Khora ApS Apps

Halloween Smash Cardboard 1.2
Khora ApS
Get spooked in VR! Shoot skulls and pumpkins at incoming ghosts andgoblins in a haunted graveyard. Works with Google Cardboard.Created by: Simon Lajboschitz & Peter Fisher
Roman Pantheon Cardboard 2.0
Khora ApS
Look around the Roman Pantheon in virtual reality. Works withGoogle Cardboard.
Conscia Maze 3.0
Khora ApS
Solve this virtual reality maze by finding all 3 Conscia logos!Compare times and see who is the fastest!
Erik Joergensen VR 2.0
Khora ApS
View the Ox-chair and the new HECTOR sofa in virtual reality. Workswith Google Cardboard.