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Pano Tuner - Chromatic Tuner
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The top rated chromatic tuner on the App Store is at last availableon Google Play!Get your guitar tuned just in a few seconds. Neverstruggle with your tuner being out of battery!Pano Tuner listens tothe sound you make and shows you the pitch. You can tune yourinstrument accurately by looking at the offset from the pitch thatyou want to tune to.<< Features >>☆ Quick and sensitiveresponse Just try this app now and see how quick and sensitive itis to your sound. ★ Wide range of pitch sensor This app is achromatic tuner. It follows any pitch your instrument can make.Bring any of your instruments - guitars, upright basses, trumpetsand piccolos. Note: Because of the differences between themicrophone specifications among android devices, the sensor rangecan vary.☆ Customization - Adjust the concert-A frequency to makeyour instrument in harmony with your band. - Change the sensitivityto tune your instrument more accurately. - Use non-standard tuningsto make your own harmony. Pythagorean, Just intonation, 1/4-commamean tone and more temperaments are ready for you. You can add yourown temperaments to make your chords more in consonance. Note: thisis the full version feature and you can use after upgrade.
Tune Again 0.4
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This is the successor of ‘Pano Tuner’ app. If you cannot find PanoTuner on Google Play, download this instead.Tune Again, The one andonly tuner app you need.Tune Again is a tuner app for tuning yourguitars, basses and all other instruments you have. Do not lookaround for free tuner apps more. Just end up here and enjoytuning!Quick responsesReaction snaps into the pitch you play. Nodelay, no stress.Changeable sensitivityControl the sensitivity toreact only for your sound.Wide range of sensoryPano Tuner sensesnotes from the lowest to the highest on piano. Basses, andpiccolos? No problem.Customize for your use, for freeAdd your owninstruments and tuning methods freely and for free.