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Drug Addiction 1.0
he facts about drug addiction can be scary.They can be intimidating, and they can be all too real for thosewho are dealing with a drug addiction. Drug addiction is actuallyquite a complex disease that affects a person both physically andpsychologically.Drug addiction is characterized by an uncontrollable craving fora drug and the inability to keep from using that drug. Whether yourdrug of choice is marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, or somethingstronger like heroin or cocaine, it takes control of your lifemaking it impossible for you to live without it.
Dutch Oven Recipes 2.0
The reason for this App is to providereference material for an individual who is planning or cooking ameal for six to ten people. If you don't know anything about aDutch Oven then this app is for you too! For larger groups, most ofthe recipes can be easily doubled or tripled and two or more Dutchovens may be needed. Most of the information has been targetedtoward the first time Dutch oven user, although, the moreexperienced cook may find a tidbit or two here and there.Dutch Oven Recipes App s intended as a growing documentcontaining Dutch Oven tips, techniques and recipes.This appincludes everything you need to know about Dutch Oven Cooking orrecipes for Lodge Dutch Ovens
Alkaline Detox Juicing Diet 1.0
Alkaline Detox Juicing Diet and RecipesPacked with 50 delicious juice, and smoothie recipes, this app willprovide the recipes you need to achieve alkalinity in the bodykick-start the way to a pH balanced diet, shed the excess weight,and boost your energy level!You will be able to enjoy the benefits just by consuming thejuices over a short weekend.The juices are designed to help you sustain the alkalinecleansing and focused on ridding !your body of toxins and shiftingthe excess weight.With these Alkaline Juicing Recipes you can look forward toimproving 3 aspects of your health -youthfulness, energetic andincreased immunity, all this can be easily achieved with our beautyjuices, power juices and immunity juices. Some Alkaline JuicingRecipes Include the following in this app:Detox SmoothiesGreen Health ManiaDigestion BoostersWake up BoosterGreen Liver FlushNightime Weight ShredderEnergy Maximizer PurifierEnzyme ElixyrSunflower SurpriseStress Fighter Mind Calmer
Best Fishing Knots 3.0
Best Fishing Knot Guide. Never again lose thatbig fish because your knot was not good enough.These are simply the best tried proven knots that professionalanglers use all over the world.Simple to do and step by step video will make sure you know thebest fishing knots to use when you go fishing next!
Juicing Guide and Recipes 1.0
Juicing Guide and Recipes app .The juice of organic vegetables will not only speed up the processof detoxification, it will flood your body with enzymes, vitaminsand minerals for quick absorption....and greatly benefit the immunesystem.The juice of organic vegetables is rich in nutrients. As thecells of your body are bathed in these fresh, alkaline vegetablejuices, they begin to release acids, which are toxins that can thenbe removed through the elimination channels of the body i.e. thelungs, kidneys, skin etc.Juicing provides a rich source of live enzymes essential to thedigestive process. Enzymes are proteins that break down foods intonutrients your body can readily digest. When you eat, digestiveenzymes are released from your saliva glands sending signals to thestomach and small intestine in preparation for digestion.
Juicing RX Detox Foot Patches 2.0
Natural Fruit and Vegetable Juice Recipes forHealthy Hair and SkinMany fresh juices have powerful healing, energy boosting andrejuvenating properties that can assist with hair and skindisorders. It has been proven that consuming fresh pressed juiceshelps the organs and the body cleanse itself of unwanted toxins,which can result in softer and healthier looking skin and hair. Thebody's largest excretory organ is our skin so taking care of theskin can be easy with a diet which consists of eating healthynutritional foods along with fresh pressed juices. Do you use detoxpatches or detox pads? take a careful look at juicing RX recipes.These recipes contain fruits and vegetables, which are known topromote wellness and enhance the skins natural beauty. Juicing isgreat as an additional regimen for skin care. Consuming freshorganic juice daily will assist in achieving healthier skin andhair. As you make juicing a natural part of your daily dietroutine, you will notice a difference in increased energy levelsand a healthy vibrant looking complexion.Please use fresh Organic produce, wash all fruits and vegetablesthoroughly before juicing. Some vegetables need to be trimmed,peeled or cut.
