KOKFactory Apps

PushPush 1.3
Please deliver the gift boxes at homewaitingfor a gift.1. To move Santa, swipe touch screen.2. Only one gift box, you can deliver.3. House received the gift box will be happy.4. Give the gift box delivered to every house to go to othertownsand    Please deliver the gift.# If you try using the wrong move at the bottom of the playUnDoButton
RollingBall 1.2
You can speed up ball by touchingscreen.Enjoy maximum speed as you can.You can boast your record in google plus leaderboard, andalsochallenge achievement.When you're ready, go to the world league.How to play Speed+ Mode1.1 When the ball is placed on the arrow just touch screen.1.2 Affects the speed of the ball is gravity and friction.1.3 Perfect timing touch : The maximum speed of theballfaster.1.4 Good timing touch : The speed of the ball is faster.1.5 Poor timing touch : The speed of the ball is a littlebitfaster.1.6 If you are the Perfect Touch, then you can get a chanceSuperBall( Small probability )1.6.1 In this case, the screen is slowly so you can build uparecord easily.When the ball is placed on the arrow interactive touchseveraltimes.1.6.2 Over time, coming back to the original, be careful.