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Christmas Clicker: Idle Gift Builder
Kelson Kugler
Santa has gone missing and it's up to you to help the Elves andsaveChristmas! Harvest resources like Snow and Magic, andbuildWorkshops to upgrade your skills. You'll also need to buildSleighsthat can find more resources, bring you more Elves, or huntforRare Artifacts! Features -Leaderboard system -Strategy mixedwithidle and tap mechanics. -No pay to win or advertisementsSaveChristmas in this winter themed idle game! Thanks for playing!
Easter Clicker: Idle Clicker, Easter Bunny Harvest
Kelson Kugler
🐰 The Easter Bunny is preparing for Easter, and he's fallingbehind!Maybe you can help save Easter by crafting as many basketsaspossible? This is the funniest incremental game withEasterthematic! Use bunny workers to harvest flowers, chocolate andgrowegg trees. Enjoy this fun idle builder game! Do you love funEastergames with Easter bunny? Try this idle clicker game -Harvestflowers, look for chocolate and grow eggs tree! Craftbaskets andfill them - tap and play! How to play it? It is prettysimple! Justtap tap and follow the instructions from the tutorial -Capture themagic with Easter Bunny idle tap adventure! HarvestFlowers, useExplorer Hares to discover more Chocolate, and plantTrees toharvest Eggs. Use all of these to forge Baskets, and tradethem infor huge bonuses! Choose Bonuses wisely from Levelups, andbuildEaster guilds for huge multipliers! ⏩Features of this idlebuildergame:⏪ ✔️ Full-resolution graphics - Beautiful graphics anddesign✔️ Full control over time management - Send your Hares outfor onlya few minutes or for several days for greater rewards! ✔️InfiniteGameplay - Even when you think it ends, there's more!✔️Full-featured Leaderboard system - ✔️ Easy to play - Just taptapand follow the instructions! Craft as many baskets and fillthemwith flowers, chocolate and Easter eggs. ✔️ Collect Shines-Collect Shines and drag them in different screens to enhanceaspecific feature. For example, you can add a speed bonus toatraveling hare if you drag a Shine. ✔️ Harvest resources andusethem to enhance skills! ✔️ Egg tree seeds - Grow them toharvesteggs and collect new seeds. When you get new seeds, you cancombinethem to make even more powerful seed! ✔️ Love Motel - Buildthemand breed more bunnies! As many worker bunnies you have, youwillfinish collecting resources faster! ✔️ Basket Factory - torefinebaskets. ✔️ Easter Guild - Enhance it to increase the Clickpower.Get more bunnies, eggs and faster hares. Try this idleclicker gameand you will surely put this app on the list of yourfavoriteincremental games! Capture the magic! ➡️➡️➡️ Download oneof thebest Easter games and enjoy in the fun and relaxing idleclickerexperience. Welcome to the bunny kingdom!
