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Final Kombat 2 1.4.2
Final Kombat 2 is an amazing Fighting - ArcadePlatform game set in a Subway City. (Final Kombat 2 has a fightingstyle inspired in Mortal Kombat fighting)It is set in a retro Arcade Subway, mixing the Platform Gamewith the Mortal Kombat fighting style.STORYMetro City is in troubles!!Only Jax (a member of the Super Cops) and Hal (a super RoboCop) cansave the city.Mr. K (The Gang Boss) has filled the city with bombs and youhave to deactivate them all, but all the gangs are going to try tostop you.This is a mortal mission, you must kill or die in this FinalKombat.Are you brave enough?Join the team and make your mortal movements!You'll have to defeat all the enemies (Evil Robots, Funky Punky,Mega Steel Spider) and Final Bosses (Handmmer - Steel Spider -Mr.K).Go through this exciting adventure... Join the character youlike the most and fight all the enemies in your way, find the rightpath, recover live by breaking Life Packs, avoid the traps andobstacles and defeat the badass final bosses finding theirweakspot!!Come on and Join the Mortal Team!This is Final Kombat 2... the best Fighting Retro game with Arcadeand Platform levels.This is not another "easy to complete" game, you need to improveyour skills to be able to complete the game!Game Content:-4 Different ambient maps. with a Retro arcade design.* Subway Station* Mortal Metro* Gheto Fight* Desert Kombat-16 Challenging Platform levels-Customizable Controls Position* You can choose the controls position, to have a better in gameexperience.-4 Bombs to deactivate in each level.-Tons of attacks and combos (movements inspired in MortalKombat)* Normal Punch and Kick (Normal Kombat)* Combo Attack (Super Kombat)* Super High Kick (Kickass Kombat)* Charge and Kick Hard (Final Kombat)* Unstoppable Laser Attack (Super Mortal Kombat)***Find out the best combination to defeat all the bad guys!***-Lots of enemies to defeat.* Funky Punky (Easy enemy)* Evil Robots (Difficult enemy)* Mega Steel Spider (Super difficult. Find the weakspot and finishhim)-A bunch of traps and obstacles.* Lasers* Bombs* Circle Saw-4 Final Badass bosses.* Nick The Handmmer* SteelSpider Queen* Mr. K and his Mortal Moto* Klarissa the Rocket Girl-6 Languages (English, Spanish, Brasileiro, Bengalí, Russian,Arabic)Enjoy this AdventureGood Luck & Have Fun.
Tank Battle 3D: Desert Titans 1.9.6
TANK BATTLE STORYYou are a Sergeant of a World War II tank destined to the sandydessert of Africa. The enemy are trying to claim a small base southof the country. Your mission is to destroy all resistance andarsenal you find in the area. Reduce enemy forces as much aspossible.MISSIONControl your tank through the vast lands and protect your base bydestroying any resistance with your war machines on thebattlefield.Under the command of Major G. Briggs, the Sergeant leading theoperation must pass 10 different levels depending on the area ofattack, and Become an action hero. Show off your aim with first orthird person view for more realism.FEATURES- 8 different 3D tank action to choose, to win your battle inDesert against all the enemies- 10 intense levels of gameplay with increasing enemy difficultythe further you progress- You will many different enemies find in your way that will makeyour task harderBECOME A NATIONAL HERO CONTROLLING YOUR TANK BY HELPING YOURCOUNTRY WIN THIS WORLD WAR
Mary Bubbles 1.0
Enter the interactive world and play ourminigames. A world of lovely melodies and beautiful graphics tostimulate children's minds.Enjoy playing the skill games like flying the airplane or thelogic ones like the train puzzle or the castle's maze. Kids alsowill be able to develop their creative skills dressing up MaryBubbles.Play easy minigames and enjoy with Mary Bubbles an amazingtravel!!Welcome to Mary Bubbles World!- A wonderful adventure- Explore this enjoyable game- You will can make photos beside Mary Bubbles
Tourist Guide 1.0.1
Tourist Guide will allow you to easily findall the information you need for sightseeing in major Europeancities. Maps, and the best places to visit.