KIDS Programming Course Apps

KPC senjata 1.0
ini project pertama yang saya buat dan saya belum terlauberpengalaman saya harap kalian semua suka suka aplikasi saya
KPC Drawing For Kids 1.0
Aplikasi Menggambar Untuk Anak-Anak Dan Bisa Memoto Dan KemudianDigambar
KPC PaintPot Hendra 1.0
This is second project it will be more fun,more creative ,and moreplayable than the last one,and once again have fun drawing,pressing button,and the music.This is more of a game thaneducation i hope you can enjoy this program more than the first one
KPC SiKumbang - Kenneth 1.0
Play this game about a beetle, frog and aphid. Control the frog toeat the aphid while running from the frog. eating will give youenergy. When frog touches you, you dead :(
KPC Project Hendra 1.0
After struggling with a lot of challenges, finally i managed todevelop this small is just for fun, enjoy the musicand play with it.
This app is Ekafuri Akito's first app, so feel free to complain...
Seka's Mole Mash Programme 1.0
My second application is to make people have fun by doing hittingthe mole in the hole and get maximum highscore. Good Luck thereeveryone, I hope you enjoy my Application Programme.
KPC painpot rico 1.0
hello, it is my first app. and it is painting games.
Kpc Bella Koala Tap 1.0
Hi My Name Is Bella.This Is My First App Is About A Koala That WhenWe Press It Will Make A Sound Of A Cat.I Made This App On MyAndroid Phone .
kpc sekolah 1.0
sekolah memang penting untuk kita bisa pintar agar kita bisamengenal teman teman di sekolah kita bisa bermain dan belajar kitatidak boleh seenak nya sendiri klo ada jam bermain kita gunakanuntuk bermain.
KPC ProjectPertamaku 1.0
ini adalah hasil kerja kerasku untuk membuat program android denganmenggunakan appinventor
Raka's Talk to Me KPC App 1.0
It the shortest program I had ever created inkidsprogrammingcourse. It is a very handy program for those whosuffer from mute or cannot/can't talk. It is free! doesn't requireads or buying stuffs. NOTE(Important!):Use in android only! How touse: Buy the app from Google Play store, open it, then you can seea text box and a "Read Now" button. Click on the text box and writewhatever you want! After you're done, click the "Read Now" buttonand it will talk for you!!! It can be a handy program forhospitals! That is it for the program, I hope you enjoyed it, rate,comment, and like the app so I will make more free programs, apps,and games for you! Enjoy!
KPC BenMash 1.0
Download to try this :D funny games.
KPC Lazy SMS - Celine 1.0
This is an app for when you're too lazy to text anyone, so you getto send an automated message generated by this app.
KPC Candi Virtual Tour 1.0
As you can see, I have built a new program. It is called CandiVirtual Tour. Just download it. It's free! But you have to downloadit with lollipop version or it will not work. Once you open it,choose a temple to visit.there are more then 5 temples you canchoose. It is all Indonesian temple. Once you choose it, control itwith your finger to move: move your device left and right and watchhow you turn. to walk, tap on the screen of your device on the areayou want to visit. Have fun with the programming. Rate and commentand I will make more programmings.
KPC Mini Super Golf 1.0
Flung the ball to get the ball to the hole
KPC Raka DrawingApp 1.0
Here, I have made an app so you can draw things in this app. I havemade some buttons so you can wipe the drawings, change colours, andalso make your drawing thick or thin. I have made three colours:Red, Blue, and Green . Also with a picture of a cat! If you rateand comment, I will make more fun programmings. Also leave a like!
KPC RakaMoleMash 1.0
MoleMash is a game which you have to tap the Mole with your finger.Each time you tap it, the mole will get faster and faster. It willalso counts your scores/points! When you tap the mole, you'll get 5points. When you missed, the score will be reduced 5 points. Italso counts your mistakes! The game will end if you make more than10 mistakes. This is a challenging game which I made myself. Therewill be no ending of this game. Try to get as many points as youcan! Rate, comment so I will make more applications. When the gameends, there will be a little jump scare. when that appears, thattells you that the game is over. Press the reset button to resetthe game. There will be sound effects to!
KPC Si Kumbang - Celine 1.0
"KPC Si Kumbang - Celine" is a game where you are in the role of aladybug, and you have to eat all the Aphids to get scores and alsohave more energy. Watch out for the frog because it might eat you!
KPC Spaceship Invanders 1.0
Game menembak pesawat alien di luar angkasa
Seka's Talk To Me Programme 1.0
Hello Again Guys, It's me Seka. You know the guy who creates theMole Mash Programme. This application can be used in any situationlike no Internet Connection.
