King Army Action and Simulation Games Apps

Real Tabla Drums Player 1.0
The most fun experience in drumming toAndroid!. Enjoy tabla playing experience with real sound effect.Tabla Touch for play fun music for your mobile .Tabla musicInstrument , It 's Indian traditional Drum Set. While playing thistable you can feel as real Tabla. Easy to use interface, makes youtabla master by letting you play different tabla beats with yourtouch on the screen. With additional music and effects forcomplementing your creation. show them that you also can play tablalike a great tabla players.Your finger touch can create a magic sound,so this is time toimpress your friends, family, everyone and anytimeFEATURES:• Like Real Tabla• Easy to use• HD graphics• Different music effects• Recordig is available• Also get the recorded• Also Play the recorded music• Fully free to Download• You can share this app link via Facebook, Whatsapp, viber, Skype,and text message• FREE for everyone
Dubai Mall 360° View 1.0
In this application you will see all areas "Dubai Mall" in 360view.Simple to use, simple gesture are used in this app for yourcomfort.The Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping mall based ontotal area and fourth largest by gross leasable area. Located inDubai, it is part of the 20-billion-dollar Downtown complex, andincludes 1,200 shops.Opened: November 4, 2008Phone: 800 382246255Owner: Emaar PropertiesArchitectural style: Contemporary architectureNumber of floors: 4Number of anchor tenants: 2
New Party Dresses 2015 1.0
Are you looking for latest Party Wears Collection forAsia(Pakistan, India etc). So this app is a right choice for this.Features:- All Fresh Dress Design are added.- All Design are branded, and totally free to make it foryourself.- Updated monthly with new Dresses images.- Simple 1 click open app.- Nice gesture are used.
Real 3D Billiard Pool Snooker 1.0
Modes:-Practice Mode :: In this mode you will learn how to play thegame.Two Players Mode :: This is a challenging mode . In this you canchallenge your friends on same device.Features:-Nice 3D environment.Quite easy to play and good control.3D balls animations.Share the game with your friends.So play now & enjoy the game.
Modern Heli Striker 1.0
In modern day fight the rules of war haschanged, Now the opponents fight with latest technologies likeHelicopters, Jet fighter planes and Cruise Missiles. be brave andready for the ultimate atack to kill shot the jets opposing you andtrying to invade your land save your land and glory for the peaceof region at the sake of your own life risk. enemy from all aroundare ready to attack you can increase your arsenal capacity as youare always on automatic mode of firing and mission is to clear allthe bosses and save the beauty land from ruthless frontlinecommando force artillery combat. deadly war alliance against clansof opponent has started and you are advised not to have any mercyand kill them with furious skills of commando with whom you areequipped and trained for. bloody shooting with weaponry and manythings like helicopter gunship and armored plane against countryhas to be blocked so be prepared.Your city is under attack and your enemy is attacking with theiraviation. So you have to control your cobra to save it frommissiles and also attack enemy with automatic gun machine andguided missiles. Save your nation, beat your enemy and became anational hero. So download the Modern Heli Strike and save theassets of your country to download and play without internetHow to Play:touch and move the screen to aim the enemyuse missile button to fire the missileCollect valuable shields to power upAvoid to strike with opponent HeliYou have limited missilesCollect missiles shield to increase no of missiles
Real Drag Race Rivals 2016 1.0
Get ready to take over the racing on circuit& in city. Unlock cars to travel with the speed of heat.Two types of Racing are in the levels, "Street Racing" &"Circuit Racing".The Extreme Most Wanted game on Play store in racing.There is No Limit in Levels. Beat your Rival & Collect rewardsto unlock cars & Upgrades.Features:-* Many Cars with all types of upgrades.* Multi Levels in each episode.* Stunning & HD Graphics are used.* Best Free drag racing game for tablets.* Unique tracks in your favorite drag game.* Race & win Boss in the story mode.* Shift the gears on time to move fast than your Rival.
Real Deer Mountain Hunter 1.0
In the snow of December the deer are out inthe middle for food. Hunters are now getting the most brutalchallenging hunting in Snow Mountain and Jungle regions. Now , youhave to target the wild animals like lion , wolf , deer & bearetc and prove yourself as the wild hunter.You are avatar with a special precise sniper gun to shootfurious wild animals.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When someone getsinto it they take it as an invader. So be careful they will alsohurt you, so kill them first until they destroy you.Features:* 3D & high quality Environment is used which run smooth onmobiles.* Advance animals movement & listening sense is used.* 3 types of game playi. Hunt Deer.ii. Hunt Lions & protect Deer.iii. Hunt Bear & Wolf to protect yourself.* New & attractive scene of December.* Best Sound quality is added.
