Kitty Gala Limited Apps

Gems and Runes 1.3
Welcome to the fantastic journey through a magical world as youmatch gems to break the runes and collect cards to strengthen yourpower for your future challenges.Gems And Runes is a match-3mechanic puzzle game with a twist, all you need is a cunningstrategy and wisely use the magical spells to finish eachlevel.Game Play:-Match the gems with the same colour of the runesunderneath in order to reveal the monster token of each level.Leadthe monster token to the bottom of the game board to complete alevel.Magical Spells:- The more chaining gems you get, the morepowerful magic gems you will obtain.4 gems (any colours) = SmallEnergy Bomb5 gems (red) = Magical Fire Wall5 gems (blue) = MagicalIce Blast5 gems (green) = Magical Volcanic Burst5 gems (purple) =Magical Wind Whirl5 gems (yellow) = Magical Lightning ChainMonsterCards:-You will be asked to draw a lucky card after each game andyou will get different potions by adding the Health Point (HP) andMagic Power (MP) to your cards which will help you play your gamemore easier when you get to the later stages.Health Point (HP) =Keep this up, the card will be destroyed when juiced out.MagicPower (MP) = Monster will cast more frequently with higher MP tohelp you out.Level = Powerful magic spells will be unlocked athigher levelMore games coming soon! Thank you for your continuoussupport of our games! If you have any questions or suggestions,please welcome to contact us.
Balloon Carnival 1.3
Let’s join our Balloon Carnival FREE for fun! This puzzle game istotally different from the one you used to play and it is much morefun with floating balloons waiting to be cleared to complete eachlevel.All you need to do is to tear off all the tickets to revealthe balloon star from the bottom, level will be completed when theballoon star gets to the top. You will get special balloon if youhave 4 or more balloons cleared simultaneously to help you throughthe game.
Marshmallow Union 1.3
Marshmallow Union, a mind twisting puzzle game! Merge colourfultiles with the same number vertically or horizontally and if youcan finish it with only one left, you win! Simple!- hundreds oflevels- intuitive control- simple game rule- competitive game play
Muck Pole 1.2
Racing to the ground by beating the Muck Pole.Powerful tool can be bought by earning coins. Looking for "time"rocks to extend the timer. You will also find a handful of mysteryitems to be collected throughout your journey.Features:- Intuitive game play- Pixelated arcade style graphics- Powerful tools for your disposal- Dozens of items to be collected- No brainer relaxing game play
Jump Rope Kitty 1.3
Let’s try this FREE jump rope game and help these kitties to doexercise together! There will be more cats joining the jump duringthe game with different sizes and your goal is to successfullyfinish each jump!All you need to do is swipe the cat for each jumpand that is it! So easy and simple to play! Concentration isrequired!• intuitive control• cute graphics• challenges come inlater levels
Silly 1.1
The #1 silly game for silly people in this silly world!Playinstructions: Just tap!
Silly #2 1.1
The #2 silly game for silly people in this silly world!Playinstruction: Unscrew.
Exciting Pogo Stick 1.1
Exciting Pogo Stick — another Exciting series from Kitty Gala! PogoStick lovers will like it and for those who has never tried it, youbetter try it here first!Simple way to play: Tilt the device tokeep balance and move forward, the further you go, the better scoreyou will get! The trick is to tilt a little bit at atime!Requirement: Steady hands.
Pop Ginger 1.3
Pop Ginger is an extremely addictive game that every puzzle gameplayer should have in their collection. Most importantly, it’stotally FREE! No in-app purchase is required.This is not a normalbubble shooting game but also need your strategy in order to win.Burst matching candies to clear the level and work your way throughall 9 challenging worlds. Find it too hard at the higher levels?You can always use your earned coins to buy boosters to make iteasier!- 9 challenging worlds to explore- Tricky boss levels atlater stages- Powerful and fun boosters- Initiative control- Fancygraphics and animations- NO time limit- NO move limit- NO creditlimit, play as long as you like- NO coins to buy, earn coins withyour skills
Snap On 1.1
Snap On is a totally FREE revolutionary puzzle game that you havenever experienced before. It is as simple as drag, flick, resize,and rotate each shape back to their proper “home”. Your objectiveis to put all the shapes displayed on screen into their respective“home” as fast as possible to stay alive. You will need to movefaster as you progress further in order to stay alive. 14beautifully designed stages and over hundreds of puzzle challengesyou.
-O- 1.2
Dash-Oh-Dash ( -O- ) is a demanding game to challenge your GamingQuotient (GQ).Your task is simple: Drag the dot to avoid bumpinginto lines; how long you can survive and how good you manage themovements will be calculated for the GQ.The Gaming Quotient (GQ) isbeing complied by your overall Endurance, Strategy and Reflexesfactors. A very few people can achieve a full score (100%).This isa game (tool) we used in our lab to evaluate gamer's skills forgame designs, we decided to release it to the public and wish youfind this interesting.- Two colour modes- Intuitive control-Graphical result to let you know your strength (and weakness)- Keeptrack of your progress and profile
Runaholic 1.3
Runaholic is a simple addicting running game which allows you tocomplete with top runners from all over the world.Simplecontrol:Tapping to run, slide up to jump, slide down to dodge.Funto run:Dozens of costumes to be unlocked.Competitive:Make sure youlogon to Google Game Service to see other players running at yourside.
