KS Technologies Apps

AmHere 1.4.1
AmHere V.1.2Dear user,This is an Offline application you can sendYour device location and receive location by sending PasscodeviaSMS.This app uses accelerometer sensorIf you put your sensor ONLocation will be sent to your friend if vibration occurreswithgreater intensity.You can get your device location by sending passcode e.g.Yourpasscode is 1234then send SMS asAmHere-1234
Transport Free Driver 2.0
Transport Free - Driver App is an android application for driversto make bids on transportation of goods. The driver can createtheir personalized profile & get a number of live bids. Thiswill increase their business and profitability. Driver's can alsocheck the status of bids. This app is also available in Hindiversion to simplify its operations in the local language.
Gujcomasol 1.0
GUJCOMASOL The federation undertakes many types ofactivitiesconcerned with agriculture field. The federationpurchasesagricultural produces whenever market prices are down andfarmersare not able to get reasonable price and gives good pricetofarmer. The federation also produces bio-fertilizers besidesseed.