Labyrinth (The Maze) 1.0
"3D Maze Classic Labyrinth King" is a uniquegame of its kind on Play Store. This is a classic game where youcontrol a Gold ball by tilting on a wooden labyrinth.♛ Features ♛❥ High Performance Tilt Physics is used in the game.❥ Stunning Graphics & high quality sound are used in thegame.❥ Full 3D environment.❥ Physics simulation when falling into holes. Makes it possible toslide on a hole edge without falling.❥ Many many levels are included.❥ This is the best pocket game on Play Store.
Truck Speed Parking Simulator 1.0
Truck Speed Parking Simulator Free gameisdesigned in a most beautiful and unique city environment.You are being challenged to park different trucks&containers and bring them from base to the destination inlimitedtime.Just start the truck, and accelerate the race to get speed up&use brake to slow down the truck.20 EXTREME LEVELS & NEW GAME LEVELS WILL ALSO BE ADDEDVERYSOON.Features:-- Driving simulator game specially designed forAndroidphones.- Multi levels for ultimate driving practice and experience.- Very realistic gaint truck with real life controls.- Large size and slip resistance tyres of the giant truck.- Very amazing steering control, brake & forward gears.- Truck parking, boundary with road blocks.- Unique and beautiful city areas, lovely trees and road sidecafeenvironment.
City School Bus : Pick N Drop 1.0
The kids are waiting for their favoritebusdriver to transport them to school on time.Are you ready for an entertaining adventure? Your mission istosafely drop the kids off at school.Stop your bus on desire stop about 10 Seconds that the kids outfrombus & then drive towards next stop.***FEATURES**** Easy controller* Realistic driving experience and feelings* Beautiful Graphics* Realistic sound environment* Realistic physics* FULL HD graphics with high quality* Run smooth on every device
Industrial Tractor Parking SIM 1.0
Park your Tractor in industrial area.Industrial Simulator Tractor is a Tractor Simulationwithrealistic controls and great dynamic game play. Now youparktractor instead of car or bus.Get ready to experience the realistic drive of tractor inindustrialarea. This game is totally free.Feature:-* 3 type of control Via. Steering wheel, Tilt & Buttons.* Realistic 3D environment.* Nice music in background.* Multiple levels with many tractors.
Wildest Sniper Animal Shooting 1.0
Are you interested in Wild Animal Hunting?Wantto be a Wild Hunter? Want to be a Jungle Survival? Now thetimecome, play really interesting, exciting addictive 3D game.The hunt is on! Be a part of the animal shooting feverthishunting season. Go on a wild safari in this newest huntergame.Take your rifle and get ready to shoot down the wildanimals.*** FEATURES ***- An ultimate hunting action.- Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom.- First Person Sniper 3D Shooting.- True to life hunting experience.- High Quality cool Realistic 3D graphics and awesomesoundeffects.- Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence).- Ultimate control and eye catching scenes with slow motionbulletfire.*** How to Play ***- Tap on play button to start the Wild Sniper AnimalShooting.- Choice the Level to enter in Game Mode.- Read the Instructions Carefully to Start.- Find the animal, Target and Shoot it.- Use Zoom button to close the aim to animal.
Horse Jumping Adventure 1.0
Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to bepicked up and laid down like a game of solitaire.Horse Jumping Adventure is the 3D Art Interesting Game For Rider'sWith one finger swipe you move yourself overthe hurdles and obstacles.**********************************In This Game You Will Enjoy the realistic 3D graphics all yourwishes are fulfilled and navigation becomeschild’s play. On the back of your horse you can almost feel hissteps and to change the direction you onlyhave to touch the device buttons correspondingly And so you go upand over every obstacle with a waving tail.Are you up to the ride? Complete the track!How to Play:- The Game Control Only Touch So when You Gonna Move Or Wanna Jumpthe horseTouch The Relevant Buttons On The Screen Of Your Cell phone.YouReally Enjoy the Movement Of Horse.- You have to jump when you see the barriers by pushing your fingerin a forward motion on the touch screen.Game Features:- Game Consist Of four Level.When You Complete First level ThenUnlock All The remaining Level.- impressive 3D graphics and intuitive controls- Amazing game physics, and it's small and easy to install.- Accompanying music is a pleasure to listen to.- The animation is very fluid...
