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Toddler Animal Sounds 1.5.0
💕💕💕 Features 💕💕💕• High rated game• Cute and friendly interactiveanimated animals• Animated animal song• Helps with learninganimals, animal sounds, first words, and action/reaction.• Supereasy slideshow mode is available for the youngest of little ones
Baby Peekaboo Safari 1.1.2
Toddler Peekaboo Safari is an amazing peekaboostyle educational game for your toddler. Searching for hiddenanimals in the African or Australian jungles and forests, yourchild will be introduced to some of the most iconic and fascinatinganimals on earth, ones they will know and love their whole lives.They will also hear their sometimes unexpected calls.....what doesthe fox really say? And what sound does a kangaroo make? The animalwill make their characteristic call and then when you touch thepartially hidden animal, you will hear their name pronounced inEnglish, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese (your choice), as it revealsitself.Features:- Perfectly designed for easy interactive play by younger children,toddlers and babies- Animal sounds, together with voice recordings of animals inEnglish, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese- High resolution (HD) graphics for tablets- Touch, see, hear, and discover technology- Free child development game
Jurassic Dinosaur Dig 1.2.0
This amazingly fun dinosaur game will have them digging into funand skills development for hours on end! Start the excitement bydownloading Jurassic Dinosaur Dig!Jurassic Dinosaur Dig Features:-Great cartoon graphics that kids love- Very interactive for curiouslittle ones- Cool effects and sounds that bring the dinosaurs tolife- Perfect for junior paleontologists in training from ages 2-4
Kids Piano Animal Deluxe
Kids 11 key electric keyboard game, with both'free play' and 'learn to play' modes, and animals galore.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ MANY RICH PIANO FEATURES ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥- Freestyle play function - includes optional drum backing indifferent styles- Learn to play function, teaching an entire 16 nursery rhymefavorites!- Alternately, you can also listen to the nursery rhyme songs playthemselves- Colorful keyboard and cute graphics▶ App contains the following 3 instruments and 6 animals toplay:- Piano- Xylophone- Guitar- Dog- Cat- Duck- Frog- Sheep- Pig▶ App contains a full 16 nursery rhymes to listen to and learn toplay:- Three Blind Mice- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Old MacDonald- Itsy Bitsy Spider- London Bridge- Ba Ba Black Sheep- Row Row Row your boat- Humpty Dumpty- 5 Little Monkeys- Ring-a-ring a rosie- Clementine- Mary, Mary- Miss Muffet- Hickory Dickory Dock- B*I*N*G*O*- Muffin Man
Kids Touch Music Piano Game
♥ Free, colorful, easy for kids to use, fun 8tone piano game with both 'free play' and 'learn to play' modes♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ FEATURES ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥- Freestyle play function - includes optional drum backing- Learn to play function - free version teaches 4 nursery rhymefavorites!- Colorful keyboard and cute graphics▶ App contains the following 'instruments' to play:- Piano- Guitar- Duck!▶ App contains the following music to learn:- Itsy Bitsy Spider- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Old MacDonald- Three Blind Mice
Baby Touch Balloon Pop Game 16.0
A good old fun and easy to play balloon popping game with animals,for young children to play and enjoy. Just touch the balloons topop them, and touch the animals, sun and clouds to enjoy soundand/or effects. Simple, yet fun for younger kids 1+. ▶▶▶ OVER 3MILLION DOWNLOADS!!! SO COME JOIN THE FUN.
Baby Touch Balloon Pop Paid 14.0
A good old fun and easy to play balloon popping game with animals,for young children to play and enjoy. Just touch the balloons topop them, and touch the animals, sun and clouds to enjoy soundand/or effects. Simple, yet fun for younger kids 1+. Ad-Free paidversion.
Peekaboo Farm Barn 1.1.3
This amazing peek-a-boo style game app forbabies and toddlers will take them straight to the farm with an allstar cast of animal favorites that they can find hidden behindbales of hay and reveal themselves.To see each animal, the user merely needs to click on the haybale obstacle hiding it. The animal is revealed to the delight ofthe child. Touch a second time to hide them once again, bringing anew animal to listen to, and starting over again.Peekaboo Farm Barn Features:- The animals and background are expertly designed with great kidsappeal.- The play is supremely simple, but mentally stimulating,culminating in learning the names of farm animals .- Additional option of helping to learn numbers with a peekaboonumbers option.- Touch, see, hear, and discover technology. Peekaboo Farm Barn isan excellent first app for any baby or toddler.In short, this brilliant game will help your child whileentertaining and delighting them for hours of farm yard fun!Download today and get your child off to a galloping start!
