Kill Some Time Games Apps

Mini Golf: Wild West 1
Mini Golf: Wild West is a fun fantasy packed Mini Golf Game set inthe wild west. With 20 challenging levels to complete, You startwith some basic puts to get the hang of the game but soon move onto more challenging mini golf holes.Watch out for holes in thecourse, barrels, spinning obstacles and crazy gaps. It's a realchallenge to finish the game but still fun of course.Mini Golfreally never has been so fun, Mini Golf Wild West combines theclassic elements of play with easy to use touch controls, stunninggraphics and some truly unique level design which will make yourjaw drop, or at least take a few extra shots anyway.Features:-Stunning 3d graphics- Easy to use touch controls- Relaxing music-20 unique levels
Trial Bike: Road Works 1.0.1
Grab your keys, your leather jacket and jump on your bike and headover to the inner city where unplanned roadworks are causingintense mayhem. While everyone is stuck in traffic jams, you caneasily get passed the traffic and use your motorbike to ride overthe roadworks to get to the other side. Take the challenge of these20 levels using your road legal dirt bike and perform some insanestunts by jumping off the pipes that these road work workers haveunevenly placed around this busy city.With a varied wide range ofdifferent obstacles for you to overcome on your bike, you will beable to perform front flips and back flips while in mid air andperform the perfect landing to be ready for the next obstacle. Someof these obstacles are more challenging than the others so you willhave to be the judge on whether you go full throttle and recklessinto the obstacle or slow and steady. The choice is yours and yoursalone! Features • Realistic Trial bike Physics!• Smooth Game play!•Addictive Motorbike Fun!• Hours Of Fun On Your Motorbike!• 20Challenging & Fun Levels!
Forklift Simulator 1.0
Forklift simulator is a challenging free 3D simulation game.Working in a factory, your job is to unload cargo and stack it onthe correct shelves and remove cargo and place it on the truck inorder for it to be shipped. Realistic physics make this game aperfect forklift simulation game for anyone not afraid of achallenge. Hit your target score quota before the time runs out inorder to progress to the following levels and enjoy more forkliftsimulation fun.
Space Race 3D 1.0
In Space Race 3D you tour and race your way across 4 planets, eachwith their own individual race courses and missions, circuit races,takedown and time trial are just three of the missions you willundertake on the intergalactic highway race roads and if the racingroad is too boring for you, take a risk and skip some course byflying off the highway!- Some of the best 3D racing graphics youwill see this part of the galaxy.- Touch or steer race controlling,the choice is yours.- Extreme speed mode.- Epic Takedowns.-Intelligent Opponents.
Truck Parking 1.0
Truck Parking is a realistic 3D driving and parking game where youhave to drive and park your 18 wheeler truck into some of the mostdifficult parking spaces available. You will have to avoid anyobstacles on your way from the start to the very end.You’ve justpassed 90% of your heavy goods vehicle driving licence and now toget the full licence you must become the master and master the artof driving and parking this huge truck.Packed with variousdifferent and difficult parking scenarios, can you drive like a protruck driving master to complete all of these challenging and funlevels within the time given and without crashing into any of themany different obstacles set out to hinder your efforts while stillshowing off your driving skills.Enjoy hours of fun parking yourtruck! Features • Amazing driving physics• Difficult levels toovercome• Challenging & addictive• Fun for people of all ages
Bedazzled Gems 1.5
Bedazzled Gems is a colorful match 3 puzzle game that will give youhours of entertainment.Search for the magical jewels and match 3 ormore together to collect them. Once you’ve collected enough ofthese sparkly jewels you can trade them in for coins and use yourhard earned coins to purchase and unleash some amazing powerfulbonus power-ups. Having the power ups activated you will be able tocollect even more jewels in this match game.The magicalenvironments and jewels in this puzzle game will make it stand outfrom other match 3 games.Get ready to experience a puzzle game likeno other!
Galaxy Golf 1
Galaxy Golf is a free 3D fun fantasy packed Mini Golf game setAmongst Planets and Stars. This game has 20 Golf Courses that willchallenge your ability. Starting with some basic golf shots to getthe hang of the game but move on to more challenging mini golfholes.Each Level has a set Par levels and you have to aim tocomplete each Golf Course in the least number of Putts.
