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Evil Magic Finger Controller 1.1
KUMA Games
Controller app for Evil Magic Finger: 2 "evil magical" players cansquare off in their living room, each using their phones to seecards and cast spells, using their smart TV as the game board.Addictive, ridiculous online card game. Requires the Evil MagicFinger app on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick. Coming soon toAndroid TV! But be warned: Ye olde adult humor, animation and funnygame effects.Command Evil Magic Finger using your mobile device.Two evil wizards, alike in evil magic, each with one (evil) magicalgoal: dominate or die! Evil Magic Finger is an online card gamethat fuses elements of the classic game, “War”, with strategy,memory, chance and (evil) magic! Command and manipulate your troopsusing powerful magical sigils that alter your kingdom’s fate andbattle strategy.
Space Epic Untitled 2.7
KUMA Games
Be a 3D Turret Gunner or Engineer on a battling spaceship in SpaceEpic Untitled! In Space Epic Untitled, you’re an asteroid miningpirate on the run from the law, flying a heavily armed space tug inthe battle for Mars. Staying alive means keeping one eye out forrival clans, one eye out for Multicorp security, and both hands onthe trigger!Features:* Play as a single player gunner and attach toany available ship * The Gunner action station gives you two newguns and a drone.* Gyroscopic controls simulate a “VR” gunnerposition on a Corona-class spaceshipCouch Co-op Mode:* Add friendsin couch co-op mode for additional firepower, repair ability, videocommunications, boost, and more - The Gunner action station givesyou two new guns and a drone. - The Engineer lets you repair shipsand gives you shields.* Video communication lets you star in theshow* Boost accelerates your ship, giving you a leg up to thwartyour enemiesDeveloper Note: To play couch co-op, you need the “TVgame” version of Space Epic Untitled.
Infinite OverDrive 1.5
KUMA Games
Addicting new combat runner game! STEAL high-octane race cars andESCAPE from the Robots. Race and shoot thru 18 deadly missions forweapon upgrades and mystic powers. Features Single player or up to4 simultaneous players via WiFi connection. Connect a second devicefor additional game play using Dual Screen technology *Play on yourtablet while you Dual Screen on a second device, Amazon Fire TV, PCor Mac. (Free PC/Mac download at KUMATV.COM) *Additional Story andGame Content appears on your Companion Device *See who you pwned onthe Companion Device’s dynamic scoreboard *Global leaderboard forall platforms *Dynamic music – different tracks on each connecteddevice combine in amazing 8-bit symphony *Heroic boss battles withbad-temperedRobotshttp://www.infiniteoverdrive.com/http://www.kumatv.com/
Evil Magic Finger TV Card Game 1.0
KUMA Games
Ye olde adult humor card game! 'Tis a breakthrough Android TVexperience. Enjoy hysterical in-game animations and classic "War"strategy as you battle in this medieval world! Command andmanipulate your troops using powerful magical sigils and signs thatalter your kingdom’s fate and battle strategy. Use your Android orother mobile device to play against your friends with your AndroidTV! Download the free controller app to flip your cards onto yourTV screen and play head to head against your friends in your livingroom. Amusing sounds, outrageous animations, and funny gameeffects.