aim precisely and get to theheart by an arrow, without touching other objects. It can be donein 101 different ways. The gameplay is quite simple even forbeginner. A player just needs to learn how to move the circle withthe image of a bow.The game is simple at the beginning but becomesmore complicated as you progress forward through 50 levels with aninfinite mode at the end. Movement in each next level becomesfaster and turns to circular, demanding the ability to calculatethe exact time of launch arrows and its trajectory. You will need agood head on the shoulders to win.Relaxing music will remove thetension from your nerves and put into a Zen state followed byvesper.Style of background from hot red and vesper to a deep bluewith different types of curls will satisfy any aesthete.The gamehas no age limit or prohibition due to nerve diseases and will takefull attention of customer at very least for a couple of hours in101 different ways. It will blow your head. Don’t be circular fooland download this hot game faster and you will have no time totwist curl around your finger in a circle.The world's hardest gameever!
Transport / Vehicle Sounds for toddlers, kids 3+ 1.0
An interesting and educational game for kids 0+. Listen, learn andrepeat sounds of different vehicles – just tap the proper image!Features: - Sound of vehicles' movement - Sirens, Horns and Alarms- Announcements of trains and planes.
Baby boy - Sorting Baby blocks: shapes for boys 4.0
This is a fun educational learning app for baby boy. Let yourlittle one to recognize different shapes! • A classic children'spuzzle • Educational for preschool and kindergarten kids.  •Improves thinking, tactile and fine motor skills • Fun to play fora long time • There are lots of cars, trucks and other stuff forbaby boy
Hey, Mr. Crab! New games for girls - angle Phone 1.0
New games for girls & boys - Baby Phone is a curious game forkids to learn numbers, animal sounds, transport, music instruments,fruit and vegetable names etc.Hey, angle baby phone! Where are you?Here I am, here I am! How do you do?This game is for toddlers: boysand girls 3+ year old
Swimming pool with zoo animals for kids! 1.0
Listen, remember and guess sounds of animals, insects, andbirds!Swimming pool with "Funny Animal Sounds for Baby" is a fungame for children (2-5 age), which will help them to navigate insuch diverse world of sounds!Features:• Listen, remember and guesssounds of animals, insects, and birds, by clicking on the image.•Wild animals and animals from farm• 50 funny creatures!• 50 funnysounds!• It's very simple and interesting!Best Swimming pool game!
Kids word search - Flap Flap! Guess the word! 1.0
Kids word search -Learning English could be fun while playing!An educational game for kids to learn English words.FlapFlap - Guess the word: 1 pic 1 word!★FEATURES• The names of animals in Englishforkids• Listen and repeat• Over 50 words to learn• Adorable graphics• Learning the English language through games• Designed by language learning professionals for kids aged 3-10• Toddler tested! Suitable for preschool children and kindergarten kids and for beginners of all ages• Pets, Birds, Farm animals, Wild animals, Fish, and InsectsEnjoy playing “Kidsword search”Now let's Flap Flap and play!
Feed the Animals: Baby Food 8.0
Features: • feed a hungry animal with a proper baby food• itdevelops thinking and motor skills• little child and toddlertested• popular feeding game, pet care mechanic and doggy games •funny animal sounds• as easy as balloon popper• cherish farm andwild cute animals: like dog, cat and sheep; tiger, shark and lionIt is a brilliant zoo puzzle (pet care type), which your kid willlove! Lots of creatures, like dog and cat.Check this out - a funeducational learning jigsaw for babies for one or two year olds!Your little ones (babies and toddlers) will love playing our babygame for a long time.This is a funny and easy puzzle so it is quiteeducational for preschool and kindergarten kids, they learn to petgrooming. This is a fun, educational learning game for toddlers.Little boys and girls will define which creature should eat this orthat baby food. So, they just drag and drop it to feed dog [likedoggy games], cow, shark or tiger! Children will learn fruits,vegetables and other baby food while solving this brain game.Meanwhile, kids will develop fine motor skills, tactile and the waythey think.• it is a truly free game• there are no any hiddenin-app purchases• cherish cute animalsSome of the sorting blocksyour kid will play with:Cat, dog, rabbit, cow, fish, pig,whale…Some food, fruits, and vegetables: strawberry, apple, carrot,milk, meat, grass…• right brain exercise: memory, creativity, andimagination.• improve the coordination of the brain and the body. •easy to navigate and manage puzzle blocks• high-quality app offeeding mechanic• funny animal sounds and doggy games• drag anddrop the colorful pieces• get your child to be involved in a petgrooming• cherish cute animals• balloon popper bonus levelIt is aneasy app for toddlers as it does not have complicated menu orunnecessary options that can confuse kids.
