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Zahak 1.26
Kaveh Ahangar
Graphics style matches Atari or Sega or age (8-bit).The story isfrom Shahname (Persian Book of kings 600AC ) Once ruled an evilking named Zahak.Zahhak had snakes grown at his shoulders. Snakesloved to eat human brain.Until the Blacksmith stood up for justice...
Barzakh 0.55
Kaveh Ahangar
Fight with Iranian Heros:Tataloo (Iranian Rap Music Artist)ShahinNajafi (Iranian Rap Music Artist and Human rights Activist)SadafTaherian (Iranian Actress and Celebrity and Model)AyatollahKhomeini (Leader of Iranian Islamic Revolution)Khamenei (SupremeLeader and Dictator of Islamic Republic of Iran)Emam Naghi (The10th Shia Muslim Imam)Shah Mohamad Reza PahlaviMahmoud Ahmadinejad(President of Islamic Republic of Iran)Naghdi (IranianRevolutionary Guard and Basij Commander)Nice music and verses fromQuranGreat musicFrightening atmosphere over a bridge over hell