Karachiabad Apps

Urdu Aqwal-e-Zareen 1.0
The app is about the famous saying of people in Urdu.
Learn Basics of Urdu 1.1
Learn Basics of Urdu is an educational point of view applicationfocused on non-Urdu Speakers about the language. From thisapplication, users can learn fundamentals of Urdu. We describe themost common elements of Urdu with audio to help the user inlearning without difficulty.
Communist Heroes 1.0
These leaders through their painstaking hard work and sacrificeshave changed the history of the world. They have propagatedcommunism for the betterment of their countrymen. Here is the listof Communist Heroes in One App.
Karachiabad 1.0
Karachiabad offer its followers a true experience of Karachiwithits Vintage photos and questions.The app consists ofeightquestions.These questions revolve around the historical eventsthattook place in the city. They are simple to answers if you hadbeena die-hard Karachiiteand had been keeping up with its history.Youcan follow Karachiabad on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!