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Dash for reddit beta 2.0.2
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Dash for reddit is a beautiful and intuitive client to browsereddit, the most popular social news site.Highlights:• BeautifulMaterial Design user interface with customizable options• Differenttypes of views to layout posts• Multi account support with trulysecure OAuth2 login (inside and outside Dash)• Full support for themain browsing features• Swipe back from every screen without usingthe back button• Navigate through comments and link at the sametime with the embedded browser• Or use Chrome Custom Tabs, aninternal browser or the browser of your choice• Colored commentswith highlighting when searching• Comment navigation with supportfor Threads, OP, IAmA mode, Links, search text and author, amongothers• Quick reply/edit comments and messages• Advanced editorwith built-in insertion of markdown tags• Filter posts bysubreddit, user, domain, keywords or content type• Overlay view ofimages, GIFs, videos and albums (with support for many differentproviders!)• Different themes including beautiful dark themes andAMOLED• Discover functionality to find new subreddits of yourliking• Follow subreddits without subscribing• and much more!Therealso more features coming soon!Go tohttps://www.reddit.com/r/dashforreddit/ for news, discussion andbug reporting of Dash.Dash for reddit is an unofficial app. redditand the reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registeredtrademarks owned by reddit Inc. and are used under license.