School Bus License 1.0
Drive, Park, Manoeuvre your School Bus and complete various tasksas you attempt to attain your school bus license in this school busDriving Simulation Game. All drivers have to start somewhere, so asyou play this simulation game to obtain your school bus license youwill encounter many challenges such as falling obstacles, pickingup students, moving traffic, traffic lights and much more.Finishall tasks and be awarded your license in this fantastic School BusDriving Simulator!
Conquer Antarctica 1.0
Help the Penguins fight their war in Antarctica! Here on the icycoast of this frozen land the Penguins are at war! Help the Penguinarmy by becoming the general of the antarctic Penguin army anddefeating the rebel forces.Conquer the enemy Penguins in thisamazing 2D platform to platform in this turn based arcade shootinggame. At the start of each round, you can freely and strategicallyarrange your Penguin soldiers along the platforms of ice designatedto your troops! Once you’re fully set up the battle willcommence!Using perfect precision and aim, you have to tacticallyknock the rebel Penguins off of their platforms and into thefreezing cold water. Your aim to progress further in this arcadeshooter game is to knock all of the rebel Penguins off theirplatforms before your own soldiers fall.Decimate your enemy withyour rockets and claim victory over the rebel Penguin army.• EpicTurn based madness & fun.• Plan your strategy with yourstrategic mind to overcome your enemy.• Guaranteed hours ofexplosive enjoyment.
Temple ATV 2
Temple ATV is a quad bike racing game with 20 trials set out in thedeep dark depths of some scary ancient ruins. Race your quad bikethrough these 20 levels to complete the game.This is the perfecttime and place for you to hone your quad bike racing talents andlearn how to successfully control your quad bike through sometricky and difficult obstacles.The controls of this quad bikeracing game are simple and easy to use. Accelerate to insane highspeeds to conquer some of the more difficult jumps and ramps. Usingyour quad bike you can perform front flips or backflips in mid airby leaning either left or right by using the left or right arrowcontrols.Use your quad bike to carefully and skillfully navigateyourself through these 20 skill based levels. You must completeeach level so you can progress onto the next one (This is the onlydifficult task you will face if you think you’re up to thechallenge!).Packed with hundreds of different variations ofobstacles Temple ATV will have you enjoying the experience ofmobile gaming to the extreme. Features • 20 Stunt packed levels•Realistic bike physics• Challenging obstacles for you to performstunts on• Hours of fun gameplay• No other quad game quite likeTemple ATV
Jet Plane Racing 1.1
Take to the Skies in this free plane racing game. Successfullynavigate through checkpoints while carefully focusing on some midair action racing.Packed with 20 amazing, challenging races, canyou fly your way to victory?- 20 Races- Action Packed Levels- Fun& Challenging Gameplay- Realistic Physics!
Lite Bike 1.0
Lite Bike is an exciting arcade game inspired by Tron and similar80s visual styles. There are no levels, your goal is simply tosurvive for as long as possible as your bike accelerates gettingfaster along endless tube. The longer you can avoid the obstaclesand stay alive, the higher your score! Try playing on the harderdifficulty settings for a score multiplier. If you set a goodscore, don't forget to post it to Facebook and brag about it! Don'tforget to try the first person camera to really get you in on theaction.Think you're good enough to set a high score? Test yourreactions and find out!- 3 Difficulty modes - the faster they getthe higher your score multiplier- Change camera! Play in first orthird person mode- Post your score to Facebook!- Randomly generatedobstacles, every play through is different!
UnLink 1.22
UnLink is a 3D block puzzle game. Where you have to untangle theinterlocked blocks and shapes from each other.The free flow of the360 degree camera allows you to move around the entire puzzle tojudge which shapes matches the escape route so you can easily dragit out. Think of it as a reverse jigsaw puzzle, where instead ofmatching pieces and putting them in, you are pulling them out.Whatstarts out easy becomes some fiendishly challenging and difficult!Master the 23 Level to prove your unlinking skills.Made with abeautiful combination of different colours Unlink will put yourskills to the test as you try to unlink 3D shapes from each other.Published by FOG Media, who also created the stunning Bedazzled HDpuzzle game.Are you ready to step up to the challenge and enter thetwisted world of Unlink?High quality interface makes the userexperience free flowing/fluid and fun.Features:- STIMULATINGGAMEPLAY and calm music- Hint: if you get stuck then just tap onhint- 23 challenging levels, each with mind bending puzzles that'swill surely twist your thinking.- Starts with beginner puzzles-Hours of enjoyment for FREE!
