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ListNote Pro Notepad 8.86
Pro Version Additional Features-Google Cloud PrintIntegration-Disable Ads-Home Screen Widgets (for quickly addingspeech notes and voice search of notes)-Customize Category Sharing:You can change the separator text between notes, and you have theoption to show numbers in front of each note.If you're upgradingfrom the free version and already have notes, you can easily importthem by creating a backup and then restoring it with ListNote Pro.Your backups will automatically be visible by ListNote Pro, nomoving files necessary.
ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes 8.86
Take notes even when you don't feel like typing! Just speak yournote, and it will be saved as text. This notepad app was designedto quickly jot down your ideas, with minimal hassle. And it makesit easy to keep those ideas organized.Features:* Hands-free speechrecognition at the press of a single button.* Searchable. Notes areindexed for fast searching.* Password protection option for notes.*Share notes with SMS, email, Twitter, and any other app thataccepts plain text.* Quickly add notes. If you have a slide outkeyboard, just slide it out and start typing.* Accepts plain textfrom other apps that share.* Password locked notes are encryptedbeyond the first 20 characters. This allows you to be able toidentify and search for the note, while at the same time have therest of it encrypted with the AES encryption standard. This is thesame encryption standard used by the US government and banks.* Starnotes with star filtering.* Color-code notes and filter your listby color.* Organize notes by category.* Deleted notes are moved tothe trash so you have a chance to restore them.Added Features:* SDCard Backup and Restore. Lets you make a backup of all your notesand stores them encrypted on your SD card.* Continue button aftercreating your voice note, so you can add additional speech text ifneeded.* Time to Breathe option - lets you choose how long to waitbefore stopping speech input.* Full Screen and popup screen texteditors.* Quotation marks. You can now say Quotation Mark and itwill place one in your note.* Carriage Return. You can say CarriageReturn to simulate pressing the Enter key.* Category Sharing. Youcan share/export an entire category of notes.* Light and DarkThemes.Popular uses:* Quick and easy note taking with speech totext. Your voice is "recorded" as text. Does not function as anactual voice recorder though.* Text editor. You can use ListNote asa classic note pad, but with more speech-to-text functionality.*Shopping list. Great when you want to quickly make note ofsomething you'll need at the grocery store.* Notebook organizedwith color tabs. You can make a color note tab by long-pressing anote and selecting "Change Tab Color".* Simple note-taking. Manypeople prefer a notepad app that doesn't require you to make anaccount and upload all of your notes to a server. There is noaccount necessary with ListNote. All of your notes are stored onyour own device.* Dictation software. You can transcribe yourthoughts quickly and easily. You can then edit the result like youwould with any note-taking app. When you're editing the notes inthe text view, you can insert speech anywhere in the text, and evenundo the last speech input if it didn't turn out right.* Securenotes. You can create safe notes that are private. These privatenotes are locked with password protection. When you lock a noteit's an easy way to encrypt text from prying eyes.Requirements:*Google voice search is required for speech to text functionality towork. Most devices come with it pre-installed. If you don't want touse the speech recognition functions, the app is still fullyfunctional without it.
Cloud Print My Gmail 1.2
A simple way to Cloud Print your Gmail. Logsinto any provided Gmail account and gets the most recent mail tosend to Google Cloud Print.Current Limitations:* No attachment support yet.* If you print as HTML, formatting will be correct, but images willnot be downloaded.