Sorting Baby Blocks: for Girls (kids 3+) best game 1.1
This is a fun educational learning app for little girls. Your babywill recognize different shapes and will enjoy playing withcolorful pieces. This is the classic children's puzzle so it isquite educational for preschool and kindergarten kids. This gamewill help your child develop thinking, tactile and fine motorskills. They can have fun playing for a long time. Good for: •Great activity for toddler! • Baby Sorter for girls • Toddler gamesfor 2-5 year olds • Best baby puzzles!
Учимся читать! Угадай букву! 3.0
Учимся читать! Изучаем новые слова! Занимательная викторина сбуквами для детей! Функции: * Ребенок выбирает пропущенную букву*Эффективная методика обучения * Большая подборка слов с животными*Легкий и понятный интерфейс для детей* Приятная анимацияподдерживает интерес в обученииЕсли вам понравилась обучающая игра,мы будем рады вашей положительной оценке! Это вдохновляет нас насоздание новых детских приложений!Learning to read! Learning newwords!Interesting quiz with letters for kids!functions:* The childchooses the missing letter* Effective methods of teaching* Largeselection of words with animals* Easy and intuitive interface forkids* Nice animation maintains interest in learningIf you likeeducational game, we will be glad of your positive evaluation! Itinspires us to create a new children's app!
Baby Piano: repeat Best Music Game for boy & girl 1.0
Children's piano with animal sounds: • Develops hearing • Revealstalents • Fun and interesting • Make your own melodies with littlepiano tunes and repeat them • Piano keys respond easily to baby'stouch • 6 funny keyboards with animal sounds and noises EnjoyRepeat And enjoy again! =)
Car Sounds: Sirens, Alarms and Horns for kids! 1.1
An interesting and educational game for children 0+. Listen, learnand repeat sounds of different vehicles – just tap the properimage! Features: - Sound of vehicles' movement - Sirens, Horns, andAlarms - 100 transport sounds and sound effects - Beautiful imagesand great design - Toddler tested - Absolutely free - For Babies ofall ages - Fire engine, ambulance and other rescue vehicles - Sportbikes and planes - Bulldozers, tractors and other constructiontrucks - Sounds of police car alarm - Big ships and motor boats
Barney in outer space - Spinner 1.0
- Simply TAP to reach the GOAL- TAP at the right time ;-)FEATURES:•One Tap Gameplay• Epic Slow Mo• 50 Insane Levels• Infinite HARDmode• Finger spinner glow white color game!• There are lots oftricks, watch out!
I Love Flirty Emoji Sounds - xxx Exploji games 1.0
The Best NEW Animated Emoji Collection with Sounds + Stickers toShare! (ツ) - NEW Emoji 2017 sound collection Included(ツ) – NEWiMessage Emoji Stickers to share!(ツ) - Huge Emojis! Huge!!!(ツ) –Fun Emoji Sounds & Sticker(ツ) - Better Organized Emoji UI(ツ) -6 Colorful Emoji sound sets(ツ) - Fun Emojis icons from yourfavorite Keyboard(ツ) - Send Emojis & Stickers with onebutton!(ツ) - iPhone and iPad SupportINSTALL the new Emoji SoundsNOW!
Учимся читать и писать слова: Сортировка слогов 1.0
Ваш ребенок учится читать? Замечательно! Научиться читать по-русскилегко, играя в нашу игру! Простой метод чтения по слогам деткилегко освоят, разгадывая простые задания: необходимо перетянутьнужный слог на свое место! Все просто! Под вашим чуткимруководством ребёнок сможет научиться читать сам достаточно быстро,перетаскивая буковки с места на место. Даже, если это совсем малыш,то игра будет ему все равно полезна на осваивание глобальногочтения, где малыш визуально запоминает как пишется то или иноеслово, например, «мама» или «папа».Так что вопрос «Как научитьчитать?», считайте, уже решён! Убирайте прочь мультики, «Щенячийпатруль» и «Грузовичок Лева» Вас подождут! Открывайте приложение«Слоги» и пусть ваше чадо учится читать!Your child is learning toread? Great! Learning to read in Russian easily, playing our game!Asimple method of reading by syllables kids easily mastered, solvingsimple tasks: to win the right style to your place! It'ssimple!Under the strict guidance of your child can learn to readvery quickly by dragging bukovki from place to place.Even if it'sjust a baby, the game will still be useful to him in theassimilation of the global reading, where the baby is visuallylearns how to spell a particular word, such as "Mom" or "Dad."Sothe question is "How to teach reading?", Consider, alreadysolved!Get out cartoon "Puppy Patrol" and "The truck Leva" Youwait! The "style" app and let your child learn to read!
