Kiskeya Apps

Kiskeya 4.5.3
Radio Kiskeya was inaugurated on May 7, 1994. It was a daring move,in the middle of a coup period. The journey has been long anddifficult. It continues to be, sadly. This did not stop us fromcreating the Kiskeya app that offers live stream, podcast (ondemand audio) and listening by phone anywhere on the planet viaZenoRadio. Also, shows like ‘Internet Public’, ‘Déclic avec GotsonPierre’, ‘MédiaSport’ or ‘Dim Ma Diw avec Marvel Dandin’ can belistened to using the app. We want to insist that we have managedto maintain a certain place on the media scene, much more by ourdetermination to serve and to accomplish the work begun than by thefavors of anyone. Our conviction is that the country needs a freeand strong press, in which the public places its trust and whoseorganization, cohesion and professionalism are all assets intendedto positively influence opinion. A press that can help Haitiabandon the tortuous, sandy and difficult paths of illegalityerected into a system; a press whose contribution to the fightagainst impunity is guaranteed. It is also necessary for this pressto help find the path that distances us from improvisation andamateurism in the management of public affairs. This press, whichwe are talking about and which we need, will therefore have to beinvolved in the construction of a new culture of openness to modernideas and realities, especially to the fantastic information andcommunication technologies of the 21st century.