Best Juicing Recipies 2015 1.0
Best Juicing RecipesBest Juicing Recipes and tips for weight loss,detoxification,Calcium boost,Brain Boost Hayfever, Jetlag,Cleansingand many more symptoms that Juicing has been found to be more thaneffective cure or maintenance.1. Introduction2. Easiest Juicing Recipes3. Energy Boosting Juicing Recipes4. Weight Loss Juicing Recipes5. Anti Aging Juicing Recipes6. Brain Boosting Juicing Recipes7. Juice Fasting Recipes8. Jucing for Bad Breath9. Juicing for Calcium Boost10. Juicing for Constipation11. Juicing for Eye Care12. Hayfeve/Insomnia/Jetlag13. Juicing for Prostrate Health14. Juicing for Stress Relief15. All time Favourite Juicing Recipes16. Juicing with Greens
What Does my Baby Look Like 1.0
What does my baby look like goes through allthe stages of your pregnancy.The growth of your baby is a continuous process that oftenconveys a sense of awe. Wondering and thinking about what your babywill look like is part of the wonderful journey through pregnancy.Though no one can ever be certain as to who your baby will looklike there has been a great deal of study and research in thismatter that has enabled us to at least have a good idea.The following information within this APP is divided intopregnancy’s three trimesters to help you understand your baby’srapid growth.Milestones in fetal development are also highlighted. (Sizes andweights are approximate.)
Soul Food Recipes 2.0
The Best Darn To-heck-with-CaloriesSoul Food RecipesPeriod. from Soul Stirrings: How looking back gives each of usthe freedom to move forward with soul food!The onion, like many of us, starts its life under the garden,compressed and without light. But the tender green shoots that growinto the sun are enough to bring that life to the surface where itbreaks through into the brightness above. Beyond the bitteresttears, even the first time cook can release the sweetest flavor,with a little fire and … a little Stirring.Following are some special foods from a Celebration Menu thathave been the centerpiece of get-togethers over the years. Try themthe next time you have a family gathering.
Quinoa Diet Recipes 1.0
What is Quinoa? Quinoa Diet RecipesAs versatile as white rice and as nutritious as whole grain with aflavour all its own, quinoa is quickly growing in popularity allover the world. With quinoa appearing on so many menus and showingup in news stories in magazines and on television, you may findyourself wondering if the buzz about this delicious seed is justhype. The truth is that quinoa is a wholesome food that providesmany benefits for the body.Quinoa is well known as a ‘superfood’. Quinoa, pronounced“Keen-wah” is a tiny seed, low incalories and packed full of nutrients. It is beneficial for heartdisease, diabetes, gluten intoleranceand kidney disease. Quinoa is easy to prepare, versatile and easyto eat!Having a wonderful flavor, and easy to prepare, it can be cookedas a cereal, popped, toasted or cooked with other grains for amyriad number of delicious dishes.
Green Smoothie Juicing Recipes 1.0
Green Smoothies the healthiest of the Detoxrange of Juicing Diets.The juice of organic vegetables will not only speed up the processof detoxification, it will flood your body with enzymes, vitaminsand minerals for quick absorption....and greatly benefit the immunesystem.The juice of organic vegetables is rich in nutrients. As thecells of your body are bathed in these fresh, alkaline vegetablejuices, they begin to release acids, which are toxins that can thenbe removed through the elimination channels of the body i.e. thelungs, kidneys, skin etc.Juicing provides a rich source of live enzymes essential to thedigestive process. Enzymes are proteins that break down foods intonutrients your body can readily digest. When you eat, digestiveenzymes are released from your saliva glands sending signals to thestomach and small intestine in preparation for digestion.
10 Best Smoothie Recipes 1.0
10 of the best smoothie recipes that will sendyour taste buds to nirvana and back.DeliciousTastyEasy to PrepareYummy and Delectable smoothie recipes that will make you want to gofor more!
Job Interview Q and As 2.0
Job Interview Questions and Answers is an appthat will help you to prepare yourself for that job interview youhave been anxious over.These are the most common questions and employer will ask andthe best answers you can give are provided if you fail in any ofthese it could mean not getting the job.
Smoothie Detox Recipes 1.0
Smoothie Juicing Detox has taken the weightloss and cleansing world by storm. The various recipes availableare endless and only limited by the imagination.Smoothies DetoxRecipes are easy to make and provide a delightful way to diet orcleanse your systemThis app presents 11 of the most tasty and delicious out of theordinary Juicing Recipes that will make you want to come back formore.
