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Lauma 1.52
Lauma is an ultraviolent, fast, random generated, hardcoretop-downarcade shooter, where you defend your position byobliteratingendless hordes of enemies. In the end, you die. Youronly hope isto make it to the online leaderboard before that, soyou can bragabout it. Brutal Difficulty - No other way around: InLauma youwill die very often. Ultraviolence - Here, we preferviolence.Mutilate baddies using close range kills to gain morescore. HighScores - Combo kills to increase the score multiplier.Try to makeit to the online leaderboards. Random Generated - Theentiregameplay. Levels, weather, enemies. No run is the same.DailyChallenges - Once per day changing ultimate challenge. Onetryonly. Immediate death guaranteed. Big Guns - The bigger thebetter.Teach your enemies with pistols, shotguns, samurai swordsand otherheavy weaponry. So Simple - Think Fruit Ninja withexcessiveviolence and guns. Now forget Fruit Ninja. Physics - Yup,almostrealistic. Weather and Time - Dynamic weather and four partday& night cycle. It's Free - Always.