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Onet Connect Animal 2.3
Find all matching pairs. Funny, challenging, this is Onet game!FEATURES: ★ Classic Onet game ★ 2 Theme: Animal - Food ★ 2 Mode:Classic 7 levels - Extend 13 Levels ★ 8-bit graphic. HOW TO PLAYOnet Connect Animal ? ✓ Remove 2 animal with the same kind whichcan be connected within 3 lines. ✓ Remove all animals before timeup. ✓ Attend to number at top left corner: LIVE, when there is nopair on the board, all animals will change position and LIVE willbe reduced by 1. Have fun of playing Onet Connect Animal!
Mahjong Solitaire Animal 2.7
Super classic Mahjong Solitaire game with cute animals. How to playMahjong Solitaire Animal: - Your goal is remove all pair ofidentical animals. - You can only remove FREE animals that have aside on the left or right completely clear, and do not have anothertile on top. Let's fun with Mahjong Solitaire Animal!
Matching Animal 1.3
Matching Animal is a classic memory concentration game that helpyou exercise and improve your memory. FEATURE: - Different levelsof difficulty for your brain - Cute animal Graphic - Simple and FunHave fun of playing Matching Animal!