Teddy Run 1.0
Teddy Run is fantastic action packed runner game where you can testyour reflexes and travel the furthest distance you can by avoidingthe traps set out to stop you!How far can you run in this free 3DEndless game? Do you think you can achieve the highest scorepossible at any possible time?
Robin Hood Rescue 2.0
Robin hood the legendary shooter of arrows, master of all thingsarchery and all around good guy has come to the rescue!The evilprince has hung several villagers in this time based archery game,as robin you will not accept this! Aim your bow and shoot the ropesthat are being used to hang the villagers in order to free them.Prove that you are the master of archery and have what it takes tosave the people, be their champions and gain your place in historyas the master of archery games.
Penguin Kart Racing 3.0
Penguin Kart racing is an adrenaline packed 3D racing gamefeaturing beautiful scenery and speed hungry penguins. Speed yourway around the circuit, pick up bombs and bananas to slow yourenemy down and race your way to first position to proceed to thenext round.- Amazing Graphics- Awesome Levels- Realistic Physics
Mini Golf: Farm 1.0
With 30 challenging levels to keep you busy while you play aroundthe working farm. You start with some basic golf shots to get thehang of the game but move on to more challenging mini golfholes.Watch out for holes in the course, spinners, spring boardsand crazy gaps. It's a real challenge to finish the game but stillfun of course.Mini Golf really never has been so fun, Farm Golfcombines the classic elements of play with easy to use touchcontrols, stunning graphics and some truly unique level designwhich will make your jaw drop, or at least take a few extra shotsanyway. Try and score each hole under the par, but if you can't,don't worry you can replay the level later.
Mini Golf: Ocean Golf Premium 1
Winter Golf is a fun fantasy packed mini golf game set in a winterwonderland. With 20 challenging levels you start with some basicputs to get the hang of the game but move on to more challengingmini golf holes. Watch out for holes in the course, spinners,spring boards, crazy gaps and Polar bears. It's a real challenge tofinish the game but still fun of course.Mini Golf really never hasbeen so fun, Winter Golf combines the classic elements of play witheasy to use touch controls, stunning graphics and some truly uniquelevel design which will make your jaw drop, or at least take a fewextra shots anyway.
Space Mini Golf Premium 1
Space Golf is a fun fantasy packed mini golf game set inouterspace.With 20 challenging levels to keep you busy while you flythroughspace you start with some basic puts to get the hang of thegamebut move on to more challenging mini golf holes.Watch out for holes in the course, spinners, spring boards andcrazygaps. It's a real challenge to finish the game but still funofcourse.Mini Golf really never has been so fun, Space Golf combinestheclassic elements of play with easy to use touch controls,stunninggraphics and some truly unique level design which will makeyourjaw drop, or at least take a few extra shots anyway.
Damned Nation 1.0
Damned Nation is a first person zombie shooting game(FPS) which isguaranteed to keep you engaged in epic combat for very long periodsof time. You’re trapped in a compound area surrounded by theseterrifying undead creatures with only one chance of an escape.Shoot them, hit them with your cricket bat to get to the other sideof the installation to jump onto the helicopter to escape theonslaught!Arm yourself with the latest army technology, a varietyof high powered weapons and shoot your way to safety as the undeadzombie horde fall in masses before you. Only the onslaught canensure your survival in this epic action packed zombie shootinggame.WEAPONSGLOCK - A high powered little handgun for your quickshooting needs. It won’t kill a zombie with one hit but it’s alwaysa nice little gun to slow the zombies down.DESERT EAGLE - The tophandgun for annihilating a zombie close up. Aim straight for thehead to completely decimate the oncoming zombies. One shot, amountsto one kill with this handgun.UMP-45 - If you like to completelyrip the zombies to shreds, the UMP-45 PDW(Personal Defense Weapon).Firing at great speeds, this PDW will surely tear apart thezombies.SNIPER RIFLE - If you feel like being as far away from theaction as possible, take the sniper rifle. With this high poweredrifle in your capable hands, you will be able to headshot thezombies from great distances from as much as 800m away from yourtarget. Hide in the shadows and kill any zombies that appear withinyour scope and crosshairs.CRICKET BAT - For those times when you’relow on ammo or you just want to get up close and personal with thezombies.
