Karolis Dikcius Apps

Vaporwave Aesthetics 1.0
Aesthetic Vaporwave Aesthetics Generator
Vaporwave: T h e G a m e 1.1.1
Vaporwave: T h e G a m e(Aesthetic Vaporwave Aesthetics inspiredgame)a g a m e i n w h i c h y o u d o s t u f fs e e w a v e s v ap o r i z e i n f r o n t o f y o u r e y e s
Square Dare 1.0.3
The objective's simple. Protect the red square from incoming pinkbubbles. That's it.Good luck. Have fun.
FiDi Žaidimas 1.0
FiDi 48 žaidimas (aka plasnojantis paukštis aka plasnojantisdinas)FiDi 48 game (aka plasnojantis bird aka plasnojantis Dinas)
Draw Line Runner 1.0.1
Draw lines and help your character dodge obstacles!Co-developer:Lukas JBGraphics: Kenney NLTheme song: Mofohead @SoundCloud
Desert of Vice 1.1.1
Karolis Dikcius
Desert of Vice - a horror text adventure game.Solve the mysteryofan isolated town in the middle of a desert in this newLovecraftianadventure game! Featuring unique mobile control scheme- tap thebar at the top of the screen, type the desired command andsee theaction come to life! Key features:• A story rich adventure.•Choicedependent multiple endings.• Unique text based controls.•Tailormade soundtrack by @cesque.Inspired by the works of FranzKafka andH.P. Lovecraft.Font used - Courier Prime, copyright ©2013Quote-Unquote Apps.