Детские игры 1.0
Детские игры для малышей! Изучаем слоги, буквы, составляем слова!*Викторина для детей* Найди букву* Угадай словоПриятной Вам игры!
Sorter: find animal shadows - kid & toddler puzzle 1.3

Sorter for kids! Learn shapes in educational games for toddlers 3year with kid’s logic games to develop fine motor skills!FEATURES:
 • SORTING. Sort all of the animals into differentshadows.
 • SILHOUETTES. Animal shadows for creative thinking andimagination
 • SHAPES. Introduces to geometric shapes - Greatmemory games!
 • MATCHING kid games kid. Shadows are hiding in thenature. Find the pairs in matching games kids. 
• SIZES. Sort theobjects into matching objects. Learn colors and shapes 
• COLORS.Get all Dinosaurs, cants and dogs and sort them into right spots
 •PUZZLES for toddlers. Put a puzzle together. (Toddler games freefor 2 year olds for creative thinking and imagination)
 • FIND andTAP. Find and tap the puzzle – a fun puzel, that develops attention
• CREATIVITY. Smart kid’s creativity and cognitive thinking of zooanimals 
• LOGIC. Logic game, that introduces to a concept ofconsistency and continuity
 • SHAPES and SIZES. Fun educationalgame to learning colors for toddlers free
 • 8educational games for kids kindergarten (fruit learning, sorter,etc.) 
• geometric shapes and color for kids 
• 90+ animals tosolve puzzles for toddler free (2 year old games free boys) 
•Amusing characters with lots of animation and interaction 
 •For preschoolers of 3 year olds – zoo animals lovers
 • Fine motorskills & basic skills: logic, attention, memory games fortoddlers and thinking, puzzles for toddlers free, learn color andshape sorter.
 • Fun sound effects and amazing graphics forchildren from 2 to 5 year olds
 • No Internet needed in freelearning games for toddlers and 2 year old games free boys
 • Bestsorter for babies and baby puzzles!
2 Player Games Free 1.0
Spot identical items, check your reflexes and reaction fortwoplayers on one device.GAMES FOR 2 PLAYERSPlaying with friendsisvery fun. So, if you're tired of apps for one player, thencallyour comrades and play together!GAME WITHOUT THE INTERNET😃 Youcanplay without the Internet or Wi-Fi😃 Local multiplayer on onephoneor tablet😃 Works offline - no connection to the InternetisrequiredFUNNY GAMES FOR TWO PLAYERSSuitable for playing duringthetravelling, parties, first date, husband and wife, childrenandparents, brother and sister, company of friendsSIMPLE RULESYouhaveto find 2 similar objects to win a game!GET READY FOR TWOPERSONS!There are a lot of levels of different complexity to playwith asecond player!DUELS! Call your someone for a duel! Gameswithfriends😊 Arrange competitions with friends and find outwhosereflexes are better!😊 Find out who is better! Who hasbetteragility and reflexes.😊 Supports 2 people.😊 Do not be bored!It isalways more fun to play together! The game supportsmulti-touch😋You can arrange interesting competitions betweenparents andchildren or girls and boys at a party or at home.😋 Fightwithrivals😋 Beautiful graphics and intuitive interfaceGAMES FORGIRLSAND BOYSIt is based on one of the best multiplayer gameswithreaction, speed and reflexes.Download the best games for2players!✋ Two opponents✋ Find one repeating object✋ Thefirstplayer who gets 10 points - wins!GAMES FOR 2 (interesting funforgirls and boys)Test your reflexes and reaction speed! Downloadandplay the best games for two people!😎 Split screen mode fortwoplayers😎 Kids of all ages are welcome😎 It is tested by roadtripexplorersThis free application is the intellectual propertyofKidApp😁 😂 😃 😃 😄 😅 😆 😇 😉 😊 🙂 🙃 😋 😌 😍 😍 😘 🤑 🤓 😎 😎 😝 😝 🤑
Игры для малышей 1.5
Ищите игры для малышей? Уважаемые родители и педагоги (логопеды,дефектологи), мы рады представить вам новое приложение«Сортировка», которое поможет в обучении малышей от 2-х лет, атакже детям с особенностями развития (зпр, дцп, аутизм и т.д.). Чтовнутри развивашки? Обобщение предметов в категории, профессии,музыкальные инструменты, классическая музыка для детей. 1 уровень –Обобщение. - основная задача игры для малышей - научить ребёнкаобобщать предметы в группы (категории). Для этого игра «Сортировка»знакомит ребенка с 7-ю основными группами предметов, которыеокружают нас ежедневно – мебель, транспорт, игрушки, посуда, обувь,одежда, музыкальные инструменты. - сформировать понимание отрицанияи значение "лишнего". Для этого, мы поместили в группы предметовэлементы из других категорий и просим игрока сделать правильнуюсортировку – например, «Положи одежду в шкаф, а лишнее – вкоробку!», акцентируя внимание на том, что «лишний» предмет НЕпринадлежит к данной группе. Отличное задание для развивашки. -научить воспринимать и понимать речь других ребят. Игра озвученадетским голосом и в ней более 300 озвученных аудио файлов. 