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KPN Tunnel (Official) 3.0.4
KPN Software
+++ KPN Tunnel Official +++!!!!! PENDING PROJECT, TRY ULTIMATEVERSION !!!!!! We (KPN Software Developers) changed package namefrom "" to "", because somepeople jacking this app, so we rebuild again with new theme(material UI) and some features, but we remove some features andadd again on next update (step by step) :-/FEATURES :- CustomizingHTTP Request / Payload with command (see About for information)-Surfing with secure connection through SSH Tunneling (OpenSSH /Dropbear)- Forwarding all connection through VPN Service (no root)and Global Proxy (need root)- Support Customize DNS Address forunblocking connection from ISP.- Support UDP Protocol (Voice Call/Video Call/Broadcast) but SSH Server need UDPGW from BadVpn-Support HTTP Proxy / Squid & Direct Method (without proxy).-etc.This is Advanced Tools to customize HTTP Request and surfingwith secure conection (SSH Tunneling). if you don't know anythingdon't use it. if you need to know, learn about HTTP Request andSecure Shell (SSH). :-PNOTE :- This application contains Ads forsupport developer.- On some features need rooted access.- For otherinformations, please see About in this Application.NEVER STOPRUNNING & MAKE SOME NOISECopyright, 2016 KPN SoftwareDevelopers.KPN Tunnel Official +++ +++!!!!! PENDING PROJECT, TRYULTIMATE VERSION !!!!!!We (KPN Software Developers) package namechanged from "" to ""Because some people jacking this app, so we rebuild again with newtheme (material UI) and some features, but we remove some featuresand add again on next update (step by step): - /FEATURES:-Customizing HTTP Request / Payload with command (see About forinformation)- Surfing with a secure connection through SSHTunneling (OpenSSH / Dropbear)- Forwarding all connection throughVPN Service (no root) and Global Proxy (need root)- Support DNSCustomize Address for unblocking connection from ISP.- Support UDPProtocol (Voice Call / Video Call / Broadcast) but SSH Server needUDPGW from BadVpn- Support HTTP Proxy / Squid & Direct Method(without proxy).- Etc.This is Advanced Tools to customize HTTPRequest and surfing with a secure conection (SSH Tunneling). if youdo not know anything do not use it. if you need to know, learnabout HTTP Request and Secure Shell (SSH). :-PNOTE:- Thisapplication contains Ads for developer support.- On some featuresneed rooted access.- For other informations, please see About inthis Application.NEVER STOP RUNNING & MAKE SOME NOISECopyright,2016 KPN Software Developers.
KPNTunnel Ultimate (Official) 1.5.8
KPN Software
---- 2016-2017 KPN Software Developers ----After more three month,we come now with Ultimate Project.What is Ultimate Project ?-Special Edition.- not recycling/modifing from KPN Tunnel(Official).- pure write form zero.- new UI Design (Tabs)- moreperformance and functionable then KPN Tunnel (Official).#Features:+ Customize HTTP Request with some replacer commands.+Direct Mode (No Remote Server).+ Socket Buffer Size Tweaks caneditable manualy.+ Auto Data Reconnect. Disconnecting andConnecting Mobile Data with time interval.+ Ip Finder, find yourspecified ip. support x variable for all values.+ Multi Login/MultiServer Login in built-in SSH Tunnel managed by Profile.+ DataCompression for more speed and acceleration your data Transfer.+Udpgw (from badvpn) support for handling UDP through SSH Serverwith TCP Protocol.+ Customable DNS Server for more anonymoity.+Exlude Ip from Vpn Service to not Intercepted.+ Allow/Disallow Appsto intercepted by Vpn Service or Iptables Mode.+ more....# RootFeature:+ Iptables Mode if not use Vpn Service (Deprecated)+ WifiTether/Hotspot to force Intercepted by Vpn Service.+ Auto DataReconnect. Only API 21 and up to need Rooted Access.#NOTE :- Somefeature is Unstable like Multi SSH Server on some device MemoryLeak Issue.For more example to use this app working, please SeeSimple Guide on Menu in About Tab.Or Unofficial Websites / Videos.
KPNTunnel Revolution (Official) 1.4 Stable
KPN Software
What the "Revolution" project/series/edition of KPNTunnel ???>Continuously project with more experiment and new fresh lightweightstyle project for KPN Tunnel (Official).> Pure write from zerofor better performance core and better lightweight style.> FirstApp tunneling through built-in SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS Connection.(why ? . i know SSH Tunneling is secure, but we feel it's notenough so we added more secure method with SSL/TLS connection). Youcan see how to use SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS in "About" of this App.*Features:+ Direct Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel Directly toSSH Server).+ Direct SSL/TLS. (Tunneling through SSH TunnelDirectly to SSH Server over SSL/TLS Connection).+ HTTP Proxy.(Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over HTTP Proxy)+ SSL/TLS Proxy.(Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS Proxy).+ SSL/TLS Proxy> HTTP Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel with TLS/SSL overHTTP Proxy).+ many more...Bugs/Issue ? - Android 4.0 Only supportTLSv1 and SSLv3 only (Android System), so your TLS/SSL server mustbe used/enabled TLSv1 and SSLv3. - Android 4.1-4.2 TLSv1.1 andTLSv1.2 not enabled by System Default like Android 5.0+, so we addforce enabling TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for more secure update. - Iffound other issue(s)/bug(s), please contact me. :)* Need RootedDevice ?> Some features is needed like: + VPN Tether (bypass allHotspot Tether through Vpn Interface). + and soon we add morefeatures.* SSH+SSL Server Requiment: + If use TLS/SSL mode you mustbe install and setup the stunnel4 library. you can get the originalstunnel4 library in + You can search "how tosetup/install stunnel4" in search engine like google, yahoo, bing,etc for your OS used by your Virtual Private Server (VPS). + InProxy Type Mode "Direct TLS/SSL" & " TLS/SSL Proxy > HTTPProxy" please setup stunnel to connect with ssh (dropbear/openssh)server port. + In Proxy Type Mode "TLS/SSL Proxy" please setupstunnel to connect with squid port. + We Recommended to enable allTLS and SSL protocol version for keep support with android 4.0until newer, why ? See issue/bugs on above.* TLS/SSL Client Side(KPNTunnel Revolution App): + We use method of TLS/SSL Socket usingTrustAll Cert (X509 Certificate), so you don't need a client key& cert from SSL Server. I know this method is less secure, soin other version of update we can add support client key & certfor get better secure connection. :)