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Kids Toy Car Game Simulator 3D 1.0
It starts with your created story – you need to imagine where andwhy you are going.Success is rewarded with a great race game! Allthat kids need to do is to pick the toy car and put the pedal down,but watch out, don’t drive too fast and stay in the lane!you feellike in a real garage there it is possible to choose a vehicle.Youhave to reach and buy a kid car from garage.You can also buy clothsfrom the cloths shop.You can refill your fuel tank , pick and dropyour friend from home . You can take your friend to Ice cream Shopand buy him some quality ice cream. You can drive to the pizza shopand eat delicious pizza with your friend . Take Part in kids carstunts competition . Take your friends to the kids park in yourcar. All this in this kids toy car simulator fun.This app iscreated for the youngest users and it is perfect to develop skillsfor Android devices.Game is suitable for everyone including:preschool kids, school kids and others. if you have a child aged5-9 years this game is a must!Features:-3 different toy vehicles-Constant development of creativity-Kid-friendly design-No rules,no violence- Extremely Easy to play!- Super Fun- Very beautifulCartoon Cars made specially for kids- Awesome Music!
OffRoad Toilet Rush Emergency 1.3
Offroad Driving is Difficult In Toilet Emergency You are driving onoffroad to the far off mountain place covered in snow for adventurethan suddenly you are having a stomachache! You are rushing to apublic toilet on an offroad driving adventure! Dodge all obstacleson the way! The game will seriously challenge your skills andreflexes!.And it’s URGENT! Sweat start dripping from your forehead,your stomach is rumbling, soon you’re grunting and just then yourealize that the nearest bathroom is all the way across the offroadmountain and and you can’t hold it any longer a second seems likean hour. Rush through the snowy hills and offroad mountains inpanic situation 
 Face Multiple levels full of challenges andcareer-threatening situations, all that in amazing graphics. Hurryup! Everybody Poops It’s toilet time- Reach Toilet In Time 
Unlockand play with several characters: the usual Security Officer, SWATPolice Man Model Girl, Designer Boy,Clerk , Salesman , House Wife ,Carpenter, News Caster and many more daily life characters whoexperience toilet rush situations.This shows that everybody poops.So It's good to be prepared! Don’t Use dirty washroom and use onlyClean Washroom! if The washroom is a disaster and everything is outof the place making the bathroom more messy and dirty.It’s yourtask that don’t use that washroom and reach the next toilet andbecome the best toilet emergency challenge person in the offroadsituation. - Mind-blowing thrilling experience. 
- Find the NearestToilet On off road mountain snow path.
 - Both entertaining andeducational for all ages. - Different camera angles
 - SmoothSteering - Hydraulic Brakes
- Amazing 3D Graphics & greenfields Environment
 - Mind-blowing hardcore thrilling experience 
-15 Different Characters to unlock and Play 
- 10 DifferentChallenging Missions to unlock and Play
Kids Winter School Holidays 3D 1.3
Holiday season is here and Sweet Baby kids Girls and boys withthere best friends are getting ready for holidays fun! Join themand have tons of fun in real city adventure. Drive Toy Sports cars,rabbit dance, Get to your uncle's house for fun, Get to the nearbypublic toilet on emergency toilet situations, Get to the pizza shopand enjoy pizza,Ride the bicycle to go any where in the city andmuch more! Have Fun and brings the best frozen winter adventuresfor all little kids and toddlers who dream of making fun in thiswinter! Features: - Multiple Kids to Play With. - Smooth BicycleControls - 3 Racing ToY Cars with real Physics - Different cameraangles - Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes - Amazing 3D Graphics& green fields Environment - Mind-blowing hardcore thrillingexperience - 5 Different Challenging Missions to unlock and Play
Blind Date Simulator Game 3D 1.3
Every curious kid is wondering what is a date like, blind datesimulator here is to provide a simulation dating experience forthem to get a peek of real date. 8 young energetic men & womenare there waiting for being matched to find who will be theirbeloved one to fulfill their dreams and complete their life , let'shave a look where they will take their partner for a blind date.Asparkling and heart-pounding romance is about to begin! SophiaJayden doesn’t have a boyfriend. Her friend introduced a great guyto her and arranged a blind date. Please help Sophia prepare forthe date. There are multiple male and females who are looking forthe partner on a blind date help them meet there date partner pickthem up and take them to there specified location where they cansit and enjoy.Unlock Cars to enjoy the ride with your partner.Multiple Dating Places are included in the game like ice cream shop, coffee shop , Pizza Shop , Park and Restaurant for dinner. + 4Male and 4 Female Characters + Hours and hours of game play toenjoy + Tons of eye-catching artworks + 5 Different Car To Unlock +Completely Free Play this game for completely free of charge!!!
Kids Bicycle Candy Collection 1.0
Cakes, Donuts, Ice cream and other bakery items are delicious butwhy not crush something different like a, juicy and mouthwateringCandy with this free Bicycle candy collection game as a sweet treatfor your loved ones.This game brings you into a world that youwon’t want to leave. Ride your bicycle inside the city and collectall the candies within the given time. Free and Challenge modes inthe game. Select your mode and enter into the beautifulenvironment. Give challenge to your rider to eat required candiesand chocolates.If you love bicycles, candies , chocolates andlollipops than, this is the game for's is a simple, free,fun simulation game that everybody can enjoy. Kids and girls wouldespecially enjoy this cute game as they love to collect theircandies and share with friends.Features:
- beautiful high qualityHD graphics
-intuitive, easy to use interface 
- infinite game playin free mode
- 6 different kids characters to choose from
-Realistic Bicycle controls
Kids Bicycle Rider Street Race 1.3
Motorcycle racing simulator are too old to amaze adrenalinejunkies.we bring a new addition to Bicycle racing games which arealways fun for BMX riders giving electric vibe to adventure seekerkids. Let’s take you on another journey in bicycle rider race gamesthat gives you the enjoyment of riding a real bicycle racing andMoto drag simulator. All children like funny games and bicycleracing, so kids took the bicycle and hit the road. The game offersyou colorful locations, spectacular tricks that will make kidshappy on a bike. In bicycle rider street race game you become alegend of the racing track and prepare for the bicycle racingmissions.Inthis game, there are multiple missions for all kids wholove sports bike riding. Yes in this motivating bicycle riding sim,you can drive with full speed and also have to avoid any hurdle orobstacle that comes in between your racing missions. As a best kidbicycle racer you can select one of the best heavy bicycles, whichcan use for race. The game play is very simple. In this game youhave to ride of bicycle and win the race.Make sure your parkingskills are perfect so that you may change position of your bike onsharp turns and unusual situations. In this fast sports bicycleracing game a wide range of heavy bicycles to choose and realisticbicycles physics are included. This extremely convincing bicyclerider game is packed with different kinds of levels. It’s time tosuperintend other racing games and enjoy this excellent sportsbicycle rider racing in one of the modern next generation bicycleracing mania games. Features wonderful and challenging levelsRealistic 3D graphics High Quality music ride on bicycle Stunningphysics Good control and turn easily
Baby Toilet Training Simulator 1.4
Parents worry because their kids and babies are not habituated touse toilet or don't know how to use it.Choose any of the babies andstart with all your activities. Begin the day by using the toiletproperly and clean it after use Remove the dirty clothes and washthem using the washing machine and wear your favorite cloths. Hurryup! Everybody Poops It’s toilet time- Reach Toilet In Time Bath inthe shower and also play with all the different toys.Find yourfavorite toys and candies in the house and also find your feederwhich is lost somewhere in side the house. Enjoy completing lot ofdifferent baby care activities and enjoy your day as a baby. Babytoilet training simulator game teaches potty training in a clearand fun way. It is specially designed for kids and show real lifesituations through cute graphics and sound. It will guide yourchildren towards developing a habit of properly going to thetoilet. Baby Toilet Training explains accurate toiletinginformation and ensures that your child will know what to expectfrom toilet training. Features of baby Toilet Training: ==> Theperfect game for a toilet training of your kid! ==> Friendly andto-the-point instructions facilitate learning and make the processmore fun. ==> Interactive design: aimed at satisfying kid'scuriosity. ==> Simple and child-friendly game play Download thisfun and addictive toddler game now!!! *************** ***Update****************** ==> New Baby Characters Added ==> Girls BabyCharacters included ==> Controls Improved ==> Baby soundsadded ==> more interesting game play
Emergency Doctor Simulator 3D 1.3
A lot of patients moms, baby, kids and adults are coming to yourhospital in an ambulance to get treated. It’s your chance to becomethe Best Doctor.This free game is very fun. Make sure they takehealthy food and treat the kids with fever kindly and with greatcare. Also Perform your duty as the ambulance driver and Drive theambulance in the city in emergency situations and take the patientsto the doctor's clinic in time. You are an awesome doctor withspecializations in surgery and Dentist activities.Become a realdoctor and crazy surgeon.This game is so much fun with crazy gameplay. This Hospital Ambulance Doctor has real ambulance ride,emergency treatments and ultimate operations. Get to the Fire placeon time and take the kids effected from fire to the doctor's clinic.Get to the Accident Place in time .The ambulance has reached thehospital in time otherwise the patient would have gone in a frozenstate. Do Regular Visits to Kids School Medical camps. Be thedoctor kids love to visit and get treated with. This simulationgame is the best doctor and emergency ambulance simulation game Abiggest rush of patients injured and suffering with diseases arecoming to your clinic in an ambulance to get their surgeriesdone.Never ever Forget your medical kit whenever you are visiting apatient in emergency situation. Emergency Doctor Simulatorfeatures: - Full 3D large environment - Smooth Doctor Controls -Simulator driving smooth controls - Realistic big city graphics -Engaging ambulance and Doctor missions - Drive the patients to thehospital - Many different routes across the city
Public Toilet Cargo Truck 3D 1.0
If you love truck games then "Public Toilet Cargo Transport TruckSimulator" is the best and new experience truck drive game foryou!Everyone living in the nearby city needs a public emergencytoilet.Everyone's had a traumatic not-at-home toilet situation; nothaving a home field advantage .When you can’t hold it any longer asecond seems like an hour. whether he is a usual office guy, thesecretary, the nurse, the security man or the taxi driver. Yourduty is to pick and take the toilet on the destination location onyour toilet cargo truck and install it on the exact location.Becometruck driver, hold the steering of a public toilet carrier cargotruck and enjoy most realistic cockpit driving game.TransferEmergency Toilet from one place to the destination and install iton the exact location for the use of Public in emergency toiletsituations.Drive Euro truck in beautiful city environment and enjoythe thrill of exciting challenge.“Public Toilet cargo Truck 3D”GAME FEATURES:- Most realistic truck physics, feel like truck realdrive.- Lots of trucks to drive.- Loads of Toilet cargo transfermissions.- Truck simulator game with high quality HD graphics.-Addictive game play with lots of fun.
Kids Wall Climbing Challenge 1.2
Training simulators are too old to amaze Kids.we bring a newaddition to Climbing and training games which are always fun foradventure seeker kids.Test your physical fitness and mentaldiscipline level by playing this wall climbing fun gameIt is noteasy to be a Wall climbing championClear strictly intensive climbheights. Do not allow yourself to take your place ashamed andhumiliated.You have to climb to the top of the buildings.There aremany buildings in the city which you have to climb includingschool,hospital,market place and parking areas. Let’s take you onanother journey in kids commando training games that gives you theenjoyment of fast track commando real action and wall climbingchallenge. All children whether boys or girls like funny games.kidstook the challenge and are not afraid to climb heightsThe gameoffers you colorful locations, spectacular tricks that will makekids happy.Kids hit the obstacles too often!When you are holdingonto walls, some obstacles are bound to be hit So take note ofwhere they are in advance; and jump as you foresee where you aregoing to hold onto.FeaturesSelect your favorite kidcharacterwonderful and challenging levelsRealistic 3D graphicsHighQuality music ride on bicycleStunning physicsGood control and turneasily
Kids OffRoad Bicycle Free Ride 1.0
city bicycle racing simulators are too old to amaze adrenalinejunkies.we bring a new addition to Bicycle games which are alwaysfun for BMX riders giving electric vibe to adventure seeker kids.Asa kid Get control of your extreme mountain bike and steer withpedals to get real life sensation of riding cycle. Satisfy yourpassion for cycle racing with the blend of adventurous cycle racinggame.Kids Free Ride Cycling is best for maintaining fitness.Dirtjumping, urban and street mountain bikes lie somewhere in between aBMX bike and a free ride bike. So become a crazy freestyle Kidcyclist and ride with full speed by controlling the BMX handlebarswith strong wrist grip.Make sure your parking skills are perfect sothat you may change position of your bike on sharp turns andunusual situations.Originally, free ride bikes sat betweenAll-Mountain and downhill bikes in geometry, with frame anglessteeper than those found in downhill bikes and higher riderpositioning, enhancing maneuverability on technical or low-speedfeatures commonly found on "North Shore" style trails. This bicyclewheelie game offers adventurous off-road driving experience withperfect cycle simulation.For Kids we have modified originalmountain bikes in to heavy cruiser bicycles used for freewheelingdown mountain trail.Riding on hills become challenging with time.Bicycling doesn’t need gas or fuel its just need focus and cyclingskills. This off road cycle game is especially for Kids. Play freeextreme kids off road bicycle simulator game of 2017 and enjoy thefun of driving experience.-The best mountain bicycle experienceever, is free.- Use your energy correctly, Continuous pedaling willtire you.-Race on the mountain with realistic bikephysics-Optimized high-resolution graphics-Free to Play.
Baby Dream Adventure Simulator 1.1
The babies you love are back and theyloveadventures both inside the home and outside in the open worldcityenvironment.Kids will learn to party and enjoy by fun andadventuresactivities.Parents worry because their kids and babies are not habituatedtoenjoy there self and be a confident citizen to go out and makefunout of there boring routine.Choose any of the babies girls or boys and start with allyouractivities.Begin the day by Driving the baby car on city streets toreachcandy shop and pick candies and enjoyBaby Is Hungary go and find the feeder inside the house inallRoomsJoin the flying club and fly extreme baby flying cars andbecomebaby car pilotGet to the toy shop and collect balloons and enjoyballoonadventureEat ice cream and collect coins from the whole city to unlocknewlevelsEnjoy completing lot of different baby adventure activitiesandenjoy your day as a baby.It is specially designed for kids and show real lifesituationsthrough cute graphics and sound. It will guide yourchildrentowards developing a habit of an adventurous fun lovinglife!Features of baby Dream Adventure Simulator:==> The perfect game for a grooming of your kid!==> Interactive design: aimed at satisfyingkid'scuriosity.==> Simple and child-friendly game playDownload this fun and addictive toddler game now!!!
Kids MotorBike Rider Race 3D 1.3
Your goal in the game is to successfully complete several racinglevels with other kids as your competitors, on a challenging anddangerous city street road. wide range of heavy bikes to choosewith realistic bike physics Drive through insanely fast highways,collect all the unlock-able kids motorcycle riders. Let’s take youon another journey in motorbike rider race games that gives you theenjoyment of riding a real motorcycle racing and Moto dragsimulator.In motorcycle rider street race game you become a legendof the racing track and prepare for the motorbike racingmissions.Zoom down the open roads and try not to crash! Kids MotorBike Rider Race is the ultimate kids racing game for any motorcycleracing fan! In this game, there are multiple missions for all kidswho love sports bike riding.You can drive with full speed and alsohave to avoid any hurdle or obstacle that comes in between yourracing missions. Prove that you are the best motorbike racer. Gamefeatures: -Addictive action -Many levels -Many different types ofbike -impressive graphics -realistic stunt -Easy control
Kids MotorBike Roof Top Stunts 1.1
Kids Motorbike Roof Top Stunt Rider is made for all Kids girls andboys who love motorbike riding , racing and stunts.Become aDaredevil kid Motorbike rider and Amaze everyone with your superiorskills while performing some real rooftop biker stunts.You are freein a world that you can do what you want!Ride the bike over citybuildings and show some roof jumping skills from one building toanother.Motorbike driving is dream and passion for all kids andbike lovers as they love bike ride on freeway and perform rooftopstunts. You really need to take extremely high jumps to pass citykids stunts challenge.This is an action packed fun game. Live lifeon the edge!Put on your safety gear and speed through somechallenging levels. Each level is more thrilling than the previouslevel. Perform some serious stunts and race to the finish linereally fast, before your time is over!Kids you will feel like areal stunt rider! Experience the fastest and most exhilarating 3Dstunts action. GAME FEATURES:✔ Train kids Motorcycle riding Skills✔Stunning HD Graphics✔ Realistic and dynamic motorcycle physics✔Easy and Free to use✔ Real bike stunting animations✔ Crazyobstacles ✔ Extremely speedy racing action for kids✔ Fun guaranteed
Kids Toy Car Street Racing 3D 1.0
Your goal in the game is to successfully complete several racinglevels with other kids cars as your competitors, on a challengingand dangerous city street road.COMPETE WITH OTHER KIDS CARS Kidscar racing is a racing game in which you have to compete with theother cars and try to be the first winner and earn the coins.Allthat kids need to do is to pick the toy car and put the pedal down,but watch out, don’t drive too fast and stay in the lane!TOY CARSTREET RACING IS FOR YOUR LITTLE FAN OF SPEEDYour road trip startson a city street , then you will have to pick all the checkpointson the two-way street where you have to take special care withturns.Reduce speed while taking turns.KIDS LOVE TO PLAY SIMPLE, FUNAND COLORFUL CAR RACING GAME Take your kids on another journey incar racing games that gives you the enjoyment of riding a real toycar racing and street drag simulator.CHOOSE A CAR FROM VARIETY OFTOY CARS Drive through insanely fast highways, collect all theunlock-able kids motorcycle riders.Kids Toy Car Street Race is theultimate kids racing game for any car racing fan! Game features:-An expansive collection of cars for hours of game play- Intuitiveuser interface and touch control- Animated high quality images andsound effects- Different Paths for racing- 5 different Levels- Realdriving feel- Realistic Physics- Your little driver can acceleratethe car JoyfullyIf your child really enjoys cars and other vehiclesthen this game is the best choice. This game is one of really goodcar racing games for toddlers and kids.Game is suitable foreveryone including: preschool kids, school kids and others. if youhave a child aged 5-9 years this game is a must!
Kids MotorBike Rider Race 2 1.3
Your goal in the game is to successfully complete several racinglevels with other kids as your competitors, on a challenging anddangerous roads and mountains. GET READY FOR THE REAL KIDSMOTORBIKE RACE CHALLENGE! Let’s take you on another journey inmotorbike rider race games that gives you the enjoyment of riding areal motorcycle racing and Moto drag simulator. WIDE RANGE OF HEAVYBIKES TO CHOOSE WITH REALISTIC BIKE PHYSICS Drive through insanelyfast highways, collect all the unlock-able kids motorcycle riders.GET THRILL OF MOTOR BIKE RACING IN CITY AND MOUNTAIN ENVIRONMENTSEnjoy this most cool looking, excited game having a stunninggraphics, with real sound effect, smooth and realistic handling.Inmotorcycle rider street race game you become a legend of the racingtrack and prepare for the motorbike racing missions.Zoom down theopen roads and try not to crash! KIDS MOTORBIKE RIDER RACE 2 ISULTIMATE GAME FOR KIDS LOVING RACE SIMULATOR! In this game, thereare multiple missions for all kids who love sports bike riding.Youcan drive with full speed and also have to avoid any hurdle orobstacle that comes in between your racing missions. CHOOSE FROMMULTIPLE MALE AND FEMALE KID RIDERS Drive through insanely fastcity and mountain environments, collect all the unlock-able maleand female kids race riders. This bike racing game will test yourability, timing and accuracy as your perfect skills to gain maximumspeed. In this game show your skill and experience of kid motorbikerider, win your race, collect points and unlock other mission andbuying new speed wonderful luxurious heavy bikes. Prove that youare the best motorbike racer kid. Features: ✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔ Realistic and dynamic motorbike physics ✔ Easy and intuitivecontrols ✔ Realistic and effective sounds ✔ Addictive action ✔ Manylevels ✔ Many different types of bikes ✔ impressive graphics ✔realistic stunt ✔ Easy control
Kids School Time Bicycle Race 1.2
There are lots of surprises waiting for you in this latest schooltime Emergency Kids bicycle race Game for kids. School life it’sthe best time for all the kids and toddlers with all the friendsand lot of interesting new things to learn.Every Kid want a bicyclerace with his or her friends to reach school before any one else !This game will help you to enjoy the school emergency racesituation when you have to reach school on time before other kids .All children like funny games and bicycle racing, so kids took thebicycle and hit the road. The game offers you colorful locations,spectacular tricks that will make kids happy on a bike. Make sureyour parking skills are perfect so that you may change position ofyour bike on sharp turns and unusual situations and reach schoolbefore your other school mates on bicycle ! Features: •AwesomeBicycle Riding challenges •Smooth controls and fun gameplay •Drivedifferent types of Kids And School Bags •Massive 3D Suburban Cityenvironments •Realistic City traffic
Kids Mountain Horse Rider Race 1.3
Run your horses inside the mountain valley with grass and tresscovering the fields by river side.Select your favorite mode andenter into the beautiful environment.This is a simulation game youwon't want to miss. Kids can you win the race and take the Crown ofHorse Racing? This Horse racing Simulator game brings you into aworld which gives pleasure. As a kid horse rider and jockey youhave to train your horse, and compete in a variety of derby racesin mountains and horse racing arenas! Kids Mountain horse racing isthe ultimate horse race simulation, featuring lifelike animation,stellar graphics, addictive game play and intense competition. Comeon and take a ride on your wild horse. This simulation game bringsyou into a beautiful world that you won’t want to leave. Run yourwild horses inside the mountain valley with grass and tresscovering the fields. Play a quick race in a spare minute, or battleyour way through the major derby to win the race! Will you becapable of riding your stallion to dodge and jump over theobstacles in the fierce competitions? Remember to balance the speedand stamina since if your horse runs too fast the stamina will beused up very quickly. Now saddle up, steer your horse to reach thekids Horse Race! Game Features: 1. Select your favorite Horse. 2.Select your favorite male / female kid horse rider. 3. Move freelyin beautiful environment. 4. Mountain Valley/Mountain Race CourseMode. 5. Jump and run your horses with Joystick. 6. 10 Racinglevels available in the game. 7. Amazing 3D graphics and virtual 3Dsound system 8. Intuitive tile or touch controls to steer yourhorse 9. 60+ challenging courses to compete and more to come
Kids Hover Craft Speed Racing 1.0
Kids do you want to try your first hovercraft racing simulator ?Let’s get an AWESOME hovercraft speed racing in one of the besthovercraft racing games that is available on the google playstore.There are lots of surprises waiting for you in this latestKids Hover Craft Speed racing Game for kids.We make thesehovercraft motorcycle games especially for all the kid gamers wholike to play speed simulator games, jet ski simulator games andmotorcycle games. Do you wish to become the hover craft rider anddriver ? If yes then don't miss the craze of this fast &furious Turbo Hovercraft racing game. Perfect and one of the bestFast turbo racing game is now available free for you at google playstore.How fast can you go on a hovercraft and have perfect handlingcontrol at the same time? This game gives you the opportunity toshow the world you are a talented hovercraft driver in this speedboat racing game.Key Features of Kids Hovercraft Speed Racing•Awesome Graphics in this racing game• Many levels to accept thechallenge and become the skilled hovercraft rider• Smooth andrealistic handling• Awesome background sounds• Free & ChallengeMode Available
Baby Toilet Training Pro 2019 1.3
Teaching your baby boys or girls to go to the bathroom and use thetoilet when they have to go is an important part of life andgrowing up.It will guide your children towards developing a habitof properly going to the toilet. Train your Baby to use toilet inhome alone situations Sweet baby is home alone. Lovely mommy justwent out for work, hoping that the cute kid will stay asleep. Butwait, the young toddler woke up. Mommy has been potty training thebaby caring at toilet time. Today the young kid is on his own andyou are going to make him potty in baby game. Potty train this cutebaby in the best toilet game. Every baby Poops It’s toilet time-Take the baby to toilet Hurry up! Guide the baby toward the kidstoilet. Baby toddler is finally on the toilet seat. Now is the timeto dump the poo in toilet game. Time for some water fun. Flush thepotty. Educate parents the toddler about basic hygiene in Cute Babytoilet Game. Baby toilet training Pro simulator game teaches pottytraining in a clear and fun way. It is specially designed for kidsand show real life situations through cute graphics and sound. ItAlso includes other baby tasks like Baby Is Hungary go and find thefeeder inside the house in all Rooms Get to the toy shop andcollect balloons and enjoy balloon adventure Collect coins from therooms and in outside city to unlock new levels Wash Baby Cloths andlearn to swim in the bath tub This game offers you the chance tohave fun with your child while caring, playing, and training avirtual toilet training to baby. Train the baby to flush toilet,wash hands,change cloths, clean your cloths, take a shower, swim inthe bath tub, collect coins and find toys and feeder in this cutebaby game. Features of baby Dream Adventure Simulator: ==> Theperfect game for a grooming of your kid! ==> Simple andchild-friendly game play ==> Baby Bath Tub Swimming ==> Thecute baby’s expressions ==> 6 Different Characters to unlock andPlay ==> Inspired by everyday baby challenges of real-life
Cute Puppy Dog Racing Sim 2017 1.2
Hey ever wondered if your puppy dog is fast enough to compete withother dogs, lets find out with our highly skilled and competitivecute dog racing. Cute Puppy Dog Racing is a race simulation gamewhere you will have to make the dog run faster and at the end ofevery race you will win points which will help you to unlock newfastest dog to win this amazing dog racing challenge. Join theworld of unusual racing! If you love pony horse racing like derby,you should love the dog racing too! These mounts are waiting forrace – and it’s not ordinary horses, it is dogs! Race for supremacyand reach the finishing line beat other dogs; and become championin dog racing simulator. It is easy, thrilling and highly addictivegame! It game has visual 3D graphics, amazing dogs , realisticphysics and breathtaking racing animation. Install now (Free) andenjoy your hours of time with it fun game-play. Features * Cute dogracing tracks, these tracks are specially designed for dog race *Attractive 3D environment, where people watch this on going dograce. * Interactive GUI, one of the best * Latest AI, Dogs AI isone of best against which you have to compete. * Cute and Smartdogs
Baby Bicycle Rider Race 3D 1.0
Let’s take you on another journey in baby bicycle rider race gamesthat gives you the enjoyment of riding a real bicycle racingsimulator.In bicycle rider street race game you become a legend ofthe racing track and prepare for the bicycle racing missions.widerange of bicycles to choose with realistic bicycle physics!Drivethrough insanely fast highways, collect all the unlock-able babybicycle riders.Baby Barbie wanted a bicycle so badly and herparents surprised her with a girly Kitty bike the other day.Imagine how happy she is now! Hang out with Barbie on a fun bikeride. Baby bicycle Rider Race is the ultimate baby racing game forany bicycle racing fan!In this game, there are multiple missionsfor all kids who love sports bike riding.Prove that you are thebest bicycle racer.Game features:-Addictive action-Many levels-Manydifferent types of bike-impressive graphics-realistic stunt-Easycontrol
Kids Water Bike Racing 3D 1.0
Your goal in this game is to successfully complete several racinglevels with other kids water bike riders as your competitors, on achallenging water race.GET READY FOR THE REAL WATER BIKE RACECHALLENGE!Get ready to drive the water racing bike and enjoy thebeach and sea, ocean ride.Ride your Jet Ski water bike through sea,races your water bike with realistic physics, eye-popping, andbreathtaking Jet Ski stunts on ramp.This power boat rider offers athrilling mix of crazy stunts and intense challenge.You’ll rideyour power bike struggle to retain control and reach the finishline in specific time. This water power boat racer will give youthe real experience of controlling a water motorbike race as thestunning ramp environment realistically. Perform crazy stunts andbecome a real Jet Ski water bike wave runner.As a kid if you have apassion for real water bike race or for real adventures then thisgame gives you an opportunity to ride your water bike power boat onhigh speed and perform some water stunts.--- Features ---• Superbwater bike Driving Physics• 10 stunning Levels contains differentchallenge• Powerful water bike for stunt• Awesome 3D Graphiceffects• Wonderful Sound Effects• Easy and intuitive controls•Realistic and effective sounds• Addictive action• Many differenttypes of bikes
Kids Impossible Monster Motorbike Stunts 1.0
Kids Impossible Monster Motorbike Stunts is the most exciting gameavailable on the store now days. As a kid, you must have played alot of impossible car drive games, but Impossible Monster Motorbikewill take your gaming experience to the next level. Kids, can youperform the monster stunts? Show me you canKids loves to drive butonly few of us have the courage to do the impossible things. Thisgame will alive Kids inner monster to do the impossible. As thedriver of the monster motorbike, you will be performing near toimpossible stunts in this most challenging kid game ever. This gameis especially made for the kids to unleash their inner devil. Youcan have two different motorbikes to choose from and perform yourmost impossible stunts. You will be presented with almostimpossible pathways and you will have to cross through them usingsome amazing stunts. The game has the following features• 2 Amazingmotorbikes to choose from• Endless Road to perform your impossiblestunts• Cool Gaming Graphics• Most Creative Game MechanicsDo notforget to rate the game. For any questions, please email us at theaddress listed besides the game.
Kids Offroad Motorbike Racing Driver 1.2
Driving a Bike has always been kids dream. Imagine you own amotorbike all by yourself and you are driving it on the busiestroads of the city. This gets more interesting when you get a chanceto drive the bike in hilly offroads. You will not play any otherparking or racing game once you have played "Kids Offroad MotorbikeRacing Driver". Parking games have really no challenges however,this game will give you goose bumps Driving Offroad is bothchallenging and adventurous. Kids love adventures and they loveracing among their friends & this game will let them do that inthe bumpiest hilly offroads. You will be driving the fastest andlatest motorbikes. This is not just like other parking or racinggame, Make sure you maintain your balance and never fall of thecliff as once you lose balance, there is no way of coming back intothe game. As soon the game starts, you get to choose your owncharacter and motorbike and from there you have to win races toadvance to the next level. Each level will present you with morechallenging tracks. This game will test both your navigation anddriving skills. Kids, the Key is to never let go of your motorbikein these hilly tracks. Offroad tracks are made up of mud and sandso make sure you have enough speed to pass through them. By playingthis game, you will forget all other parking and racing games.Kids, your body will be turned and twisted after driving the bikesin the hills but I promise this will be the most adventurous gameyou have every played. You will never ask for any other parking orbike racing game. Game Features: • Latest Motorbikes • AdventurousTracks • Ability to race with fellow kids • Offroad Biking •Awesome Graphics • Different Difficulty Modes Do not forget to rateus and we would love to hear your feedback. Happy Offroad Racing
Kids Pet Runner - Offroad Pet Racing 1.0
Have you every had a wild animal as pet?No, This game will let youpet a wild animal. And not only you can pet them, but you willtrain them to race against east other on the offroad pet racing.Kids love taking care of their pets. They play with them take themout for a walk and make sure they are happy. Raising pets is adifficult job but this job becomes more complex when you want toraise a wild animal as a pet. "Kids Pet Runner - Offroad PetRacing", is a game that will help you raising the wild animals asthe pet and also train them for the annual offroad pet racing.Offroad Pet Racing is a new race designed especially for the wildanimal pets. Kids from all over the America raise their pets toparticipate in this offroad racing. Pets Offroad racing is uniquein a sense that it only challenges pets running speed but alsoaccounts to their intelligence. In Kids Pet Runner - Offroad PetRacing, you will have a chance to chose your own pet from animalslike lion, zebra, pig, sheep etc. As a kid, you will first chooseyour animal and then train it for offroad racing. You will get achance to choose between easy and difficult levels. Kids can trainin the easy mode and then shift to difficult mode to participate inthe offroad pet racing.We promise you will love the game and pleasedon't forget to rate us
Kids Marathon Race - Offroad Tracks 1.0
Kids love going out in the vacations and play with their friends.Vacations are something kids wait for almost the whole yearprimarily because they get a lot more time to spend with other kidfriends and also to relax themselves from the daily homework. Kidsusually go out to beaches and for hiking. They love offroad trackswhere there is no hustle bustle of the city.In Kids Marathon Race -Offroad Tracks, kids race among themselves in the offroads ofTexas. They all will compete with each other and the winner will bethe annual kid offroad track runner champion award. Offroad trackrunning is tough than the usual racing as it requires more staminaand practice. Though, all the kids are well prepared for thisannual offroad track racing event, some kids have gone too far withtheir practice. These kids have spent almost 5-6 hours practicingdaily in the offroad tracks near their homes or cities.The big dayhas finally arrived and all kids have packed their stuff to travelto Texas for the offroad track race. All kids are enjoyingthemselves, they are playing game with each other during theirjourney. By looking at these kids, no one can tell that they arecompeting against each other. All kids are super friendly. Most ofthe kids have been sharing their past offroad track racingexperience while others are listening carefully to them. Onreaching the racing point, all the kids are given brief safetyinstructions. The offroad track race will start with a gunfire andthe super kid will win the race. There are obstacles that thesekids have to pass and the kid who will cross the finish line firstwill be the offroad track racing championGame FeaturesExcitinglevelsObstacle and Normal RacingEye Catching GraphicsChallengingOffroad TracksPlease do not forget to rate the game. Also, pleasefeel free to leave your feedback
Kids Swimming Adventure : Impossible Treasure Hunt 1.0
Welcome to the Kids Under Sea Impossible Treasure Hunt. There is atreasure hidden under the sea and the kids have to find it.The kidshave planned to go on a treasure hunt at the famous Miami Beach.The beach is famous for its hidden treasures. A lot of Kids andadults have tried to find these hidden gems in this beach but onlya few of them have been successful. Since the kids have heard aboutthis beach, all of them are excited and eager to go. However, thereare certain fears. Finding the treasure is next to impossible as itis protected by sharks and is buried deep inside the ocean. Oneneeds to be an expert swimmer to go that deep and do theimpossible. This game will let you find the impossible hiddentreasure only if you swim and fight like a shark. You will firstlearn to swim and will only be allowed to go into the ocean onceyou will be positioned first. Kids, its your chance to get rich. Goand explore the deep hidden secrets of the ocean and find thetreasure that will make you and your family richHappy ImpossibleTreasure Hunting and please do not forget to rate the game
Kids School Highway Traffic Bike Racing 1.1
Kids are you ready for racing games with third person perspective?Have you experience of dodging cars and trucks while you speed upto the limit of your motorbike.There are lots of surprises waitingfor you in this latest Kids School Emergency highway traffic bikeracing Game for kids. School life it’s the best time for all thekids and toddlers with all the friends and lot of interesting newthings to learn.Get away with your fear of extreme driving inschool time and become a legend motorbike rider hero in this schoolemergency situation. Traffic kids motor bike rider takes the racinggenre to a modern next generation. Drift your super fast sportsbike in this paced racing game. This ultimate endless highway racerwill give thrilling and insane experience. Get an adventure ofracing on bike and reach school in time.Speed Up and race as fastas you can to become the best new rider in the world. It needextreme riding skills to drive safely. Race the traffic andcomplete the challenges.This game will help you to enjoy the schoolemergency situation when you get late from school and you have toreach on time otherwise you will get fined from the school staff.Collect all your school stuff in your school bag before leavingdon’t forget Books,Notebooks , sports kit and student identity cardotherwise you have to get back to pickup things.Ride at the crazyracing tracks in the mid of city highway traffic rush. Ride in thebusy roads. Reach School on time and Enjoy your day learning lotsof new educational lessons in the school.Features of this game :•Awesome Motorbike Riding challenges•Third person camera views,third person•Smooth controls and fun game play•Massive 3D SuburbanCity environments•Rich traffic including buses and cars.•Realisticand physics based controller handling.• Powerful Insane, realdrift.•Nitro Booster for super-speed road.
Kids Marine Air Corps Training : Sky Diving 2017 1.0
If you are a real adventure game lover kid and have a passion forclassic air borne jumping games from plane and helicopters fromhigh altitudes than this is the game for you. This amazing game isa variation from traditional classic jumping games that allow youto jump from a flying airplane with a parachute to perform stunts,avoid obstacles and land safely on the landing pad. Your aim is tobe solid enough to Jump from high altitudes and Land Safely onGround You have to train yourself for every challenge. As a stealthAir Corps kid soldier, you have to Forget all your fears andunleash your inner skills and talent to jump from the blue skies.But beware not to collide with any flying bird or object flying inthe skies. Not only this, you should also be careful about nothitting the mountains.As a commando kid, your jumping and parachutecontrol skills will be tested to ultimate level. You will be givendifferent missions in each level to complete your level.Train yourlittle kid for sky-diving and survival missions Airspeed, altitudeand brain you have to use all with a fearless heart to successfullycomplete the parachute jumping challenge. So buckle up and hang ontight as you are definitely going to need all of your wits for asuccessful landing in these survival missions. With KIDS MarineAirCorps Sky Dive Simulator turn your sky diving experience intoreality!Kids Commando Air Borne sky dive training will make kidsstrong for the upcoming challenges Kids Sky Dive Simulator is aparagliding simulator that will take you on heights of adventure.Take on to this recreational activity this year as you get toperform sky high paragliding stunts. Start from being a rookie,learn the maneuvers and tactics of handling a paraglider, to thefun of jumping from the airplane enjoy all the fun that goes intosky diving. But make sure to make your safety your first priority.This air stunts flying game is definitely a treat for all theextreme sports lover kids.You have to pick all the points whilelanding, Extreme hurdles are specially designed for kid’s mentaland physical fitness.Play like a little warrior legend on flyingheights of survival island.Special Features:•Realistic 3DGraphics.•Real Flying Physics•Beautiful Mountain and SkyEnvironment•5 different addictive missions•US Army kids Air Bornetraining•Super training courses•Addictive game play•ChallengingMissions
Kids Power Boat Racing : Impossible Tracks 1.0
Power Boat Racing is getting a lot of attraction recently becauseof the prize money. Though the game is targeted towards the adults,however, this year they have also introduced the power boat racingfor the Kids. All Kids who have some experience driving power boatsor even water scooters can participate in the race. The prize moneyfor the kids power boat racing is also good.Special Tracks havebeen designed for the Kids boat racing and they are not allowed togo very deep into the sea. All Kids must have to wear a life jacketand take all proper measures, else there is a chance fordisqualification. You have also decided to take part in the powerboat racing however, because of lack of practice it will bedifficult for you to win the prize. But Can you do the impossibleand prove all the critics wrong? It will be a daunting task for youbut as you know nothing is impossible in the end and with your vastexperience you can prove deadly even without the practice.The dayhas finally arrived and kids have gathered to register themselves.After the registration there will be preliminary rounds which areeasy and have no special track requirements. You have performedrelatively well in those rounds and have finally qualified for thefinals. Finals bring a lot of excitement as all Kids are the one'swho have never participated in sort of race. It will be fun as wellas challenging because we have seen a lot of talented boat drivers.It looked like all these Kids have been driving these power boatssince day 1 of their birth. Game Features: - Exciting Levels -Impossible Tracks - Advanced Power Boats & Water Scooters -Challenging Opponents - Different Difficulty LevelWe wish you bestof luck and please do not forget to rate us and provide yourfeedback.
Kids Sled Dog Racing : OffRoad Snow Dogs Race 3D 1.1
kids dog sledding adventure race is about to begin!!This game isfor all the animal racing fanatics!! Sled dog racing is a winterdog sport most popular in the Arctic regions of the United States,Canada, Russia, Greenland and some European countries. It involvesthe timed competition of teams of sled dogs that pull a sled withthe dog driver or musher standing on the runners. The teamcompleting the marked course in the least time is judged thewinner.Sled dog races include "sprint" races over relatively shortdistances!There are lots of surprises waiting for you in thislatest Kids sled dog cart race Game for kids.Sled dogs, known alsoas sleighman dogs, sledge dogs, or sleddogs, are a highly traineddog type that are used to pull a dog sled, a wheel-less vehicle onrunners, over snow or ice, by means of harnesses and lines.Thesealaskan dogs have the strength to pull heavy weight and expert inracing on frozen tracks. Become the top sled dog kid rider &pick your favorite dog for this ultimate dog racing challenge .Thisgame is filled with plenty of thrilling dog sledding missions whereyou have to reach the finish line on time while dodging yourcompetitors. and become an American Dog Derby race winner !Enjoyunlimited adventure for stray dog sledding and siberian huskymounting in latest dogs racing game. Play Kids Sled Dog simulatorgame to race with other kids riding on sled dogs on arctic snowyterrain & become top sled dog racer. Features: Amazing 3D dogsledding adventure.• Exciting missions to complete• Realistic 3Dvisual and cool sound effects• Amazing selection of kids & sleddogs to choose from • Spectacular and challenging 3D environments.•Snowy environment with realistic feel• Responsive, intuitive andrealistic Gameplay•Smooth controls and fun gameplay•Drive withdifferent types of Kids
Kids Chained Bike Impossible Stunt Riders 2017 1.0
Do you want to play kids chained superbike city racer challengesomething inventive and new with different kind of modifiedmotorbikes of your own choice? If yes then download this chainedbikes tricky racing game. KIDS CHAINED BIKE RIDERS IS ULTIMATE KIDSMOTORBIKE RIDING AND ENDLESS SIMULATION GAMEDrift on the endlessroads, perform stunts or drag race with chained bikes in super fastmodified BIKES in this speed filled adrenaline satisfying racinggame.Kids Chained Impossible Bike riding is an adventure basedsimulation for all challenging kid riders Get ready for some crazyactions and stunts on ramp while controlling your bike withoutbreaking its chain. Chance to sharpen your outstanding abilities topractice race with grand chain crazy bikes. This time yourmotorbike is connected to another AI racing bike with a chain. Yourtarget here is to avoid breaking chain by following the AI vehicleand execute some stunts on the highway road.Perform the ultimate 3DBike drifts by keeping your paired bike alongPass 3D tracks full ofspeed bumps and other tricky obstacles to finish the course withoutbreaking the chains .Manage the speed of your chosen bike toprotect yourself from huge blast by hitting with other obstaclesPlay this AI chain breaker adventure, explore the city streets onyour racer-bike in this endless biker game in which players at atime directly control their character at new chain break off-roadbike driving.Kids Chained motorbikes riding game-play is veryaddictive and compatible for all age groups such children andadults.Smooth and realistic control handling make this asphalt citybike nitro racing fun ride game a furious chained motorbikedangerous stunt game with realistic ultimate bike simulator anddriving physics. Be the racing rival in this extreme motorbikechained impossible stunt riders gameAs a kid if you have a passionfor real chained bikes race or for real adventures then this gamegives you an opportunity to ride your chianed bike on high speedand perform stunts.Get in your super fast modified race chainedmotorbike to race for glory in this fast paced super bike ridinggame.Features:✔ Futuristic chained bikes✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔Realistic and dynamic motorbike physics✔ Easy and intuitivecontrols✔ Stunning ultra HD graphics✔ Realistic and effectivesounds✔ Addictive action✔ Many different types of bikes
Kids Underwater MotorBike Race Adventure 1.0
Do You Love being Underwater, and find yourself fond of captivatingbeauty of the deep sea.. then this Kids under Water MotorbikeRacing game is for you. You can not only drive the bike in thisgame but also can compete with other motorbike riders. The BikeSails underwater like a submarine. You must keep yourself at bestto win the Race… Enjoy the water simulation with new under waterbike racing game .. With ultimate real experience of racing at thecore of sea bed, with fish and other sea creatures surround you..Drive deep and discover mysterious sea animals around you withthrilling racing competition.. You shall be in control of your kid,who is underwater diver.. And possess best racing skills on bike ifyou can control him through this amazing adventure.. In thischallenging and dangerous ocean your mission is to beat youropponents to keep yourself the best…Take control of this amazingunderwater motorbikes to experience real bike racing challenge. Youcan pick from a range of bikes with different colors and of coursewith your favorite kid character…Drive your sports bike like asubmarine in deep sea under water and experience the thrill. Be asubmarine captain and drive crazy Bikes and enjoy racing experienceand be the champion to complete the race challenge. Enjoy the bestsmooth controls with ultra realistic graphics that will make yourdiving adventures unforgettable . Enjoy realistic physics in vastunder water Environment with hills and turns. Explore the seaenvironment, find fishes with beautiful speedy motorbike…Underwater racing games have never been this much fun with yourfavorite kid riding your favorite bike!Features:• Realistic awesome3D environment• Smooth controls• Experience the captivating beautyof underwater• Amusing, brilliant visual and sounds effects •Modified Sports Bikes to Drive Underwater • Many Super FastHeavy bikes Ready for you to choose• Many Kid Riders TO choseFrom.. ready to Race through this adventure with breathing masks•Detailed and impressive underwater world environment• Completeracing statistics• Thrilling & Challenging Race Experience•Free to download!
Kids Motorbike Stunts Master Roof Top Arena 2018 1.1
Do You Feel More Alive While Doing Stunt In Mid Air On Bike…Jumping From One Building To another.. Then This Highly ChallengingKids Motor Bike Roof Top Stunt Arena Is For You… Be ready to be areal rooftop Motor Bike stunt rider and While jumping From Oneskyscraper To Another perform crazy stunts on the edges ofbuildings and jump From the different freestyle Ramps.. Make YourSelf Engaged In The Exotic City Environment with High BuildingThere For You to Scale.. Make Your Bike Jump High Enough To ReachThe Next Heights… Kids Bike Roof top arena simulator is aboutattempting some furious rooftop stunts while enjoying real bikephysics on High city Buildings & Fly Overs.. Jump high in theair through Stunt ramps placed on city roads & Buildings.Perform Some Daring Stunts to achieve The Next Building HeightWhile maintaining your Balance on different stunts and swirls !Each level Has Extreme Rooftop Bike Stunt challenge and excitingJumps Are Waiting For You. Complete Unique Set Of Challenging stuntmissions by breaking them down to Checkpoints in this motor bikestunt arena until you reach the finish line… All you Will Requireis to have perfect balance, riding skills, precise control and mostimportant of all enthusiasm as you drive across the ramps, cityrush and other obstacles. You Must Survive To Reach The New HeightsWhile Saving Your Character Kid From Falling off ledges… kidsRooftop Bike Stunts Game is one of the best motorcycle simulatorwith the excitement of Dirt Bike Stunts and Also Super Fast SportsBike at Your Disposal with A Range of Bikes and Kids SelectionIncluding Both Boys and Girls to Keep Up With The ChallengeDifficulty level providing you utmost & unforgettableexperience… You Can Either Ride On A Dirt Bike With All Of ItsThrill And Stunting Ability … While performing furious stunts … OrYou Can Choose To Go With Very Fast Sports Bike Ready To DoubleExcite Your Experience While Your Kid Characters Are Flying ThroughAir Fearlessly … Your Kid Will be jumping, better to say flyinghigh above the Ground and even High Buildings in your City Roof TopStunt Simulator. Get Your Helmet On and be ready to smash throughthese stunts to achieve high level goals and Also Entertain theaudience That would cheer you up at every second, these spectatorsare there to boost you up to perform these breath taking stunts.Control your bike balance to provide your kids characters safe andsound yet exciting stunt experience… Let Do It.. it’s the time tofeel the thunder and the electrifying effect of the freestyle bikestunt racing on the rooftops … Features of kids Motorbike stuntMaster 3D: - Easy & Engaging control of the Dirt Bikes andSuper Sports Bikes - Realistic 3D Graphics For Your Bikes andCharacter Kids… - Amazing Stunt Designs. - Amazingly smoothControls - Multiple Realistic physics based dirt & SportsBikes. - Challenging game-play. - Range of Kids Characters ToExcite Your Ride… - Choose from Range of dirt bikes and heavy bikes- Realistic amazing 3D City Scape … Including Skyscraper rooftoptrails, big ramps & Swirl Ramp Stunts… - Outstanding 3DGraphics and Sound Effects!
Tractor Farming & Tractor Trolley Cargo Driver 3D 1.1
Be ready to enjoy the heavy duty farming tractor 2018 in the farmvillage and enjoy the farming agriculture in your village. Get thechance to drive the off road tractor driving and get the real joyof tractor driving 2018.This farming simulation game is extremelynear to the reality of farming & farm cargo transport. Life ina village or life on a farm is less busy than an urban life. Urbanpeople like to spend more time of their life on a farm. Sit in yourModern Farm Tractor and tighten your seat belts it's the time totravel on stunning roads, that have breathless sights taking partin Tractor Trolley Driver Simulator.If you ever needed to drivethis tractor transport vehicles with giant and large sized wheelsthat involves an enormous heart to drive, then you're preciselydoing right to play this game. Tractor is the foremost component offarming even in this modern era. Farming is incomplete withoutcargo tractors which help transport farming goods from one place toother.Plow farming by playing this harvester game and growdifferent crops and sale them to big city market. Become superharvester farmer in farming game world.You can grow fields easilywith help of new real tractor farming and harvesting machines toearn live hood. Plow, spray, water and harvest your crop for betterhealth of fields and drive a big real tractor, real harvesting andreal big machinery. Remember this real tractor farming game 2018requires a professional harvester skills so if you think that youcan complete this farming challenge then download this new harvestfarming simulator game and enjoy harvester tractorfarming.Cultivated crops when harvested are loaded from variousfarming fields and action villages on Heavy Tractor Trolleys.Thislatest Tractor trolley Simulator is equipped with charming 3Dgraphics and a variety of locations to drive on while challengingyour tractor trolley driving skills. Usually tractors are used toharvest crops but in this game you will drive the big machinery toperform transportation duty. Farmers deliver the cargo usinganimals like cow, goats, donkeys, horses and buffalo but this timethe trolley is attached with modern tractors to do this cargotransporter job.Enjoy the Tractor Trolley Cargo & Farming as apro driver of tractor trolley games. Features: - Realisticcultivated lush green farms ready to be harvested - Go out in thefield and load your tractor trolley with wood logs - Drivecarefully to deliver farming goods to nearby city market - Advancedengine physics and easy controls - Supply cement to other customers- Transport rice to customers - Supply wooden logs to the factory -Deliver crops and grain to silos - Realistic easy game play mode. -Best transport farming tractor simulator controls. - Variety oftransport simulator tractors. - Amazing HD graphics effects with 3Danimations. - Outstanding and friendly GUI. - Free to play.