Baby Mini Drum Studio
After our Kids Piano app started drippingawesome, we decided to try our hand at a simpler drum app for evenyounger minds, and Mini Drum Studio was born:Your child will get lost within the creative flow of tapping awayand developing rhythm. In addition to the drums there are someextra features that should help to entertain and keep your child'sinterest:- children's songs to drum along too- Multi-touch- includes 5 drums and 3 cymbals.- visual feedback of hitting drums- additional animal sound featureRock this real drum kit and download now for free!tags: baby drum school
com.kissta.feedthetoddler 12.0
This simple yet wonderful app is a super fun way for your toddlerto learn (English) food names. By tapping pictures of food, anentertaining sequence of events occur with food being eaten and thetarget vocabulary, the food name, spoken in a cute way. It's fun,educational and sure to delight your toddler.
Baby Touch Balloon Pop Paid 14.0
A good old fun and easy to play balloon popping game with animals,for young children to play and enjoy. Just touch the balloons topop them, and touch the animals, sun and clouds to enjoy soundand/or effects. Simple, yet fun for younger kids 1+. Ad-Free paidversion.
Toddler Match Shape Puzzles 10.01
This traditional, simple, yet engaging, super fun puzzle game issure to delight your toddler. This is a casual, cute fun puzzleshape matching game your child will love. This free versioncontains a full 30 puzzles.
Kids ABC Sounds Letter Fun 9.0.4
Kids ABC Sounds Letter Fun is a fun free appto help kids better identify the letters of the alphabet. It helpschildren learn their ABC's in a fun, positive learning environment.This app is made up of FOUR different games that work togetherto improve a child's knowledge and practical use of thealphabet.This free app also includes:• positive friendly voice comments• sticker rewards• cute graphicsNote: The spoken word and the background music volumes arecontrolled separately to give you total control. Please maximize"media volume" to increase the spoken volume and decrease "ringtonevolume" to minimize background music as required.
Fun Coloring Scratch Game 1.2.0
'Fun Coloring Scratch Game' takes the fun of coloring and adds in asplash of extra fun by turning the black and white coloring bookpicture pages into dazzling full color pictures with just a swipeof the finger. Color many different images of cute and interestinganimals, vehicles, scenes, and more! With hundreds of high qualityimage pages to color, no in-app purchases, and ease of use FunColoring Scratch Game is perfect for the young and young at heart.There is no need for crayons when you have Fun Coloring ScratchGame! Have fun coloring just about anywhere! Fun Coloring ScratchGame Features:- Fun coloring- High quality images- Awesome colorsand dazzling effects- Over a hundred pages for hours of coloringand scratching- No in-app purchases to worry about when you havelittle ones coloring on your deviceFun coloring Scratch Game is funand entertaining for all young coloring fans!
Dinosaurs for Kids 1.0.3
Younger kids (~1-4 years) will really love this easy-to-usedinosaur and mega-fauna game's sights and sounds.Features include:•12 popular dinosaurs and an additional 12 prehistoric animals•Simple easy-to-use interface, ideal for toddlers• Great interactivesights and sounds
Baby Fun Phone - Touch Game 9.0.5
Features:- Colorful musical keypad- Press a key to make it virtualdial and answer with a persons voice or animal call- Press a key tovirtual dial and ring- Press a key to play nursery rhymesnote: -For Android phones and tablets
Bubble Pop - Free the Animals 10.0.1
The colorful sights and interesting sounds of this game will amusebabies for long periods. The easy to use mechanics, and both funand funny high quality audio and graphics have been developed forthe best and easiest child interactions. Download now to see yourbaby's face light up as they pop bubbles and set animals free.
Fairy Tale Picture Game 9.0.3
This amazing game, expertly created and designed for youngchildren, is a perfect game for little hands. This easy to usegame, with its many beautifully hand drawn graphics of fairies,princesses, dragons and fairy tale characters, is a fun anddelightful game for young children. Revealing the imaginationinspiring images will help develop creativity and imagination.Children will have hours of fun exploring the gorgeous art andcolors behind either the solid colored screen, or the black andwhite screen. As they remove the color, one swipe at a time, anenchanting scene unfolds, to whimsical sound effects in thebackground. Great fun for the little ones and peace of mind forparents that care about their children and the quality of the gamesthey play. Download Scratch Picture Game for your kids now andwatch them smile with delight.Scratch Picture Game Features: ❤ Manybeautiful hand drawn images ❤ Easy to manipulate controls ❤ Fun andcreative play style ❤ Whimsical sound effects ❤ HD Graphics and funcharacters
Toddler Christmas Touch Game 9.0.3
Here's our free Xmas holiday game, featuring asimple and easy touch button interface, perfectly designed fortoddlers and young children to use and enjoy. Touching each picturebutton displays a different Christmas animation at the top of thescreen, while it's name is spoken and a short catchy or Christmas-yburst of music is played.