How to get Rich 1.0
How do Rich Peopl think that makes themdifferent from the average person.The World's richest woman GinaRinehart is enduring a media firestorm over an article in which shetakes the "jealous" middle class to task for "drinking, or smokingand socializing" rather than working to earn their own fortune.What if she has a point? Can you think like this and make moneyonline or make money now fast or simply change your outlook?This App has nearly three decades of information into a nutshellexcerpts taken from interviewing millionaires around the world tofind out what separates them from everyone else.
The Cabbage Soup Diet 1.0
Chances are at one point or another in yourlife you have looked in the mirror and seen a pooch where therewasn't one before and had the same thought. You've probably wantedto lose just a few pounds at some time.Studies show that people who lose between 5 and 10 pounds aremore motivated to keep going down the road towards more weightloss. It might be just the motivation you need to get fit forgood.Lots of people try to jump-start their weight loss by starvingthemselves, but we all know this isn't the healthy way togo.There's no reason to sacrifice a healthy body for a good-lookingone. It's just not going to last.Many have found success with the Cabbage Soup Diet at least on ashort-term basis and as a “quick fix” for getting those first fewpounds to drop in order to get the motivation to continueworking!
HDTV 1.0
How High Is Your Definition?The increasing popularity of crystal-clear broadcasts inAmerican TV has indicated that HDT has arrived and here to stay.Analog TV shift to an all-digital system herald a new dawn in the65-year history of television. Hours of HDTV content are alreadyavailable every night. Viewers can easily determine if a show ispresented in HDTV if the message “Presented in high definitionwhere available” is shown in the beginning of a program.
7 Day Detox Juicing Diet 1.0
7 Day Detox Diet a full detox juicing dietplan with dozens of delicious recipes.Learn the methodread the history of juicingget the recipes and try them out all popular tasty and deliciousrecipes.
Gazebo Ideas 2.0
Gazebo is an ideal place to enjoy thetranquility of your own back yard. Not only does it provide youwith protection from harmful UV rays it is a beautiful gardenfeature to be admired for years to come. Gazebos and pergolas add alevel of living pleasure and luxury to your home. Choose from thestunning ideas offerd in this App.
Learn Origami Video Tutorials 1.0
Learn Origami is an app that that containsvideo tutorials on dozens of origami patterns.Learn how to do the most intricate origami patters. Amaze yourfriends with your skill and decorate your room with your craft.Literally dozens and dozens of Patterns some examples below.AnimalsAlienAirplaneAlligatorBoxBoomerangBearButterflyBirdBunny
How to Make Rainbow Loom Bands 1.0
Rainbow Loom Bands! The craze that has takenevery one by storm from celebrities to avarage kids and moms. Nowyou can make those cool attractive patters from your loom bands inno time at all.Easy to follow video instructions will make you look like areaprofessional in no time. These are the most popular Loom BandPatters and the Hottest items out there now.These are the most popular patterns. New pattern videos areadded regularly
How to Write in Cursive 2.0
Lear how to write in cursive New research onthe benefits of handwriting on motor skills, memory and overallbrain activity suggests today's kids are missing out valuablelearning tools.Indiana University researchers tracked brain patterns inpre-school kids and discovered that those who wrote out letters hadincreased recognition and neural activity, according to the LosAngeles Times.Another study released earlier this year, looked at kids whohand-wrote their assignments as opposed to typing them. Those whodid, wrote faster and more prolifically.One reason has to do with the gripping process of writing, whichfine-tunes motor skills unlike punching out keys. The repetitivenature required to perfect handwriting also helps the brainmemorize information. In other words, handwriting is good for thedeveloping brain.This App includes 3 full length videos and Illustrations.
Lemon Detox Diet 1.0
The Lemon Detox DietSinger Beyonce lost 10 kilograms on it, Mariah Carey swears byitand Bollywood star Tania Zaetta says it helped her during thestressof the Aussie troop sex scandal. The Lemon Detox Diet,originallyknown as the Master Cleanse, has developed a cultfollowing asconsumers - mostly women - seek a quick weight-lossremedy.So popular is the diet, which retails for a great amountatstores for a 14-day kit, that it regularly sells out. But isthismaster cleanse a master scam? Is this diet healthy for thebody?Nutritionist Matt O'Neill says it is a starvation diet, andthosethat embark on it will gain back the weight, and more, as soonasthey start eating. But herbalist Richard Carney says it isanexcellent detox that provides fast weight loss and kick-startsahealthier lifestyle.
