Kasik Software Apps

TCHALAM: Lottery with Haitian Spiritual Numbers 1.5.8
TCHALAM merges Haitian cultural and ancestral methods of Numerologywith mobile technology to improve your odds at winning the lottery.TCHALAM uses your dreams and provides a numerical meaning to eachelement they contain with the help of a list known as "tchala".This interpretation reveals valuable messages hidden in yourpremonitory dreams that can be used to play number games such asthe lotto, and raffles. The application also displays the latestlottery results, and a history of lottery drawings. A statisticssection displays the attraction between different cosmic numbers tobetter predict future winning numbers.
MILOKAN: Repertoire of Haitian Vodou 1.0.1
Milokan combines Haitian Vodou spirituality and technology toprovide a platform where practitioners and friends of Vodou canlearn about the practice, its principles, and the spirits (lwa). Wehave gathered information from actual Haitian Vodou practitionersand researchers. Haitian Vodou is a way of life. It is anunderstanding of the world around us and the world in us. It is howone understands core principles of life and nature. It is how onecomprehends creation and death. It is how one connects the naturalto the supernatural. Haitian Vodou has its roots in many ancestralspiritual practices, mainly Vodun of the Dahomey people (now Benin)and Ifa of the Yoruba people (now Nigeria). It also combinespractices from other African people, native Americans (Tainos),with the influence of Christianity. To further educate people aboutHaitian Vodou, the Milokan app provides different features such as:A list of Haitian Vodou spirits, their associated vèvè, prayers andchants. A list of words used in the Vodou and overall the Haitiancommunity that are native to African languages, with theirmeanings. Events and activities related to the Vodou community forusers who are interested to get more involved. Sacred grounds forthose who are interested in visiting or paying homage. As we workto shed light on this sacred practice, Milokan is actively workingto update and expend its repertoire to accommodate the widevarieties of traditions within the Haitian Vodou. Ayibobo!