Karl Yamashita Apps

Microchip UART baud calculator 1.0
Microchip UART baud calculator for EUSARTandUART peripherals.Calculates baud rate for EUSART with Synchronous orAsynchronoustransmitter or standard UART.
Model Release X 3.1
*** This app is no longer being updated. Please use the new MyRelease app instead.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.karlyamashita.myrelease***
Crossover Calculator 2.6
Calculates passive crossovers values needed for 6 dB, 12 dB and 18dB/octave slopes. Design High-pass, Low-pass, 2 way, Band-pass,Narrow bandwidth Band-pass and Zobal crossovers. • Linkwitz-Rileyand Bessel calculations for 12dB and 24dB slopes. • Chebyshevcalculations for 12dB slope. • Load calculations. If you havemultiple speakers you can calculate the total impedance load of upto 5 values. • Frequency calculator for 6dB and 12dB slopes. Thiswill help you calculate the frequency cut off using standardcapacitor and inductance values that are available. OnlyButterworth 6dB and 12dB calculation are enabled. To use the fullfeature of this app you'll need to purchase a subscription. Thisapp display full screen ads. Purchasing a subscription will removethe ads and enable all features of the app. Permissions: Write andRead to storage for the Crossover book in PDF. Saves the PDF toyour external storage under CrossoverCalculator directory.
Prorate Calculator 1.1
Prorate Calculator easily helps you calculate daily rentalratebeginning of a month and the prorated rent amount for thetenantmoving in or out in the middle of the month. Great for home,roomand storage unit rentals. • Remembers your last valuesenteredafter you make a calculations so you can come back to theapplater. • Correctly calculates for February 28 days or Leap Year29days. • You can share/email the information. • Option to addSalesTax.
Microchip PLL Calculator 1.10
• Simple app to calculate values for setting up Microchip'sPLLoscillator values for dsPIC33 and PIC24 Micro controllers.•Displays source code with configurations bits set andwithcomments. • Added share button to share the source code,1/27/17**** Please rate the app so that I know to continueimproving it.**** Tested on Nexus 5, 6, 6P, 7 (2013), 9 and Nexus10.
My Release 1.2
My Release is a model release app updated from the older appModelRelease X. What is new in this version?: • NEW! HTML modelreleasetemplates. For experienced HTML programmers, you can designandlayout your own release with tables, columns and with embeddedCSSstyles. Using keywords in the document, you can have theappreplace the keywords with the form information that was filledout.• Adjust font size. You can adjust font size toaccommodatedifferent screen resolutions and the amount of customtextinformation. • Date format selection. • PDF reader built intheapp. You no longer need a 3rd party app to view the PDF.•Automatically saves information when switching screens so thereisno longer a save button except for the signature form. Howeveryoustill need to save the shoot information and Modelscontactinformation for later retrieval before the app is fullyclosed. MyRelease is a professional model release application thateliminatescarrying printed model releases. Easy intuitive design toquicklyfill out the form and take pictures of ID. The app savesallinformation as a PDF file and archives it on your device.Features:• Import Google Contacts from phone/tablet toautomatically fillout form. No need to create a separate database.• Save models newinformation to your Google Contacts from the sameform the modelfills out. • Take picture of model's identification.Image will beprinted on the PDF document with the rest of themodel'sinformation. • Input adult legal age. In some countries oreven insome states the legal age can range from 15 years old up to21years old. Default is 18 years old. • If model is a minorwhenselecting date of birth, the signature page will switch toparentor guardian. Model release PDF will indicate minor. • Youcaninclude witness signature. • Share PDF file after generatingPDFform to an Email, Drive, Dropbox, etc. • Add company logo to topofmodel release. • Add your own custom text file with basicHTMLattributes or use the one provided and modify. • Help sectiontounderstand each section of model release including settings. •Thephotographer's signature is saved in a system folderonlyaccessible by this app so your signature is safe. Whenuninstallingthis app your signature is also deleted. • Save andopen ShootInformation and Model's Information to access at a latertime. •Open a list of PDF's created from this app and view PDF whenfileis clicked. • Included are Property and Photo release PDFcreation.• All release forms are as is. Use the forms as a templateforwriting your own releases. Please consult with legal counsel.NOTE:This app is free to download and try it out in demo mode. Demomodeprints a VOID watermark across the PDF document. Purchasingasubscription or purchasing the Premium version using in-appbillingwill remove the VOID watermark. As I am not able to testeverydevice out there, try the demo first. If the PDF is savedcorrectlywith no layout issues then you can make an in-app purchasetoremove the VOID watermark. Permissions: • Contacts- usedtoretrieve phone contacts and fill the model's information inthecontacts section of the app. • Storage- saves the PDF in thephonesmain storage. Saves the custom model release form for you tomodifyusing a 3rd party text editor. Use Custom logo from yourgallery.Save and open model's information and shoot information. •Camera-take picture of model's ID.