Kaiser Permanente Apps

Kaiser Permanente 4.29.1
Managing your health care just got easier with the latest versionof our app. The redesign includes a colorful new interface, toolsthat make it faster and easier to use, and new quick-access menusthat let you get advice, schedule appointments, and refillprescriptions. And our improved navigation puts the features andinformation you need within reach at all times. NOTE: Former GroupHealth members and Washington residents outside ofVancouver/Longview are unable to use the Kaiser Permanente app atthis time. Download the Kaiser Permanente for Washington app toquickly and easily manage your health care • Health plan memberscan sign into the app using their kp.org user ID and password toaccess our secure features, including: • Messages: Email yourdoctor or Member Services with non-urgent questions, privately andsecurely. • Appointments: Schedule, view, and cancel appointmentswith your doctor’s office and see information about past visits. •Pharmacy: Refill prescriptions for yourself or another member,check the status of a prescription order, and see a list of allyour medications. • Medical Record: See your health history at yourfingertips, including your allergies and immunizations, any ongoinghealth conditions, and most lab test results.
org.ghc.android 3.1.278
The Kaiser Permanente of Washington app makes it easier than everto manage your health. Exclusively for Washington residents, themobile app has easy-to-use, quick-access menus for getting care,refilling most prescriptions, scheduling appointments, and evenchecking wait times. Enhanced navigation organizes the informationand features you need into convenient sections: •Get Care — Find adoctor, schedule an appointment, contact a consulting nurse, chatwith a clinician, or find Urgent Care and CareClinic locations.•Medications — Refill or transfer most prescriptions, see a list ofall your medications, view pharmacy wait times, or contact aPharmacy representative. •My Health — Review your health history,securely message your doctor’s office, review visit summaries andcheck most lab test results. •My Plan — Pay your bill, quicklyaccess your Kaiser Permanente Digital ID card, view Explanation ofBenefits, Benefits Usage and Coverage Documents. •Locations — Seethe Kaiser Permanente facilities nearest you, and check the waittimes. Sign into the app with your kp.org/wa user ID and password.If you don’t have a user ID and password, visit kp.org/wa toregister for your sign in data. If you’re not a Kaiser Permanentemember, visit kp.org to discover the many advantages available tomembers, including flexible and affordable health plans, electronichealth records, the convenience of an integrated network, andindustry-leading online tools that let you take control of yourhealth.
My Doctor Online (NCAL Only) 6.2.1
My Doctor Online for Kaiser Permanente Northern California members.Stay connected with your doctor and care – and your family's –anytime, anywhere. App features: • Schedule appointments, includingvideo visits, in Medicine, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, andOptometry. If your doctor has made a referral, you can alsoschedule a specialty appointment using the app. • Try an E-visitfor quick, convenient online care for common health concerns. •Join a video visit right from the app. • Receive appointmentreminders and details, cancel or reschedule appointments, andaccess past visit information. • Get preventive health reminders. •Refill prescriptions. • View lab test results. • Email your doctorsand attach photos from your phone. • Call our 24/7 Appointment andAdvice Call Center. • Search for doctors and health information. •Get timely health tips to help you stay well. My Doctor Online:Your personalized care in one place! Getting Started After youdownload and launch the app, you’ll be asked for your kp.org username and password. If you are a Northern California member anddon’t yet have a kp.org user name and password, you can registerfrom the app – just tap “Sign In Help” and follow the prompts.
My KP Meds 4.4.0
For members of Kaiser Permanente (KP) in Northern California,Colorado, Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic States (Maryland, Virginia, andWashington, D.C.), Oregon, and SW Washington. Make it easy andconvenient for you and your family to take medications at the righttime. My KP Meds automatically imports your list of KP medicationsand helps you stay on track. Create reminders that work with yourschedule. And when it’s time to refill, order from your phone. It’sthat simple. • View your current KP medications • Create medicationreminders • Set refill reminders • Get reminders without signing in• Order refills • Track medication history • View photos of yourmedications to avoid errors • Explore features with the in-appguide You can also manage medication lists, schedules, andhistories of other KP members you have caregiver access for(proxy). To set up proxy access, visit: • Kp.org/actforfamilyGetting started Download and launch the app using your kp.org userID and password. Haven’t set up your account yet? Get started bytapping “Sign-In Help” at the top of the screen and following theprompts.
Every Body Walk! 2.6.0
You are built to move. Being active helpsyoulive longer and enjoy more of what life has to give—at everyage.You may be a couch potato imagining an active life, a busyparent,or a senior with a few aches, and we get it: it’s tough tostaymoving!That’s why we made Every Body Walk!, an easy-to-use appthathelps you develop and maintain healthy walking habits.With Every Body Walk!, you can:• Get credit for your walking workouts in other health appsviaGoogle Fit integration.• Start, end, pause, and resume walks with the tap ofabutton.• Set walking goals such as distance, time, and calorie burn.• Watch progress in real time and save walks forfuturereference.• View your history, stats, and maps of your walking routes.• Share your walk summaries.Warning: Use of this app may lead to a longer moreenjoyablelife, fewer doctor visits and better relationships withlovedones.Continued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life
KP Balance Tracker 6.1
With our mobile app, you can manage your health reimbursementarrangement (HRA), health savings account (HSA), or flexiblespending account (FSA) through Kaiser Permanente when you’re on thego. To log in to the app the first time, please sign on tokp.org/healthpayment using your kp.org user ID and password to getyour temporary username and password. From the home page of thewebsite, click the “Tools & Support” section. And then click“Download Mobile App” under “How do I?” for further instructions.Convenient • Save time with our user-friendly app. • Simplifythings by turning paperwork into photos with your mobile device.Connected • Check your account balances 24/7. • View your accountactivity. Functional • File claims for your HRA or FSA. • Requestdistributions from your HSA. Secure • Your app will be passwordprotected, and sensitive information will be transferred usingsecure encryption. • No data will ever be stored on your device.
KP Chat with a Doctor for APS 2.0.2
Now, coming down with a high fever at 8pm doesn't have tomean a trip to the ER or urgent care. Instead, you canconnect with a doctor from the comfort of yourcouch and get advice on what steps to take next.Toactivate your KP Chat with a Doctor account, you must be anemployee or dependent of Aurora Public Schools. You will receive anemail with instructions to register.FEATURES:Secure Messaging – KPChat with a Doctor allows you to text messagedirectly with a local doctor from your computeror mobile device.Patient Data Access – Access your messagehistory, prescribed medications, and health information withinour easy to use platform from anywhere and use it to make bettereducated decisions about your health.
org.kp.workforce.kp4u 7.21.0
KP4U is an easy-to-use app exclusively for KaiserPermanenteemployees and physicians that provides news andinformation on yourmobile device. Stay updated on health care newsand learn aboutwhat’s happening across the organization and in yourregion withcontent specialized just for you.