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Helion Mobile Research 5.7.0
Kai De Sutter
What is Helion Mobile Research™ ? Helion MR™ is the offline datacollection tool for Helion Market Research www.helionresearch.com.Helion MR™ enables easy and accurate data collection and delivery.It is FREE for registered Helion Evaluators use and is perfectlysuited for mystery shopping, client intercept surveys, exitsurveys, targeted marketing surveys, internal audits and many otherforms of data collection. For more information about HelionResearch or to sign up as a mystery shopper, please visitwww.helionresearch.com. Benefits of using Helion MR™: - Mobility -you can complete your assignments right on location. - Work Offline– Helion MR™ downloads your assigned evaluations so you can workindoors where wireless signals may not be available. - Simple andintuitive user interface - Jump to any part of the evaluation -Swap styles between the night and normal themes to enable workingmore effectively at night If you’re interested in becoming a HelionEvaluator please visit www.helionresearch.com