real truck simulator crazy 4x4 1.0
real monster truck with a new idea onplaystore has arrived and waiting for you to complete its missionwith stunt and 4x4 accelerometer with nice burnout of tire andbrake and jump for relieving your truck. track is very deadly andthis simulator 3d is not like other you have to be concious whileplaying the game its a real illegal match and you dont have to falldown without tension to overtake any vehicle you are the game kingand have to run the truck on lonely road alone as you the hero.this realistic physics critical driving and racing not really speedracing will make you today a lot more nice danger rider thanbefore. you will have too much adventure driving the heavy truckfrom a rather difficult perspective of camera and earn nothing inreturn just somplete levels and steer again and again without beingillegal fulfil your quench of race and also stuntracing ondangerous track.with this game 3d racing will be entering a new path of racing anddriving not the fast car but a jeep type 4wd truck can now performmore than ever thinking of the user. you are not drunken so becareful and climb on steep and hill type offroad adventure withmultiple control of challenging drive. it is not real tough but youhave to be very conscious about it and dont brag to drive on dangerroad. technology has advanced and enhance so dont need to spendreal money on these hillarious things present freely and you cankill your time easily with these latest truck game afterdownloading.Try some thing new on play sStore with 4x4 Truck with a lot ofnew variety Trucks.Awesome Graphics, Roads & trucks are waiting for you.Features:-* New Truck with nice feature and jump button on hud* Jumping on narrow road and track* Stunning Graphics for real amuse of user* High quality soundfree to play always download with internet now
Sniper Squad Combat 1.0
As an experienced Commando shooter youhavebeen a team to lead. You are on a mission to silent the gunsofenemies by killing them. Your team is on the watchtower andenemiesare attacking on your team. It’s a time to check yourleading,guiding skills and reflexes. Take a sniper shot and shoottheenemies. Enemies will attack from different positions so keepaneye on team so when anyone of the position of our team memberblinktap at the player to switch then fight.Mission:Your mission is to kill enemies as well as lead your team fromthefront. Enemies are equipped with heavy guns. Kill enemiesbeforetheir attack reaches to your team. Aim proper by tapping zoomthenshoot. Smartly switch the camera to increase your teamsurvivortime.How to Play:Swipe or move the aiming point to kill the enemy.Press Zoom Button to aim at the terrorists that are far fromthecommando.Press Fire button to Fire on Enemy.See the movement of terrorist from the radar.Kill enemies to get Score points.Tap on the players to switch camera.Features:Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazingkillingeffects.Real Military Environment.Support for HD phone devices and tablets.Good quality sound effects.User friendly GUI and controls.Efficient weapon controls & movement.Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!
Princess Temple Shoot N Run 1.0
Download addictive Princess Temple Shoot NRun2016 is now out for Android!The beautiful little princess lost in temple, & thedevilsare in the way of princess, so come & save the theprincess& help her to find the right way to home.Run, jump your princess through the hidden paths and save herfromthe evil monsters of the lost & old temple!Also shoot the evil & monsters in the way of princess.FEATURES *** Simple two buttons of gameplay to keep you addicted.* Challenging unlimited levels to complete.* Complete with your friends and family for highscore.* Also beat your high score.
Real Wild Animal Hunters 1.1.2
Wellcome to the scary jungle. Kill thewildBeastsbefore the time out.Jungle is a perfact place for hunting but if you are incorrectplace to find Deers if not and stay out of this becausebeasts areout there.The target of sniping running animals is a little challenging.Forthe time being you have to kill three animals, Bear, Rhino andFoxbut in next versions you will be able to kill fast animalslikecougar, Lion and tiger etc. Levels are also added innextversions.STORY OF THE GAME:In this game you wanted to hunt the Deers but you lost inthejungle, there are only wild beasts out every where. So be calmandshootout every animal which hurts you.FEATURES:-Nice and cool control.-5x zooming option.-Unlimited Ammo.-Real Wild Hunting experience.Thank's for Download please share your reviews in comments.
Flick Soccer Kicks 1.0
3D graphics and realistic animations forthebest Soccer flick for free.Features:-* 5 different type of levels are added.* Realistic animation.* High quality stunning graphics.* Multi direction for scoring a goal.* Different goal keeper are in every stage.
Save World: Home Land 1.0
Save your home land from nuclear attack.World is under attack of nuclear missiles.So come and destroy them before they crush your home land.Features:-* Awesome 3D Missiles are used.* Nice sounds are used.* High quality Animation are used when missiles destroyed.* Simple game with best features.