2уровень этой игры для детей – профессии. - приложение знакомитиграющих с профессиями и просит помочь мастерам (швея, мебельщик,сапожник, повар, механик) собрать объекты, с которыми они связаны всвоей работе. 3 уровень - музыкальные инструменты. - в этом туре мызнакомим малышей со звучанием некоторых музыкальных инструментов,что способствует формированию фонематического восприятия и слуховойпамяти (Тур «Угадай инструмент по звуку!») Призовые игры длямалышей – классическая музыка для детей. Мы подобрали 12 великихмузыкальных произведений Моцарта, Чайковского, Бетховена,Прокофьева, Штрауса, Паганини и других, которые ребенок прослушаетпосле основного тура игры. Каждую композицию сопровождаетозвучивание названия и имени композитора, а также забавныйперсонаж, который визуально поможет быстрее запомнить эти названия.Данное приложение может помочь педагогам (логопедам и дефектологам)в развитии когнитивных функций у детей с особенностями развития(зпр, аутизм, дцп и другие). ОБ ИГРЕ: • 14 развивающих уроков • 8обучающих тем для малышей • более 100 объектов • детский голос возвучивании • развитие памяти, логического мышления и мелкоймоторики • реальные картинки предметов • профессии • забавныеперсонажи • удобный и понятный интерфейс • оригинальная графика иоформление • для детей от 2 до 5 лет • родительский контроль •подходит для девочек и мальчиков • классическая музыка для детей •в помощь логопедам и дефектологам • для детей с особенностямиразвития (зпр, дцп, аутизм и другие) Играйте в нашу игру«Сортировка», а также скачивайте и другие наши игры для малышей: Looking forgames for kids? Dear parents and teachers (speech therapists,defectologists), we are pleased to present you a new "Sorting"application that will help in the education of kids from 2 yearsold, as well as children with developmental peculiarities (spr,dts, autism, etc.). What is inside the development? Generalizationof subjects in the category, professions, musical instruments,classical music for children. 1 level - Generalization.  - Themain task of the game for kids is to teach the child to generalizeobjects into groups (categories). To do this, the "Sorting" gameintroduces the child to the 7 main groups of subjects that surroundus daily: furniture, transport, toys, utensils, shoes, clothes,musical instruments. - to form an understanding of the negation andthe meaning of the "superfluous". For this, we placed elements ofother categories in the groups of items and ask the player to makethe correct sorting - for example, "Put the clothes in the closet,and the extra one in the box!", Emphasizing that the "extra" itemdoes NOT belong to this group . Excellent job for development. - toteach to perceive and understand the speech of other children. Thegame is voiced by a child's voice and contains more than 300sounded audio files.  Level 2 of this game for children is aprofession. - The application introduces players to the professionsand asks to help the masters (seamstress, furniture maker,shoemaker, cook, mechanic) to collect the objects with which theyare connected in their work. 3 level - musical instruments. - onthis tour we introduce the children to the sound of some musicalinstruments, which contributes to the formation of phonemicperception and auditory memory ("Guess the instrument by sound!"tour) Prize games for kids - classical music for children. Weselected 12 great pieces of music by Mozart, Tchaikovsky,Beethoven, Prokofiev, Strauss, Paganini and others, which the childlistens after the main game round. Each song is accompanied by thescoring of the name and the name of the composer, as well as anamusing character that visually helps to memorize these names morequickly. This application can help educators (speech therapists anddefectologists) in the development of cognitive functions inchildren with developmental peculiarities (eg, autism, dtsp andothers). ABOUT THE GAME: • 14 development lessons • 8 educationalthemes for toddlers • more than 100 objects • Children's voice inscoring • development of memory, logical thinking and fine motorskills • real pictures of objects • Professions • funny characters• convenient and intuitive interface • original graphics and design• for children from 2 to 5 years • parental control • suitable forgirls and boys • classical music for children • to help speechtherapists and defectologists • for children with developmentalpeculiarities (spr, dsp, autism and others) Play our "Sorting"game, and also download our other games for kids:
Sorting Shapes - Maze Puzzle & Labyrinth Games 1.0
Baby puzzles -is a fun game which toddlerswill love so much! Try it out with your little ones to play with shapesandmazes!
