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Kinguin 4.0.4
Kinguin - a global marketplace for digital games and in game items.Our mission is simple: to offer you the best games at the lowestprices possible! But that’s not all: we simply love video games andthis is what keeps us pumped. We are actively operating on thee-sports market, working with the best players and biggest teams,creating incredible events and bringing all the best into the worldof gaming. With the Kinguin App you can get your skins at anytimefrom anywhere. Reach for your phone...and jazz up your weapon! Wehave over 40,000 CS:GO items to choose from. It doesn’t matterwhere you are, all you need to do is to launch your app and startbrowsing!
Minefield Runner 0.5
Become a part of an awesome fight for survival! While going throughthe minefield you must keep your senses sharp and rely on yourmemory. For a brief moment you will be shown the minefield. Afterthat you must draw a path for an armored vehicle, ready to confrontthe risk. Jump in and become a professional navigator!Created by atalented boy from the Czech Republic Krystof Albrecht.
Kinguin Football Adventure 1.04
THE BALL IS YOURSPerform a string of flawless passes and take thefinal shot before the opponents get you. They don't slow down. Theynever quit. Only your reflexes and quick decision-making will letyou win and make the commentator lose it with excitement!WIN ANDDISCOVERScore goals to get fandom points and use them to unlockover 30 new teams! Discover additional commentators who change theexperience from exhilarating to simply hilarious.SHOW'EM WHO'SBEST!Get all the trophies and take first place in the leaderboard!Compete with friends (or enemies, because why not?), and prove yourabsolute penguin football mastery.FEATURES- Intuitive, fast-pacedgameplay- Single player fun with competitive online elements- Tonsof free unlockable content- Awesome for playing in short burstsPUTONE BETWEEN THE STICKS AND CELEBRATE LIKE APENGUIN!Bwa-bwa-bwa-bwa-bwa-bwa-bwa-bwa…The game allows you topurchase virtual goods within the app, so if you wanna have all thecontent available from the get-go – you sure can! But don't worry,you can unlock it all without spending a dime. It's your game, andit's your choice.BROUGHT TO YOU BY is one of thelargest digital goods trading platforms in the world. For yearswe've been connecting sellers and gamers from dozens of countries.Why? It's simple. Kinguin Loves Gaming, is