Multiplayer Mahjong Solitaire 1.1.2
Mahjong Solitaire Classic is a free matching game. Match the pairswithin the board to progress onto the next pattern. The aim ofMahjong Solitaire is to remove all of the tiles to complete thegame. Each pattern has 144 tiles with various different pictures.Pair up the identical tiles to remove them from play.Select a tileand match it with another identical picture to complete yourmove.With Random tile generation you are given hours of addictingyet challenging gameplay.A refreshing oriental twist on thisclassic game of Mahjong Solitaire.***Features***- 10 Unique MahjongLevels (With loads more still to come).- Free Shuffles.- Hints tohelp you when needed.- Choice for you to have a free moving cameraor simply fix it to one position.*** Features To Look Forward Too***- Multiplayer- More Levels
Domino Draw 3.0
Draw with dominoes! Domino games definitely now have some catchingup to do now that Domino Draw is here! Draw your own creativedomino patterns and then watch the domino train be toppled. If youare a domino enthusiast you surely won’t be disappointed. Drawlines of dominoes; push them over and then record the experienceand share it with your friends in this fun domino game.Drawanything that you like! There are no limits.
Police Car City Driving Sim 1.0.1
Police Car City Driving Simulator gives you the chance to drive atrue to life Police Car around a deserted city. There is no one toslow you down and your chief wont tell you off for driving intobuildings. Practice your jumping skills or just drive as fast asyou like, but be careful not to smash up the patrol car. If you docrash, don't worry a quick reset will have your truck all shinnyand new again.... Ready for you to smash it up again. Don't forgetto use the different camera angles to give you either the realbehind the wheel feeling or a cool view.
Ali's Burgers 1.0
Ali’s Burgers is one of the top time management diner gamesavailable on the store. In Ali’s Burgers you are the chef in chargeof your own little mini restaurant in the form of a fast food hotdog cart. Keep the customers pleased with the skills you have tocook up the perfect dish for them in this free cooking game.Youwill be cooking as much food as you can in this fast food game awayfrom home to keep yourself in business. You must make enough moneyin the day to progress or your mobile cart will be shut down &You’ll have to call it a day.This time management game requires youto cook food in a fast paced environment, the meanest challengeavailable of all cooking games. You will need to continuouslyprepare yourself for multiple customers by constantly cooking moreand more food in anticipation of hordes of customers.There are 9zones that you will have to cook in and master. Ali’s Burgers willreally challenge you to become a cooking games pro!Zones ToMaster!• Marketplace• Chinatown• Old Town• The Park• Tropico• TheFair• Halloween• Valentine’s Day• ChristmasIn this free cookingsimulator you will be required to cook for 5 days per zone in orderto keep progressing to the next new zone. Cooking your way throughto the next day will be your ultimate goal as a chef to become themaster chef and continue progressing through the game. You mustmeet your daily goals as the chef in Ali’s Burgers to progress but,if you fail you can always attempt the days again.Progression inthis Ali’s Burgers mobile fast food restaurant game depends on yourability as a master chef. Cook the correct order, cook quickly andthe quicker the customer receives their cooked food and/or drinks,the more money you will make. Cooking as great speed and cookingcorrectly will help a lot towards your daily takings. If youundercook, burn, or hand the customer the wrong order they will tiplow. This will also happen if it takes you a while to get theirorder to them.As you start this fast food mobile diner cooking gamethere will only be hot dogs and burgers to cook for your customersbut, as you progress through the days and zones your skills as achef will allow you to start supplying your customers with newsauces, chips, hot or cold drinks (depending on what zone you’rein). With all of these new items being added for you to supply,your daily goals will be increased as the more you become a masterchef, the more people will be popping along to you for their meals.Use your knowledge and speed of cooking to have one of the mostsuccessful fast food carts the world has ever seen.You can drag thehamburgers or hot dogs using your finger to their buns or simplyjust double tap them when cooked and this will automatically gointo the first available bun (Double tapping the cooked food alwaysputs it in the bun in order from left to right)***** Features*****• 45 levels of fast paced cooking mayhem!• Challenging modes.•Hundred of meal combinations to fulfil.• A leader among cookinggames on your device.