Find Animal - for kids 1.02
Are you looking for a great mobile game forkids to play on their device or yours? Download Find Animals nowand take your little ones on a fun and colorful safari!This fun game combines kid-friendly matching challenges with anamazingly sweet game. It has the great benefits of stimulatingmental exercise and hand eye coordination skills.It’s easy to play; you simply locate the matching animals on thescreen and tap the two that match and the game removes thoseanimals. Finding animals has been professionally created andexpertly developed with the little ones matching fun anddevelopment in mind.Finding animals Features:• Great HD graphics• Easy to play• Cute animal characters• Imaginative and colorful
Cars For Kids Free Touch Game 11.0
This simple app will captivate your child, while he/she learns toname all manner of vehicles, planes and boats.This app includes:◆Over 30 animated vehicles, boats and planes◆ A cool and easy to useanimated transition between each vehicle as it drives/flies
Baby ABC Animals Touch Game
Free cute alphabet learning app to helpyounger children learn their ABC's in a fun filled learningenvironment.This game has:▶ ease of use touch interface for toddlers▶ cute and funny animations of animals▶ clear pronunciation of letters and names▶ fun and exciting music(Banner Ad Supported. Letter icons courtesy of our friends
Math Fish Eat Numbers (Paid) 1.02
*Ad-Free version*Can you feed Math Fish?Math Fish Eat Numbers is a fun, awesome game that challenges youto combine number bubbles to match the numbers that Math Fish ishungry for! The target number will appear on his belly and you haveto drag number bubbles together to add or subtract for the targetnumber. Once you have the right number, the Math Fish will gobbleit up, and you can watch him grow! Math Fish makes learningaddition, subtraction, and even negative numbers so much fun! Infact, it just feels like a fun game! With over 75 cool andchallenging levels and many different fish species to unlock, MathFish Eat Numbers will have you completely addicted to this way ofmath learning, which is entertaining and rewarding!Math Fish Eat Numbers Features:- Fun math learning- Cool graphics and game play- 75 outstanding levels of math challenges- Target age = 7 [good for 5-9 year olds]- Addition, subtraction, and negative numbers are all includedfree- Pick from a variety of exciting and fun fish species to useMath Fish Eat Numbers is an extremely fun and rewarding gamethat blends learning and gaming. Download it now!
123 Animal Count For Baby 1.0.6
💕 Lots of animals are on hand, utilizing fun, cuteness and music,to get your baby loving their numbers 💕 A world full of animals areready to interact simply and easily utilizing sights and sounds, toencourage your child to count along.
Baby Dress Up 13.3
Let your imagination run wild and your baby look amazing. ☆☆☆What's inside ☆☆☆ - 5 adorable babies!  - 20 perfectlocations, both indoors and out. - 25 special dresses - 25 cuteaccessories - 25 fun shoes, sandals, and boots - 35 varied tops -50 shorts, trousers and skirts; so many to choose from! ▶▶▶ OVER 1MILLION DOWNLOADS!!! SO COME JOIN THE FUN.
Piggy Evolution - Clicker 1.0.1
What bizarre creature can you create next?It's time to get your madscientist hat on, and combine some cute little piggies, to createeven cuter or perhaps much weirder creatures. And the sky is notthe limit; pigs in space is the final frontier. ❤ FEATURES ❤❀ 5different stages, from the farm to the heavens, and many, many pigspecies to discover❀ Easy drag n' drop game play, using similarpiggies to create a cute new species❀ New higher species create anincome, allowing you to speed the evolutionary process even more ❀Perfectly designed to play a little each day❀ Cute doodle styleillustrations
Fairy Tale Princess Dollhouse 2.03
This awesome app is a great way to create a fairy tale world fullof stories. With so many characters to choose from and cool dollhouse decorations to use, you can have many hours of fun creatingimaginative story worlds. Choose amazing castles, palaces orfabulous homes, and make them your own as you add items andcharacters to complete whole scenes or stories about your princess,prince and their friends. This all-ages fairy princess app isperfect for playing alone or making family quality time with yourprinces and princesses even more creative and enjoyable. ❤❤❤ APPFEATURES ❤❤❤ ✿ Make your own fairy tale come to life ✿ Awesomecastles and cute homes with many rooms ✿ Over 200 fantasticdecorations to add to the rooms of your choosing ✿ Plenty of coolcharacters and pets that bring stories to life in fun scenes thatyou create ✿ A variety of well known fairy tale charactersavailable to choose from; including Little Red Riding Hood, Aliceand the Mad Hatter, fairies, ice princess and many more Make yourown fairy tale scenes and stories with hundreds of fun and cutecharacters, decorations, and awesome castles and homes.