110 New Bedroom Ideas 1.0
110 plus bedroom ideas browse through over ahundred ideas to improve or completely remake your bedroom withthis app.ModernClassicUber ModernReal Bedroom IdeasReal PhotographsBe inspired for your next bedroom project.
Kudzu Vine Recipes 2.0
Kudzu Its an amazing plant. So amazing thatsome say its an alien species. The Japanese love it, but it growsnormal in Japan. In the American South its a predator.Kudzu can also be a pleasant plant to eat if you know how toharvest it and prepare it. In fact the Japanese have been usingKudzu Vine and plant as a great way to diet and reduce weightthrough tea making from the Kudzu Root.Kudzu is known for growing almost on anything and anywhere alongwith its Kudzu Bug. However you can also make Wine, Tea,Jelly,Desserts,and Salad from Kudzu.This App shows you how to harvest,prepare and make some deliciousKudzu Dishes.
3 Day Detox Diet Plan 1.0
3 Day Detox Diet plan with deliciousnutritious Recipes! it's a GREAT way to lose lots of weight.People have been using nutrition as a way to build health fordecades!While many of us want to eat and live healthier, sometimeswe simply just have a hard time doing it.Integrating liquid-raw fruits and vegetables into your life isan awesome way to get nutrition and offers great healthbenefits.
Best rated Bar and club drinks 1.0
Best Rated Bar DrinksSimply show up to a bar show them the recipe and enjoy thedrink!Or make them at home for you and your friends when entertainingsimple to follow instructions will make you a pro bar tender.A collection of 10 of the best rated bar drinks currently on theclub and bar scene. Includes recipes and nutritionalinformation.
All New Juicing and Cleansing 1.0
All new Juicing and Cleansing Recipesfor2015Tasty and delicious recipes put together by nutritionists andvotedas some of the best tastiest juicing recipes.Over 50 ready to make recipes easy to follow instructions andbonusrecipes added to the app.
All Basic Juicing Recipes 1.0
All Basic Detox Smoothie Juicing Recipeswithover 25 Specific recipes.Enzymes are alive in all raw organic fruits andvegetables.But they begin to die with time, heat and stress. Drinking juiceisa great way to take advantage of viable enzymes. “Enzymes arenotsimply catalysts that make digestion and all othermetabolicprocesses work; they are living proteins that direct thelife forceinto our basic biochemical and metabolic processes.Enzymes evenhelp repair our DNA and RNA”Juicing! Natures Magic Pill > >Juicing for Weight Loss >>Juicing for Detox >>Bright Green Detoxer >>What to Juice?>>Green and Veg Recipes #1Green and Veg Recipes #2Green and Veg Recipes #3Fruit JuiceRecipes#1Fruit Juice Recipes #2Juice Infusion Recipes
Bells Palsy 3.0
Bell's palsy is a paralysis or weakness ofthemuscles on one side of the face. The cause is unknown,althoughinfection or autoimmune responses are suspected. Bell'spalsyresolves completely in around 90 per cent of cases, giventime.Bell's palsy is a paralysis or weakness of the muscles ononeside of the face, with young adults of either sex moresusceptiblefor unknown reasons.This App provides information on Bells Palsy its causeandtreatments available. Always consult with your medical surgeonforany medical conditions you may have.
7 Day Dash Diet Plan + Recipes 1.0
7-Day DASH Diet Meal PlanDash to a healthier you! Voted by health experts as thebestoverall diet three years in a row, the DASH Diet –originallydeveloped to fight high blood pressure – is a safeandeasy-to-follow eating plan that fights diseases and can evenhelpyou lose weight. Incorporate this two-phase plan fromMarlaHeller's The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution with bonus sampledaymenus for both phases. Find out if the DASH Diet is right foryou.For more meal ideas, try these recipes!
Green Bean Coffee Diet 1.0
The Green Coffee Bean DietThe most recent study on green coffee bean published intheDiabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal followed agroupof 16 adults who supplemented with green coffee bean for only12weeks. Over the course of the study, the subjects lost anaverageof 17 pounds each – this was 10.5% of their overall bodyweight and16% of their overall body fat! There were no side effectsreported.This is very exciting information and one reason why Ithink thatgreen coffee bean could be an effective weapon againstthe obesityepidemic in our country.The key to this incredible weight loss is not attributed tothecaffeine. The green coffee bean supplement has only around 20 mgofcaffeine per serving, whereas your daily cup of coffeehasover100 mg, (and your “venti drip” has as much as 400 mg). Greencoffeebean is not a stimulant; it doesn’t make you jittery andnervousand raise your heart rate like roasted coffee or ephedra. Infact,the green coffee bean has actually shown in some studies tohelplower blood pressure – while still boosting metabolism.