KPC RandomSlot 1.0
Created by Patricia on 12 of December 2015 on 00:03
KPC Ball Bounce Maclovius 1.0
ini adalah game bola pantul yang aneh tapi keren dan juga seru.jadi ini game yang harus semuanya downlload dan mainkan.This gameis a bounce ball game that is pretty weird but really fun andrelaxing. You only need to flick your finger to bounce the ball andplay this game. So, this is a game that you MUST have and play.
kpc candi maclo 1.0
NXT Controller 1.0
Control your NXT robot with your phone by clicking it or by usingvoice command!
Mental Alien 1.0
Recommended when you're bored but this app is still noob.
KPC MoleMash Ulfa 1.0
Hi, my name is Ulfa. I hope you enjoy this game.
KitoA Golf 1.0
Have fun! My programming is noob.
KPC Kenneth PaintPot 1.0
wanna paint something but don't have a canvas?, or a paint?, wellthis app may help you, you can pick the background and the colorwhich is only black, red, blue, green, orange, cyan, yellow maybethis have only few paints but it helps you to paint.
KPC Arya Fish Game 1.0
Dalam permainan KPC Arya Fish Game,kita bisa berfoto dengan dirisendiri.walau aplikasi ini sederhanaakan tetapijika dipakaidenganhati yang gembira.Anda akan menikmatinya.
KPC Demo1 1.1
Demo1 - KIDSProgrammingCourseThis is the application demonstratedin the introduction session
paintpot Abelle kpc 1.0
program ini adalah program pertama yang saya buat di appinventor.jangan lupa download, rate, dan semoga kalian suka.
KPC Wayang PaintPot Seka 1.0
This app is a way for you to be more creative in learning anysubjects just by using computers sincerely, Abhiseka.Dj
Pixel Man Neo Kpc 1.0
We should bring the Black Circle to the Black Ball to get ascore.If the Black Circle touches the Blue with 2 Arrows inside it,theLeft and Right Button will be upside down. If the BlackCircletouches the Venus Pixel Trap, the game will be over.This gamewasmade by Michelle Maverick . Please Rate 5 stars for my game
kpc mainanku syavana 1.0
hello my name is syavana i like drawing in computer bicausethatfunny and i like elecktronik
GetTheGold-KennethKPC 1.0
This program/game was maade by a grade 7 student, calledKennethPutra Tantama, this game is not really much, but it's goodtoremove your stress or boredom, this game is also offline! Youdon'tneed wifi to play this game, like most of the other games.
Space Invaders 1.0
Aplikasi ini untuk bermain dan hanya menikamati nya.
Minigolf 1.0
Aplikasi ini isinya tentang golf kita bisa bermain golfdisiniseperti aslinya.
Kpc Patrick Si kumbang 1.0
You can move the lady bug with moving the phone run away fromfrogand follow the aphid
KPC Ilham Mini Golf 1.0
this game is to play golf inside virtual. This game is forrefining.good luck. permainan ini untuk bermain golf di dalamvirtual.permainan ini untuk reflesing. selamat mencoba
KPC Ivan molemash 1.0
this game can improve your reaction time while playing it
kpc fala get the gold 1.0
Control the pirate ship, get the (teleporting) gold, and win!Buthurry, you only get 20 seconds to get all 5 coins !
KPC Altaf Candi Virtual 1.0
jika anda belum melihat sekeliling candi yang belum andalihatdownload lah app kami.
Drawing Weirdo 1.0
Just a easy drawing app that has incomplete colors and pensandother stuff in combination :)
KPC Dhirendra Space Invaders (Variation) 1.0
Game Space Invaders ini memiliki hal yang berbeda dariSpaceInvaders lainnya karena memiliki fitur seperti roket yangbisadigerakkan kemana saja dan UFO yang bisa menembak. Fitur inimunculdengan skor tertentu. Cara roket bergerak masih sama sepertiSpaceInvaders lainnya.
Kpc Patrick Mini Golf 1.0
Flung the ball to black hole. But don't forget don't flung theball20 times you will lose. When you flung the ball to the walltheball will bounce.
bad reading app (English Version) 1.0
KPC Nathan Da Bug 1.0
Another unbelievably simple game by me. Protect the bug and feeditby tilting the phone. (PS TITLE CONTAINS PRIVATE INFO-DONT EVENTRYTO SHARE)
BallBounce for Bored people 1.0
Swipe it and let it bounce and do nothing