Tappy Tiger 1.02
Tappy Tiger is a fun, challenging and fast-paced arcade-style game.Your goal is simple; Tap your paw-prints onto as many of the orangetiles as you can without missing a single step! Sounds easy? Justwait until the action speeds up, your fingers will become a blur asyou struggle to keep up with the frantic pace!With three game modesto choose from, adorable graphics, plus the ability to challengeyour friends to beat your score on Facebook, there's plenty to keepyou hooked on the finger-twisting fun in Tappy Tiger!
Golf Cart Parking Challenge 1.0
Welcome to the Golf Cart Parking Challenge world! Navigate your wayinto each of the parking spaces within this beautiful 3D golfcourse. Watch out for sand traps and the gaps that seem like youcan get through.. but you can't. be wary of each obstacle becauseif you crash... that's back to the driving range for you! Can youreach the green to "putt" your vehicle into the parking spot for ahole in 1? Or... will you fail and be known as " Over Par ". Showthe world how good you really are by completing these fantasticlevels!- 5* Vehicle Physics- 5* 3D Levels- 5* Gameplay- 5*Challenging & Fun For All Ages!
Monster Truck Freestyle 1.0
Take on the 20 events in 4 different and extremely powerful 3Dmonster trucks as you go for insanely fun glory! Travel by drivingfrom start to finish to complete each level with the best timepossible to score 3 stars. Smash wrecked cars out of your way, jumpover buses, crash into explosive barrels and more in the variedevents you'll have to master before you can be crowned a champion.Can you tame these animal machines and be the best?- Detailedhigh-definition graphics- 20 levels to beat with 4 differentmonster trucks- Varied challenges to beat including jumps, hillclimbs, precision driving and even loops!
Solitaire: Card Game 1.0
Solitaire is the ultimate addicting puzzle card game. You’ll bepassing hours on this faithful recreation of the computer versionof this classic Windows card game. This puzzler will keep your mindsharp and you’re sure to never be bored as long as you have yourmobile device with you!Our version of Solitaire (also known asPatience) uses classic Klondike rules and is faithfully recreatedwith crisp, colourful graphics and intuitive, responsive controls.Solitaire / Klondike Solitaire / Patience is one of the mostpopular card games in the world and is sure to keep you glued toyour screen for hours at a time. Solitaire Card Game FeaturesClassic Klondike Rules.• 3 card draw.• 1 card draw.• Beautifullydrawn classic deck design. How to play: Your objective You mustbuild four card stacks, one for each suit going from ace up toking. Table setup Solitaire is played using a deck of 52 cards. Thegame starts with 28 cards arranged into seven columns. The firstcolumn contains one card, the second has two cards, the third cardthree etc... Only the top card is facing up with the rest invisibleto the player.The four objective stacks are located in theupper-right corner. You need to build up each stack here, in thecorrect order, to win the game. How to play The objective stackmust begin with an ace. If you can’t find one, you'll have shufflecards between each column until you do. You wont be able to movecards between columns at however you like. Columns need to go indescending order, from King to Ace. For example, you’d be able toplace a Jack on a Queen, but not on a 7.To keep things interestingcards in columns must also alternate between red and black.You arealso able to move more than one card at a time, provided the cardsare ordered sequentially you can move the whole stack at once. Tapthe deepest card in the run and drag them all to another column.This is useful to get at other cards deep in a stack underneathyour other cards.When you run out of moves, draw more cards bytapping the deck in the upper-left corner. If the deck runs out,tap on the outline on the table to reshuffle it.You can move a cardto the objective stack either by dragging it or by double-tappingon it. Scoring Under Standard Klondike scoring, you receive fivepoints for moving a card from the deck to a column, and 10 pointsfor each card added to an objective stack.If a game takes more than30 seconds, you also receive bonus points based on the time ittakes to finish. Coming soon! • Multiplayer mode! Compete againstthe clock and compare your scores against other Solitaire pros!•Many more beautiful custom deck designs.• Custom table tops.•Change rules to your favorite playing style!
Traffic Warden 1.0.1
Traffic Warden is a Traffic Management Game. You control the city'straffic lights. You have to ensure that traffic keeps on flowingand no accidents take place. Click on a traffic light to change itscolor. Sometimes it is a good idea to open lights only for one carto move. But if there is a crash, tap the screen to use your bombsto cause as much damage and carnage as possible to boost your scoreand unlock the next level. There are a total of 20 level tocomplete in this game.