Home Shades and Blinds Ideas 1.0
Over one hundred blinds and shadesideas.Browse blinds and shades for bedrooms, livingrooms,diningrooms,bathrooms,childrens rooms, out door,patios,shadesfor gazebosand a whole lot of new and exciting ideas.
Home Bathroom Ideas 1.0
Home Bathroom IdeasThe bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms to improveorrenovate. If you are planning to remake your Bathroom or youarebuilding a new home then this app with offer you over 100s ofBathroom ideas. Be inspired without having to think what itemgoeswhat.Simply choose the image save it for later use.
Internet Marketing 2.0
There now exists two facades ofInternetusers—those who are in pursuit of the latest and freshinformationabout anything of interest and those who are seeing theInternet asan opportunity to earn huge potential revenues. Amongthese twofacades of Internet users, the former considers Internetmarketingas a completely mysterious subject to talk about. In fact,it is aforeign area of the web for them, being loaded withridiculousget-rich-quickly financial schemes and shady charactersready totake advantage of innocent and uninformed consumer withinthe clickof the mouse.However, for Internet marketers who earns by endorsingandselling high-quality products and services, Internet marketingis ahaven that provides freedom of doing what they want to do fortherest of their lives while earning more than they are earningfromtheir previous work. Because of the increasing number ofInternetmarketers, many online-based markets provide an easier andmoreconvenient way of acquiring almost everything. The totalquantityof goods sold over the Internet is consistently increasingeachyear as the information superhighway gains familiarityandpopularity. Studies concluded that people prefer makingonlinepurchases simply because of lower prices, wider selectionofproducts and services to choose from, easier comparison, andtheconvenience of making purchases without leaving the comfortoftheir homes.
Body building 1.0
Body building has always been thought of asaman’s sport. It’s true that most top-notch body builders aremen.If you are a man interested in body building, you really havesomeadvantages that can help you tone and sculpt a beautiful body.The first thing you need to keep in mind is that youarenaturally able to mold an amazing body. As a man, yourbodybuilding goals are already enhanced because of the naturalhormonesthat your body produces. Testosterone helps you have moreeffectiveworkouts and also helps you work out longer. This givesyou a bitof an edge over your female counterparts.
Best Rated Drink Shots 1.0
Recipes for the best Drink shots for thoseendof the work week party mode just before everything goes wild.Shooters are short, potent drinks that are mixed withacombination of spirits, liqueurs and non-alcoholic mixerswhileshots only contain ingredients that are alcoholic. Bothshootersand shots are served in shot glasses and consumed with onetip ofthe glass.
Mizuno Golf 1.0
There’s no doubt about it that the game ofgolfis one that is massively popular all over the world. Golf isalow-impact sport that can provide participants of all ages notonlya fun recreational activity but also some type of exercise.Golf isgood for the body, it’s good for the mind, it’s good forsocialactivities, and it’s good for business.There has been a renewed interest in golf lately amongtheyounger generations with the rise in popularity of golfphenomenonTiger Woods. These days, golf is enjoyed by young and oldalike. Itgives fathers time to spend with sons and daughters,brothers withsisters, and friends with other friends.
How to Make Alkaline Water 1.0
Alkaline Water! Improve yourhealth,supercharge your immune system, and fight the aging processwithantioxidant-rich alkaline water.Toxins are the number one cause of aging. They are often aresultof poor diet, pollution, and stress. Toxins can build up inyourbody causing cell damage that leads to premature aging. Thebest wayto fight toxins and detoxify your body is withantioxidants. Andit’s as easy as drinking antioxidant-richalkaline water.Change your water and change your life!!!
Small Dog Breeds 2.0
Did you know that there are several hundreddogbreeds? and amongst that there are dozens of small dog breeds.Withthat large number of breeds to choose from, how do peoplemanage todecide which breed is right for them? Luckily, you cannarrow downthe choices and find the right dog breed by following afew simplesteps.First, consider your available space. Do you live inanapartment? If so, you will want to rule out large dogs. Lookfordogs in the Toy group, such as Yorkshire Terriers, or some ofthesmaller dogs in the Terrier group, like theMiniatureSchnauzer.