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Wizard Run! 1.0
Kermit Toro
In this 8-bit arcade style game take controll over a wizardhovering around in the snowy mountains using his magic to stayafloat as long as possible.Developers: Kermit J. Toro, TomasAlberty, Joseph Rodriguez
Jokes for you! 1.0
Kermit Toro
If you're ever feeling down, in needofsomething to cheer you up or just need a good laugh. Then thisappis perfect for you! Just choose a category and start readingjokesthat will make you laugh your worries away!!If you wish to have one of your jokes on the app, feel freetosend us an email with your name and the joke!Please refrain from using offensive language as we will notuploadthem!Developers: Kermit J. Toro & Nerivette Molina