My Own Family Doll House Game 2.3
♛ Choose your favorite house and give it your own personal touch byfurnishing it room by room, with over two hundred beautiful piecesof furniture and special items. The doll house of your dreamsawaits! ♛
Toddler Musical Kitchen 1.0.3
Let your child make music on your phone or tablet, with theirvirtual musical kitchen coming to life!Toddler musical Kitchen is:- original, different and great for the imagination- creative funfor toddlers and kids filled with creativity bursting to get out-designed for kids with simple navigation and fantastic kitchencharacters
ByeBye Monster 1.1.1
This game is a fun twist on the oldfashionedwhack-a-mole game, blending funny little pop-up "monsters"andtheir cute voices, together with a simple to use gamemechanic.This game will delight babies and toddlers of allskillranges.
Touch and Make - Animal Game 1.1.2
This brilliantly designed game app isperfectfor infants and toddlers brimming with creativity. With atouch ofthe finger, an animated creature is born and startscrawlingaround! These happy little creatures will thrill anddelightyounger children.♥ Touch the grass to make insects, like lady-beetles, andfingerdraw lines to make cute and colorful worms♥ Feed them to make them grow'Touch and Make' game features:- FUN and EASY, make creatures with a touch of your finger- Lots of animated creatures- Extremely interactive- Accidental back button hits disabled to avoidwanderingfingersDownload now to give your child an absorbing and funplaytime
Baby Dress Up Paid 1.0.3
Let your imagination run wild and your baby look amazing.This appincludes all the advantages of the free version plus:- 5 new extraprincesses- 6 new extra locations- 8 new extra princess dresses-all ads removed!
Animal Scratch Picture Game
This professionally created app for youngerkids offers more than just play, it's also great for helping withdevelopment of more refined motor skills and imagination! The bestpart for the young ones though is that it's fun.Download this high quality enchanting game now for your kids and besure to introduce your play date parents and friends to thisamazing app and share this fun game and its interesting animalcharacters.
com.kissta.ftb2 2.0.0
A baby of your very own! Feed the Baby 2 is a fun, easy game foryou and your preschoolers, infants, and toddlers. The largegraphics and clear sounds make it perfect for you and your littleones! This game offers you the chance to have fun with your childwhile caring, playing, and training a virtual baby. Provide food,baby care, baths, and toilet training with no stinky diapers, wepromise! With awesome sounds and voices, together with beautifullycreated graphics and cool animations, Feed the Baby 2 will have youand your little ones sharing quality play time together. Feed theBaby 2 features: ▶ Fun game for little ones ▶ Quality time withmom, dad, and baby ▶ Easy to play and understand; perfect forlearning ▶ Fantastic animations and graphics for all ages gamingfun ▶ Professionally designed and brilliantly created baby game appWhether this very special, cute, happy, baby is saying please orthank you, needs to go potty, or simply playing with his wonderfultoys, he's always having a fun time doing it. And so will you,helping him along the way. Play Feed the Baby 2 with your littleones today!
Fun Touch Effects 2.1.4
Features:- More varied, funny, interesting effects than other apps-Highly interactive- Designed perfectly for the youngest of children/ toddlers- Attention getting and engaging play sessionsFeaturedinteractive effects include:balloons, bubbles, animals, stars,fireworks, superheroes, bubble wrap, piano keyboard, drums, colorripples, planes, and more
Bouncing Balls Supreme 3.0
Get away from the traditional bubble shooting game and play anewer, funner and bouncier 'aim and let fly' game. Now with 3shapes. Master double, triple and more multiple bounces to wreakhavoc on the strongest shapes and secure your new high score.
Bouncing Balls Supreme Paid 1.0
Get away from the traditional bubble shooting game and play anewer,funner and bouncier 'aim and let fly' game. Now with 3shapes.Master double, triple and more multiple bounces to wreakhavoc onthe strongest shapes and secure your new high score.