Cat Scratch Fever : Lotto Scratch Off Ticket
Kelson Kugler
Win big in this kitty themed scratch card game! Just like ascratchoff ticket you would buy at home, but better! Can you findall thehidden cats? Buy a card to test your luck. The rarer thecat, thebigger your prizes! Lots of achievements will keep youearning lotsof Coins! Find the mysterious Galactic Cat to play hisspace minigame. Search for all of his lost planets for monsterbonuses!Features a full account system to save all your progress!Climb theLeaderboard to become top Cat! All other Scratch Card appssuckcompared to this one. They suck! Report any bugs or game
Monster Clicker: Idle Adventure | Halloween Games
Kelson Kugler
🦴 You're going to have to build and collect a lot of bones andothermonster parts, and use them to upgrade all of your skills todefeatthe main boss monster! Click and tap on all the specialclickmodifiers for each monster to maximize your damage! Showyourmonster hunter skills! You are a fan of Halloween games? Great,youare in the right place! Find your way to the list of immortalidleclicker heroes! Start playing this engaging idle adventure andfreeyour city from evil monsters! 💀 Be persistent, just tap tap andusea power-up to collect as many bones as you can. Learn how tolootand don`t forget to use the tap wizard, which helps you inmonsterbattle while you are away. Collect bones and level up togain morestrength for your quest - become a monster hunter and freeyourcity by defeating the boss monster! 🍬 You'll also have touseCandy, which is a kind of special power-up that let you domanydifferent things in the game. Think very carefully on how tousethem, because they don't come easy. Idle clicker mechanics -Usesimple tapping to hunt monsters and level up your monsterhunterskills. You'll also find rare resources which can help you tolevelup in mysterious ways in the future! ⏩Features of this idleclickerHalloween games:⏪ ✔️ Full resolution monster animations✔️Compelling upgrade systems - Level up to strengthen yourself andtomake more damage to the boss monster and his army of monsters.✔️With every level up, you get rewards and achievements(SlayerCommander, Brawler, Candy, Sweet Tooth, ParanormalInvestigator andmany more) ✔️ Unlock new monsters - Get engaged inmonster battlethroughout the ruined city to unlock new monstersuntil you finallydefeat evil! ✔️ Use a tap wizard to collect boneswhile you areaway. ✔️ Leaderboard system - Your chance to becomeone of theclicker heroes in one of the most engaging Halloweengames! ✔️Strategy mixed with idle clicker and tap tap mechanics.How to lootand become a monster hunter? Just tap tap and click yourway to thevictory against evil monsters! Tap wizard will help youto learnmore on how to loot maximally in your quests! Defeat evilin thisHalloween themed Monster games! Thanks for playing thisidleadventure! ➡️➡️➡️ Download it for FREE and join other idleclickerheroes and monster busters!
Castle Clicker: Build a City, Idle City Builder
Kelson Kugler
🏰Castle clicker is an idle clicker game where you build a citywithFarms, Mines, Seaport and grow castles! Dozens of buildingstounlock and upgrade! Puts a new spin on both city tycoonsimulatorand clicker games. Show your city builder skills in thisengagingidle adventure! Create the strategy of the growth - Makeyourtownsmen happy! Tired of mindless tap tycoon and citybuildinggames? Play idle clicker games unlike any other! Just tapand clickto build a city where you can manage your workers andresources.Grow castle to help you to build your own city and becomethe citytycoon of the medieval metropolis! Medieval games fans,watch out!This is the best idle city clicker game around - Tap yourway tovictory! If you love city building games, you are in therightplace - build medieval town and show your skills! DiscoverancientArtifacts and recruit special Avatars to help you with newpowersand abilities! Build a city from a small village to a biggercityand finally to impressive medieval metropolis! Your townsmenwillbe grateful! ⏩Main features of this idle city builder game:⏪✔️Beautiful, full-resolution graphics and design ✔️ Ability tosaveyour game across all devices ✔️ Buildings with specialgameplayattributes, like the Bank that can generate interest onyourResources. It will help you to build a city - a bigger city!✔️Full control over time management, send your Ships out for onlyafew minutes or for several days for greater rewards! Controltheseaport! ✔️ Frequent feature updates, including new buildings!✔️Infinite Gameplay: Even when you think it ends, there's more -Oneof the best city building games out there! ✔️Full-featuredLeaderboard system. ✔️ This is not just a one more ofmedievalgames - It is an addictive and relaxing idle adventure!Build yourown city and your first Farm. Grow castle and discoveryour firstMine - Become a city tycoon! Thanks for playing the bestidle citybuilder game - Enjoy in this amazing idle adventure!➡️Downloadthis idle city builder app! Show your skills and makeyour townsmenhappy! ⭐ Best Idle Adventure Game Android ⭐ Best IdleClicker GamesAndroid ⭐ Best Town Game Android ⭐ Best TycoonSimulator GameAndroid ⭐ Best City Building Games Android All idleclicker andmedieval games fans - Sit back and ENJOY! --- More aboutus:E-mail: