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Default Dan 1.0.19
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Coins make you explode? Spikes make youbounce!All of this is normal in the world of Default Dan, a new indieplatformer that flips the genre upside-down! Everything in the gamedoes the opposite of what it appears. By using your own instinctsagainst you, Default Dan aims to provide a humorous, mind-bendingexperience that anyone can enjoy.In this world, looks can be deceiving. Dan’s dimwitted bestfriend has been abducted by a mean-spirited little princess. Inorder to rescue his friend, Dan must defeat the princess and herarmy of cute minions.Everything is backwards: Coins, power-ups and hearts are deadly,while hazards and enemies help you out. It might sound simple, butyou will have to retrain your brain and think backwards tosurvive!Over 20 stages of pure mayhem await across 4 differentenvironments - new mechanics are introduced along the way to keepyou on your toes.Compete with others for the fastest time. Every stage in DefaultDan supports time-ranked leaderboards.Original Sound Track by "brentalfloss": Brent "brentalfloss"Black lends his musical talents to the game!