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Wait Victor: Endless Runner
Kiragan Games
Unhappy Husky Victor fell out of the van, and now the dog mustdoeverything in its power to catch up with his family. 
Now he'sarunner! Control is carried out with one finger, each touchgivesVictor acceleration, if there is no touch - dog starts tolagbehind.
But the bag is not Victor's only enemy. As soon as Yougetused to them, as a flying souvenir bench will attack you ...well,or a dirigible ... and we have a whole lot of such suddenguys, itwill just not be interesting if we tell everything at once.
Withall this chaos, Husky Victor is helped by a set ofuniqueabilities. In each location are available to open thematicskills.After you have discovered them all - you can take in anystage -any skill, especially fun looking pandas in the wild west.Featuresof Wait Victor: Endless Runner * 3 different endless levels* Eachlevel has own enemy and skills set * 15 unique skills * CoolHusky* All game images are painted and painted by hand, and withlove :)
In addition to skills there is a system of perks, perks arerandomand have an impact until the end of the current match. Ahugenumber of these perks will make each match uniqueandunforgettable. 
 Our Endless Runner is completely free.Nooption to buy anything. No need to join social networks orcontactyour friends. Thanks for playing Wait Victor: EndlessRunner! P.S.Victor is a real dog, lives in our family.
Shapeless 2.0
Kiragan Games
Shapeless Puzzle is here to test all your wits and puzzle-solvingskills with dozens of cool levels. The game offers a stellarcombination of Gembine and 2048 elements, all while putting you atthe midst of it all. The cool thing here is that you’re not movingjust a separate figure, you are moving the full board and the focushere is that you need to tuck the figure to the edge. When you havetwo identical figures, you will create a new figure. The goal is tocreate the final level for each figure until there are no moves,and that’s when you will win. Shapeless Puzzle comes with somenifty puzzle mechanics, and at the same time it also deliverssimplistic and fun training that you want to check out. As youplay, you will always have different backgrounds that give you lotsof convenience and they lead to a tremendous experience all thetime. The modified 2048 gameplay combined with unique ideas andtremendous value makes Shapeless Puzzle one of the coolest gamesthat you can play right now. If you love puzzle games, giveShapeless Puzzle a shot and you will enjoy it a lot! Features:Inventive puzzle mechanics Unique gameplay with lots of differenttwists Easy to play, but hard to master You have a multitude ofcolorful backgrounds Dedicated training mode
Farm Story: Match 3 Quest 1.0
Kiragan Games
Farm Story - animals saga with hundreds of unique levels.Matchcandy on every square to destroy all the squares under thecandy.Then a magic candy will appear and crush all around. * Match3candy of the same color * Crush chocolate and other elements,whichblock your way * Use special candy to crush all puzzle * Eachlevelis an unique puzzle with hundreds of match combinationsSometimes,you have to free the candy from chains or crush walls tocompletethe puzzle. To make the game saga more fun, make matches of4 or 5to launch special candy, which will help you complete thelevel.Actually, just match 3+ candy and have a fun! Our animalssaga iscompletely free. No option to buy anything. No need tojoinFacebook or contact your friends. Thanks for playing FarmStory:Match 3 Puzzle!
[Project : Hive] 3.1
Kiragan Games
Project : Hive is a fun, action packed arcade game that youcanenjoy and play as you see fit. It’s a rewarding, fun andexcitinggame that requires your utmost attention as you encountermanychallenges right in front of you. The primary focus in Project:Hive is to do everything you can in order to reach thefurthestplaces in the entire universe. You will need a good ship togetthere, and with Project : Hive you can totally do that. Butyouwill not be alone. As you play you will encounter more andmorechallenges that you will have to eliminate. This means youwillhave multiple robots, moving hands and a plethora of otherenemiesthat you may have to tackle. It’s definitely not going to bea walkin the park to find the best approach with this, and in theend itcan indeed pay off immensely due to that. Project : Hivealsooffers you multiple interesting puzzles too. While playing youwillhave to open gates and you will need to figure out arrangementsandtricks needed to open doors. It’s helping you a lot, justbecausethere are lots of cool ideas and nice options for you tocheck out.The game is definitely getting better and better as youexplore newregions, and you will be amazed with the huge excitementand funthat you can get from this. Of course, you don’t just scourthespace and factories for nothing. You will have to connecthoneybottles, which can be used to improve your character the bestwaythat you can. The more of these you get, the faster you willbeable to increase your character’s capabilities. At firstyourcharacter will be rather limited in focus on strength, but withalittle bit of great ideas, you will have no problemachievingoutstanding results all the time. There are also a lot ofpower-upsin the game too. These include teleporting, resizing thecharacterand time delays. All of them can be used in order to makethegameplay better and more interesting each time you play. Andsincethere are so many nice ideas and cool opportunities to checkout,you will have no problem enjoying Project : Hive and the funthatcomes with it. You will always love Project : Hive, justbecauseit’s increasingly fun and exciting. And the best part aboutall ofit is that you can easily adjust and adapt everything the wayyouwant to. It’s always going to be a bit tricky to find therightsolutions to puzzles, but then again that’s what makes Project:Hive so good and replayable. Check it out now! Features:Engagenumerous robots in battle Upgrade your character with honeybottlesLots of powerups like teleport, resizing or time delayImpressivegraphics
Sweet Spells: Halloween Match 3 Quest 1.0
Kiragan Games
Sweet Spells - Halloween saga with hundreds of unique levels.Matchcandy on every square to destroy all the squares under thecandy.Then a magic candy will appear and crush all around. * Match3candy of the same color * Crush chocolate and other elements,whichblock your way * Use special candy to crush all puzzle *ExcitingHalloween spirit * Each level is an unique puzzle withhundreds ofmatch combinations Sometimes, you have to free the candyfromchains or crush walls to complete the puzzle. To make the gamesagamore fun, make matches of 4 or 5 to launch special candy,whichwill help you complete the level. Actually, just match 3+candy andhave a fun! Our Halloween saga is completely free. Nooption to buyanything. No need to join social networks or contactyour friends.Thanks for playing Sweet Spells: Halloween Match 3Quest!