Little Baby Home Alone : Kids Fun & Care Game 3D 1.0
KidRoider is bringing a digital baby to you! Enjoy your favoritebaby activities: Use Wash Room,Potty Time,baby bath,Take Shower,Use Towel , Change Clothes , baby food & bedtime, dress up,FindFeeder,Brush Teeth, Go to Toy Shop , Out side House , Plant Shop(Flower Shop), Buy cakes and a lot more !Now it’s time to go allaround the house with your baby and do all the fun things she or hewants but you also need to take care of the baby! It’s a fullhouse! Explore your baby’s dream house with plenty of careactivities waiting for you! Dress up your baby, give her a warmbubble bath, and even go outside to buy toys and cakes for baby!Major Features of the Game are !Hurry up! Everybody Poops It’stoilet time- Reach Toilet In TimeBath in the shower and also playwith all the different toys.Bath Time & Dress Up!Baby Food& Bedtime!Baby Dress Up Time!Choose from the cutest babyclothes, to dress up little baby! You’ll find everything you needto dress up a baby in style!Find your favorite toys and candies inthe house and also find your feeder which is lost somewhere in sidethe house. Enjoy completing lot of different baby care activitiesand enjoy your day as a baby.
kids uphill chairlift adventure driving simulator 1.0
Hey kids the wait is over,finally the best adventure Chairliftsimulator 2018 is here. In this simulator you get the opportunityto control and operate a chairlift and take you from one hillstation to another. Visit beautiful Places and experience thethrilling scenarios.This chairlift game will surely make youaddicted to its spectacular graphics and HD visuals. The chairliftsimulation is based on advanced physics and designed with areal-life cable car suspension system. This cable car riding gameis the only chance to visit the beautiful hill stations whilestaying at home. Just select your favorite hill station and startriding on most difficult cable car tracks. It is an excellentlydesigned cable car game in which you have to control a big sky tramfull of tourists.Just like any other city transport service,provide the best tourist pick and drop service to the citypassengers and don’t be careless while controlling the bigchairlift. The mountain hilly tracks are very sharp and curvy. So,move the chair lift simulator with extreme care and transport thetourists to their favorite mountain hill stations in time. Thereare multiple attractive tourist points to visit in this adventuregame. Roam around all the resorts and don’t miss a single one.“kids uphill chairlift adventure driving simulator” Features:• Useof chairlift driving skills• 4 different Chairlift • RealisticDriving Experience• Amazing chairlift ride graphics• Smooth andreal chairlift driving controls• Play as a skilled gaming chairlift rush ride
Mars Expedition Space Ship Mission Simulator 2018 1.0
The year is 2018 , and the first man mission to uninhabited planetMars.The Journey is about survival. Avoid meteoroids, and find yourway to the Mars , perform your mission and get back safely.. Enjoythe thrill and adventure to be alone, strive to live on the redplanet. People think the destination is way to joy. but the thrilland pleasure is in the Journey. A travel to the Unknown Lands andGalaxy.In this war game you will be the captain of a human ship ofspace trying to reach Mars in order to solve the connectivitytransmitter issue between the earth and the mars. You are theresponsible for the safety of your ship´s crew, that means, youwill need to avoid every asteroid and meteor of space you find onyour way to Mars. It will be a long journey so do not loose yourconcentration or your ship of space will be damaged. Are you readyfor this mission?Many Amazing landscape and graphics during thisspace game. In this survival journey game you will not get bored.This addictive games is appropriate for both children and adults
WingSuit Stunt Simulator Sky Diving Challenge 2018 1.0
Wing suit Sky Diving Challenge is the new realistic simulatorgamewhich gives you the experience of jumping from a plane andfeelingthe wind on your face while sky diving.This simulator iscomprisedof wing suite skydive which involves air jumps from highaltitudes,maneuvering & controlling body movements during theaerialflight & avoiding collisions. As a wing suit sky diveryou needto check your wing suit and jump and enjoy the ride. Aftertheskydive fly around the winter snow mountain rocks and hilltreesbut avoid any interaction with any object which will resultdirectinto death or serious injuries. The environment isbeautifullydesigned to give you amazing thrills and controls aresmooth andeasy.Perform adventures, fly's over the valleys, hillsand feel thewind to have fun in the skyline with this game!High airstuntskydiving in airspeed with the diving sim. Glide like eagle intheforest trees and rocks. Touch right to move right and touch lefttomove left you can also use tilt controls for playing wing suitskydiving simulator.Take the daredevil challenge and play themostdifficult and addictive game of skydiving.Wing Suit StuntSimulatorSkydiving Challenge features:• Various futuristic &realisticWing suit Controller• Customize cool characters andamazing suitsas you wish.• 10 extraordinary levels to explore thesky.• Bestsimulation controls and addictive game play.• Selectionofparagliding divers.• Fascinating 3d hilly environment.•Realisticsound effects.• Exciting experience of sky diving, flyingand wingsuit maneuvering.• Smooth game controls.
Fruit Saga King 1.0
Welcome to one of the Most Popular Fruit Collection games!Collectdifferent fruits to score points and avoid obstacles likebomb onthe way. There are multiple fruits waiting for you to bepicked.Pick, gather and store delicious fruits to get maximum scoreandcoins as you pass levels and beat high scores. Unlockmultiplefruit baskets to help your challenge capacity and style.There arevarious types of fruits waiting for you to explore andgather.Unlimited levels of fun and sweetness are waiting for you!Thecontrol is Super simple and easy to play: Just Tap your waythroughthis cute and juicy fruit graphics adventure. Try to Scoreas muchas you can to beat high scores on the leader board. Apple,Bananas,Apricot are waiting for you to collect and gather thisamazingcombination of fresh juicy fruits. Power ups are there tohelpboost your adventure like, Magnet and life shield againstenemybombs. This Amazing Fruits Saga King Features: ★ TremendousJungleEnvironment & Theme ★ Multiple Fruits To Gather ★MultipleFruit Baskets To Choose From ★ Amazing Artistic Graphics ★SuperCool & Easy Casual Game ★ Super Fun With Multiple BoostsandPower Ups ★ Smooth and super easy tap control