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Flynner 1.0.1
KR Team
Fly paper airplane between the pile falling leaves. Survive as longas possible, thereby reaching new records. Control of the game byusing the accelerometer
Эрудит 2.0
KR Team
Уверены, что отлично знаете ту или иную отрасль? Тогда попробуйтеубедиться в этом, пройдя данную игру.Здесь собраны сотни вопросовиз различный категорий. Каждый сможет найти уровень себе повкусу.Эксперты своей области смогут пройти всю тему и толькоэрудированные пройдут игру целиком!We are confident that you knowvery well a particular industry? Then try to see this, having thisgame.hundreds of questions from various categories are collectedhere. Everyone will be able to find the level of his liking.itsfield experts will be able to go through the whole subject, andwill only erudite game entirely!
Jumping Ball 1.0
KR Team
Продержитесь как можно выше и наберите максимальное количествоочковSurvive as high as possible and dial maximum points
Finger Arrow 1.0
KR Team
Swipe the arrow to hit the target! Are you ready? Can you beat myscore?Run the finger of the arrow straight at the target and setthe records. Take high places in the world ranking and share yourresults with your friends. For their success you will be awardedwith keys that can be exchanged for different types of arrows andtargets.Features:- Addictive gameplay- Simple and intuitivecontrol- 4 game modes- World Ranking- A large store of arrows andtargets for the game- Daily bonusesShow your accuracy and hit moretargets than anyone!
com.KRTean.CrossingLines 1.0
KR Team
A puzzle game in which you move points to untangle lines. Thegoalis to untangle the lines, you can do this by rearranging thepointsaround. The lines will turn green if they do not intersect.Thislinear game requires you to think strategically and moveobjectsuntil all the lines intersect. Enjoy the game and use yourthinkingpower to pass the levels.