House Of Chocolates 1.0
House Of Chocolates is a new free tasty match 3 game which willgive you a nice taste of some sweet tasting chocolate. Your goal isto match 3 or more chocolates to score points. To complete thelevels you will have to fill each board with gold. Use your powerup when you can by filling the milk bottle and use your ability toslide the rows around.Keep a close eye on your timer as you have tocomplete them in the allotted times. Packed with 6 delicious typesof chocolates ready for you to match!- Over 20 Tasty Levels.- Easyto use controls for your device, Just slide into chocolate heaven!-Beautiful Graphics and Gameplay throughout.- Tasty Addictive Match3 Style Game.
Golf Cart City Driving Sim 1.0.1
Golf Cart City Driving Simulator gives you the chance to take aregular golf cart off the green and driving range at the local cluband drive it around a deserted city. There is no police to slow youdown and no one to tell you off for stealing the cart, so go wild!Practice a different kind of driving, but be careful not to slicethe carts side off. If you do crash, don't worry a quick reset willhave your cart all shinny and new again. Don't forget to use thedifferent camera angles to give you either the real behind thewheel feeling or a cool view.
Bull Run: Endless Runner 2
Bull Run: Endless Runner is a running game where you have to reallyput your reflexes and reaction times to the test and run as far asyou possibly can without failing by avoiding all obstacles in yourpath. This fun and completely free endless running game is packedwith a fully stocked store for all of your endless running gamesrequirements. With the coins collected you can purchase thefollowing:• New Characters• Coin Magnet Pickup• Sprint Pickup•Double Coin Pickup• Mega Coin Pickup• Slow Down Pickup UPGRADESSprint • Unlocking this will allow you to first acquire the sprintpick up then as you upgrade it you will be able to sprint for alonger amount of time. Coin Magnet • Purchasing this upgrade willenable coins to be collected within a certain radius of your runnercharacter. You are able to upgrade this up to five times toincrease the radius in which coins will automatically be collected.This will be a VERY useful upgrade to acquire. Double value forCoins • This upgrade is a decreasing feature. The first time youupgrade double points for each coin you collect after running adistance of 2000 metres. Once you purchase more upgrades in thisthe distance you need to travel to gain double value for coins,will be greatly decreased. Mega Coin • Purchase this upgrade tounlock the Mega Coin pick up. There will be a huge amount of coinsin this pick up, so when you see it while running in this endlessrunner games, make sure you pick it up for those bonus credits.This can also be upgraded up to five times. The more you upgrade,the more bonus credits you will be able to acquire every time youpick up the bonus. Slow Speed • Unlock this to allow the game toslow you down so you are able to collect all of the availablecredits and bonus pick ups available on the course at thattime.With simple to learn and use controls using your touchscreendevice, you will not be disappointed. Swipe left, right, up or downto control the direction to send the bull or ultimately making himjump by swiping up. Also make your running bull duck down for coverwhen he needs to go under low lying obstacles. Enjoy this simpleendless running game for hours! Upgrade and let’s see how far youcan run.
Tractor Parking 1.0
In Tractor Parking you are challenged with a various amount ofparking challenges. Drive your tractor from the starting area andsuccessfully drive to the parking location and park your tractor.You must park within the space required in order to complete eachlevel.Carefully drive around these well designed levels withoutcrashing to become a parking master!• 20 Fun parking levels!• Yourvery own Tractor vehicle!• Can you complete them without crashing?!
Flick off Skeletons 2
The night has come and the skeleton are trying to break yourdefenses, show them they cannot defeat you by using your fingers toflick them off into the sky and kill them!Survive as many waves asyou can and purchase powerups to bolster your defenses as you flickoff the skeletons to oblivion.Only your finger can help you survivethe night in the fantastic survival game.
Sports Car: City Driving Sim 1.0.1
Sports Car: City Driving Simulator gives you the chance to drive acool sports car around a deserted city. There is no police to slowyou down, so no speeding fines. Practice your jumping or driftingskills just try not to scratch the paintwork. If you do crash,don't worry a quick reset will have your car all skinny and brandnew again.... Don't forget to use the different camera angles togive you some cool views.
