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[root]Doze Now (Beta) 1.0
Kavin Zhao
Doze is a battery saving feature introduced inAndroid 6.0. However, you'll need to wait a long time after screenis turned off to get in. It also requires a significant motionsensor which some old devices don't have.This app is the solution.Features:Enable Doze mode if it is previously disabled.(Force) Enter Doze with a simple tap.Create a shortcut on your homescreen for one-tap Doze.**NOTE** In this version you'll have to manually enable it'sDevice Administrator privilege. This privilege is only used to turnyour screen off. You'll also get 'Unfortunately, Doze Now hasstopped.' when you grant this privilege. It won't affect thefeature and all these problems will be fixed soon.*NOTE2* In Doze mode, your apps like instant messaging(IM) appswill stop working if they are not using Google CloudMessaging(GCM). Good news is, most IM apps use GCM. But there arestill apps that use their own service. This is low in performanceand draining battery. Their services will be killed by Doze. If yourely on them, ask the developer to use GCM. Alarm Clock apps shouldwork well (the system will exit Doze before alarm fires), but ifthey don't, I am not responsible for that.*NOTE3* Though this version has been tested, there are stillpossibilities of bugs. Report them to the developer via E-mail.Also, tell me if your battery life is getting better or worse withthis app. Thanks.
Balled - Stay on the platform 1.2
Kavin Zhao
Stay on the platform as long as possible.This app is a free game that requires you to focus andcontrol.The goal is simple: stay. The ball is controlled bygyroscope. Thedifficulty increases as you play.P.S. Please notify me if you experience aspectissues(contentsnot showing or such.), thanks. Other bug reports arewelcome too:)
NFC Transmission 1.0
Kavin Zhao
This app is intended to transmitcontentsbetween NFC-Capable devices (only tested with Android.)withoutlimitation. The device receiving the transmission does notneed toinstall this app.To transmit, simply turn on NFC(Settings -> Connections->NFC) on both devices and place them closetogether(usuallyback-to-back), and tap on "Touch to beam" whenprompted. And you'llsee your contents transmitted.This app requires a device with a NFC adapter. It will notifyyouif your device doesn't have one.
Prime Number 20160110
Kavin Zhao
This app can determine if a number is aprimenumber in seconds. Very useful tool for students, mathexperts, andany other people who deals with numbers.You can choose to show divisors or not. Not showing divisorscanspeed up checking for super-long numbers.This app will also tell you the next and the previous PrimeNumberif available.Testing shows that (with "Show divisors" options enabled) theappcan determine numbers whose length is shorter than 8 in aflash.Length equals to 8 in less than 1 seconds. And determiningthosewith 9 characters in less than 5 seconds. This can vary fromdeviceto device.