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Climber 1.337
Features: - No ads - Online highscore table - No stupid permissions- Doesn't consume enormous amounts of your battery - Simple UI -GOLDEN LADDERS The goal of this game is to build your ladder ashigh as you can. You do need to be fast because both the speed andthe difficulty increases as your score grows. This game iscompletely adfree so you will be able to play as much as you wantwithout ever finding any ads in the game! The game uses google playgames services so if you want to use the highscore system you willneed to install that too (completely optional).
Programmer's calculator - BitCalculator 1.371
BitCalculator - the best calculator for programmers. Thiscalculatorwill always be adfree! Can convert numbers betweendifferent numberbases (2/8/10/16) Display shows numbers in binary,hexadecimal,octal and decimal. Input can be in binary,hexadecimal, octal ordecimal. Different modes: - 64 bit integer(signed/unsigned) - 32bit integer (signed/unsigned) - 16 bitinteger (signed/unsigned) - 8bit integer (signed/unsigned) - 64bit float (IEEE 754 standard) -32 bit float (IEEE 754 standard) -little-endian and big-endian byteordering Supported operations: -Bitwise and - Bitwise or - Bitwisenot - Bitwise xor - Increment -Decrement - Logic shift left - Logicshift right - Arithmetic shiftright - Rotate left - Rotate right -Modulo - Negate - Addition -Subtraction - Multiplication - Division- Random number generator(Bit operations on floating point numbersworks as if they wereintegers with the same bit structure) -Supports brackets -Directly set bits on/off - 4 different colorthemes(white/blue/red/black) - Beautiful transitions!