SUV Driving Simulator 3.0
SUV Driving Simulator is a fun, thrilling simulation racing game inwhich you are driving around an empty city causing as much damageto your vehicle as you can. Race around the city, jump off ofbuildings, take corners at extreme speed till your 4x4 iscompletely wrecked!Take your 4x4 vehicle and build up your speed todrive up ramps, across buildings and various other obstacles beforetaking on the biggest loop-the-loop known to mankind.If you’ve everwanted to have the freedom to drive around doing what you want whenyou want, you will love this driving simulator!There are no rulesin this simulation game, there are no police to tell you whatyou’re doing is wrong! Get your car to insane speeds and performnormally dangerous handbrake turns around corners, Practice yourhandling, ever wanted to take a corner like a professional rallydriver? Go for it, this car simulator game will allow it all!Havehours upon hours of endless fun driving around this amazing emptycity. Don’t worry if you smash your car up too much, it can befixed within seconds and have you back on these mean streets racingin no time!No rush hour traffic to worry about. No buses pullingout in front of you. Endless simulator fun!!Show of your drivingskills in this driving simulator game. Features • Intense Driving!•Pretend you’re racing the world!• Hours of fun driving your 4x4!•Smash up your vehicle as much as you like!• Free Roam to performany extreme actions you have always dreamed of performing!• Funsimulator for all your racing and driving requirements
NY Taxi City Driving Simulator 1.0.1
NY Taxi City Driving Simulator gives you the chance to drive a Taxiaround a deserted city. There is no police to slow you down and noone to pick up. Practice your jumping skills or just drive as fastas you like, but be careful not to damage the paintwork as youhaven't finished paying for it yet. If you do crash, don't worry aquick reset will have your truck all shiny and new again.... Readyfor you to smash it up again. Don't forget to use the differentcamera angles to give you cool views and different angles.
Sports Bike: Speed Race Jump 1.0
Sports Bike is a free trial bike game packed with obstacles andjumps set in a military controlled desert zone. Ride your trialbike through the levels at high speed to avoid the ongoing war! Usethe ramps to fly over obstacles or perform insane front or backflips, the choice is yours!Using your pro trial bike skills findyour way to safety by completing these epic 20 levels. Ride overTanks, crashed helicopters and basic defensive positions.Can yousurvive the war zone? Use your bike riding skills to complete thelevels successfully. Features • Realistic Bike Physics.• Fun YetChallenging Obstacles.• 20 Exciting Levels!
Pixel Rush 1.0
A 2D Truck Driving Game where you have to race trough endlesslevels of gameplay. Avoid being crushed by falling cargo crates.Tap and hold down to accelerate and let go to break. The aim is tosee who can drive the furthest: you or your friends?
Rally Car: Driving Simulator 3.0
Breakneck speeds and sick drifting skills are just the beginning inRally Car Driving Simulator. This crazy town is yours to exploreand brings endless fun as you push the limits of speed,adrenaline...and gravity!Built for off-road racing, your rally carcan withstand plenty of abuse, which is a good thing as there areramps, jumps, rooftops and other obstacles to abuse. Spin and flipyour way around town and take on the Loop-The-Loop to prove you’rea master!
Meat Spin 1
It's Meat Spinning time! In this match 3 puzzle game, your job isto shoot delicious pieces of meat onto the pile and match 3 or moreto make them disappear and your score go sky-high, but beware ofmaking the pile too big, or that will end your game!Brag about yourhigh score with your friends via Facebook and prove who is the bestMeat Spinner in this puzzle game!
4x4 Parking 1.0
4x4 Parking is a free driving and parking simulator game. Putyourself into the front seat of your very own 4x4 Jeep car anddrive around the busy car parks to park your vehicle in thisparking simulator.Don’t bother yourself with ordinary cars, getbehind the wheel of your 4x4 jeep in our free driving simulationgame and attempt to park your car by racing it through some trickysituations.Drive your vehicle between obstacles and park your 4x4vehicle perfectly into the parking spots to progress onto the nextlevel. Make sure you take the correct route as one wrong turncausing one crash will mean that this level is over for you andyou’ll have to begin from the start again.Avoid all of the othercars, road signs, cones as these are the obstacles that you willneed to avoid to progress in this parking game.Features• AwesomeDriving Physics• 20 levels that scale in difficulty• Drive your own4x4 jeep car.
