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Karma StoreFinder 2.0
Karma StoreFinder is a place lookupappdeveloped by Karma Tech Solutions.The Store Finder apps helps you find places of interestaroundyou such as cafes, restaurants, museums, theatres, cinemafrom ahighly curated selection maintained by our team.Our data is sourced from several different places includingthereviews from Rating sites and Apps in addition to tour andtravelguides. But we systematically source all the content in aandorganize and curate it as per our preferences and presentapowerful and concise guide and list for our users.Karma is available in some of the largest cities in Asia andisslowly expanding to the rest of the world.
Karma RestaurantLocator 1.0
A Restaurant Discovery App by KarmaTechSolutions www.karmatechsolutions.com
Karma MyPlaces 1.4
Karma MyPlaces lets you quickly discoverusefulplaces nearby such as ATM, Cafe, Restaurants, ShoppingMalls,Hotels, Cinemas and more nearby. Use MyPlaces to quicklylocate arestaurant when you are traveling and are new to thelocality.Identify ATM and Banking locations quickly.Explore Shopping Malls in your vicinity.The app allows you to explore all the listing in yourlocalityeither in the form of organized and sorted lists or on aMap Viewwhere you can quickly identify locations.The app also allows you to search for locations by name andfindthe address and other contact information for the same.
Karma Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 1.1
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