Toddlers will enjoy playing our baby game and learn different shapes, like square, circleor rectangle!

Kids jigsaw puzzles free is an ideal educational game for all toddlers and young children who are simply in love with assembling pictures.
Toddlerpuzzle games have lots offeatures:
- Babies will be entertained with interactive animation and funny sounds
- Adapted for toddler’s easy operation- Created as an educational tool
- Jigsaw puzzle with shapesand amazing graphics
-Suitable for right brain exercise
-Simple and convenient maze puzzle games for toddlers
-Dozens of funny images to be matched with the correct puzzle - Match shapes mechanic- An incredibly colorful learning game for children of all ages-It is better than kidstoys- Kids learn new manual skills

 -Babypuzzles are tested with real babies andtoddlersSuitable for young children and their parents to play together.

Toddlerpuzzle games will teach:
- Cognitive skills
- Fine motor skills- Patience and
- ability to focus
- Brain’s observation skills- Solving pictures skills

Maze puzzle games fortoddlers will Improve:
- Memory- The right brain
- Concentration
- The response speed of the brain- Visual perception and attention to details- Coordination of the body- Visual ability to observe the moving objects- Level of education
- Creativity- Eye-hand coordination
- Imagination
Call to action:- Play the best toddlermaze puzzle gamesto make kids happy.
 - Get ridof kids toysandtry out this educational match shape baby puzzles game.
- Give the young players the chance to learn and play our baby puzzles free games3D.Yours Baby Maze Puzzles!
Rise Up 1.2
Rise Up in Space - avoid the space garbage! Crush them all!!!
Baby games: piano for toddlers - fun kid's music 1.0
Baby games: piano for toddlers - fun kid's music Baby musicfortoddlers - games for little boys and girls (kids 2+) Baby piano-is a fun game which toddlers will love so much! Try it outwithyour little ones to play with funny melodies! Toddlers willenjoyplaying it and learn different melodies, like Mary had alittlelamb or Old McDonald had a farm! Kids music games are freeand itis an ideal educational game for all young children who aresimplyin love with playing piano. Toddler games have lots offeatures: -Babies will be entertained with interactive animationand funnysounds - Adapted for easy operation - Created as aneducationaltool - Music puzzle with funny famous songs and amazinggraphics -Suitable for right brain exercise - Simple and convenientpuzzlegames - Dozens of funny melodies to be matched with thecorrect keyor tile - Match key/tiles mechanic - An incrediblycolorfullearning game for children of all ages - It is better thankid’stoys - Kids learn new manual skills - Baby piano is testedwithreal babies Suitable for young children and their parents toplaytogether. Toddler games will teach: - Cognitive skills - Finemotorskills - Patience and ability to focus - Brain’s observationskills- Good reaction skills Music puzzle games for toddlerswillImprove: - Memory - The right brain - Concentration - Theresponsespeed of the brain - Visual perception and attention todetails -Coordination of the body - Visual ability to observe themovingobjects - Level of education and creativity - Eye-handcoordination- Imagination Call to action: - Play the best toddlergames to makekids happy. - Try out this educational musical puzzlesgame. - Givethe young players the chance to learn and play our babypiano freegames!