Air Strike Alien Drones 1.0
Playing flying games has finally paid off, now is your time to putthose skills to the test. Take to the skies and defend your planetusing your fighter jet. Alien drones have invaded earth and areengaged in a dogfight with your unit. You are a trained fighterpilot and master of all things flying, so show these aliens thatEarth isn't so easily messed with, today is your IndependenceDay.This flying game includes realistic flying physics, aerialcombat and arsenal of deadly weapons such as missiles, sidewindersand machine guns to take down all alien opponents in this actionpacked flying game.
Call of Honey 1.0
Call of Honey is a fun block breaking game. Help the bear bysliding your finger across the bottom of the screen to move theplatform to keep the ball bouncing so it will continuously smashthe blocks. The balls act as your lives and you must have at least1 ball left to complete each level.Use you block breaking gameskills to control the ball and destroy each of the blocks and thebeehive to assist this sweet little bear to get his honey.To startoff on each level you’ll be required to tap the screen to set theball in motion, use your platform to keep the ball onscreen.Collect power ups with your platform as well. These powerups will help you in desperate times of need.To complete each levelyou are only required to collect the hive, once the beehive hasbeen collected the level will be completed. If you want to gain ahigh score and share it to challenge your friends on Facebook youwill have to get as many blocks down and bonuses as you canpossibly collect. Power ups include • Guns• Multiple Balls• FastBall• Fire Ball• Increase Platform Size• Double Score• Big Ball•Slow BallDebuffs Include:• Reduced Platform Size• Complete BlackScreen• Many more mystery ones!Battle your way through countlesslevels with increasing difficulty and use your platform to breakthose blocks and free the honey for the bear!
Air Hockey HD 2.0
Air Hockey HD, Epic sports game now available on your androiddevices! In this Air Hockey sports game you can challenge yourfriends to tournaments without the use of a second device! There’sno need to purchase yourself a real air hockey table, simply useyour device and show your friends that when it comes down tocompetitive sports, you are the sports game champion and will notbe beaten at arcade games.With 5 different arcade games modes foryou to challenge the AI. You’ll be able to practice against the AIand improve your skills in Air Hockey before you challenge and beatyour friends!Now in stunning HD, this game is guaranteed to keepyou entertained for years. Play against your friends or against theAI, but either way we hope you’re prepared to have the bestexperience possible with arcade games.
Monster Truck City Driving Sim 1.1
Monster Truck Driving Simulator gives you the chance to drive atrue to life Monster Truck around a deserted city. There is nopolice to slow you down and no one to tell you off for driving intobuildings. Practice your jumping skills or just drive as fast asyou like, but be careful not to roll the beat on its side. If youdo crash, don't worry a quick reset will have your truck all shinyand new again.... Ready for you to smash it up again. Don't forgetto use the different camera angles to give you either the realbehind the wheel feeling or a cool view.
Jet Pilot Flight Simulator 3D 1.0.2
Flight Simulation games will seem boring after you play Jet PilotFlight Simulator 3D. Fly through cities at massive speeds as youenter the cockpit of a Fighter Jet plane, avoid obstacles, flythrough the hoops and fly at super sonic speeds.Other flightsimulation games will seem too slow after being in control of afighter jet! Adrenaline, high speeds and fighter jets! What are youwaiting for? Fly a Jet Plane in this flight simulation game now!
Rocket Rex 2
Rocket Rex is a fun endless game where you are a dinosaur with arocket attached to your back! What could be better?! Rockets ANDDinosaurs!Fly your way as far as you can and collect as many eggsas possible. Use your eggs to buy bonuses and a new dinosaur!Guaranteed endless fun with Rocket Rex!- Fun For All Ages- ControlYour Very Own Rex!- Fly Further Than Any Dinosaur Has Flown Before!
Winter Golf 2
It has a lots of unique levels that will challenge any skilllevel.The game is set in a Winter Wonderland and has very beautiful3D Graphics. The weather also varies from level to level. Thelevels are packed with the classic fantasy golf course objects likeloop the loop, windmills, ramps, jumps, broken up paths etc.
3D Motocross Mountains 1.0.1
3D Motocross Mountains is a Dirt Bike Game is set in an amazingmountain range. Each level has been packed with challengingterrains for you to ride your motorised dirt bike over. Use yourskills to become the ultimate mountain motocross rider in these 20amazing levels. Some of the levels require skill, others mayrequire some dangerous motocross jumps!Are you ready to join thebest mountain motocross riders?- 20 Amazing challenging levels!- 3DGraphics throughout!- Amazing Physics!- Amazing Levels to overcome