Coin Trick 1.1
Time to challenge your eyes and fingers coordination by pushing thegold coin through a bunch of sliding pencils. Your goal is to pushthe coin forward until it reaches the coffee mug stain on top ofthe screen. If the coin hits the tip of any pencils, you will needto start again. All you need is a steady hand and a little bit ofbrain power! Coin Trick is one of the incredible time killing gamesfrom Kitty Gala. It is totally Free Of Charge with simple conceptto play. Feature: Hundreds of levels Cute graphics Unlimitedretries No in-app purchase required
Pachinko Farm 1.1
Pachinko Farm is full of fun and animals with delightful soundeffects.Tap on the screen anywhere to drop eggs to score, no skillsrequired. Random farm animals will be marching out when the middleslot is being hit. Hit animal with eggs to get extra scores.- Autoplay mode, toggled by the button on upper left of the screen.-Mute/Unmute, toggled by the button on upper right of the screen.-Check leaderboard, tap of the score wood plate.- Absolutely free,no purchase required.Loads of fun, easy to play, just tapping.Excellent game to keep someone busy (and smile too!)
Cat and Fish 1.2
Some hungry kittens are waiting for your help! Cat and Fish is aFREE simple puzzle game by just feeding the kittens with thecoloured fish they want. Just tap on the designated kitten when thefish comes to the bottom, it is as easy as that but this game willbecome more challenging as you play and watch out for the deadfish, all cats like fresh food!
Cat Roof 1.4
Please help the little black cat to escape! This is a really simplefun game by helping the cat to escape from one building to anotherusing a ladder. Your mission is to adjust the length of the ladderso the cat can run safely to another building without falling onthe street.Try this totally FREE game today and you will addictedto it for sure!• Intuitive control.• Cutie graphics.• Easy toplay.• Difficult to master.
Gemillion 1.3
Experience this one of a kind gem game —— Gemillion! This is amatch-3 fun game from Kitty Gala and you can play it for free!Endless levels with 2 kinds of game play - Reach the Score andTimed Attack!Don’t forget to upgrade your Skills and get yourTrophies to earn extra coinsGAME FEATURES3 Game Mode- Default gamemode is in Tap Mode which you can tap 3 or more same colored gemsto make coins- Earn more coins to upgrade to Swap Mode which youcan swap two gems to make coins plus you can get 200% of coins thanthe default mode- Earn even more coins to upgrade to Slide Modewhich you can slide the whole column horizontally or vertically tomatch the same colored gems to make coins plus you can get 250% ofcoins than the default modeDifferent Gems- Clear 7 or more gems toget a Crystal gems - this gem will clear all the gems around it-Clear 9 or more gems to get a Quartz gems - this gem has differentfunction depends on which coloured gem you clearStyle Bonuses-Quickly tap series of gems to gain chain bonus, more coins you willmake- Blast 2 or more bombs in a roll to get Chain bonus- Combobonus can be made only in Swap or Slide mode, with even higherrewardOther Bonuses- Fever mode, the red count down bar below showsinterval the Fever Mode is being activated. All gold will be atleast doubled- Performance bonus will be activated automaticallyafter some moves, large amount of gold will be collectedWe are sureyou will love Gemillion! Please rate the game and you are verywelcome to give us any comment. Your feedback is very important tous!More games coming soon! Thank you for your continuous support ofour games! If you have any questions or suggestions, please welcometo contact us.
Farm Riot 1.3
The Farm has a disturbance, a Bear Patrol Team (BPT) was assignedto cool things down. Your assignment is to punish those bad behavedanimals (and creatures) with necessary forces. You are not alone!Recruit your friends to the BPT!Game features:- Single player mode-Multiplayers (up to 4) support on local Wifi network- Auto partyconnect, no sign or configuration required- Play cooperatively withyour friends as a team, or not so cooperative!- Fun realtime actionRPG party game!- Search the key to open the doorway to the nextlevel- Pick up supplements and weapons along the way- Collect starsfor lucky draw to upgrade your abilitiesTo ensure best experiencewith Farm Riot, party game can only be hosted on devices connectedto the same local Wifi.To gain smoother game play, start the gamewith the most powerful device with strongest wifi signal, beforeother BPT members join in.
1236 1.1
If you are interested in number puzzles, 1236 is the one you arecraving for! This unique game is designed to boost your brainpower!Very simple rule to play: You have to drag triangles to wherethey are belonging by summing numbers from all 3 corners. There isno time limit so you can play at your own pace. We are sure youwill love 1236! Please rate the game and you are very welcome togive us any comment. Your feedback is very important to us!
Exciting Skate 1.4
Can you imagine yourself to be the best skateboarder in the world?From Exciting Skate, you can get this unprecedentedexperience……Simple way to play: Tap to jump, hold to squat and youwill be the winner! The trick is to get the perfect timing for eachmove!. Smooth animated character. Intuitive control. Simple yetchallenging
Marshmallow Count 1.1
Another Marshmallow series —— Marshmallow Count! Once you count,you can’t stop!The rule is simple but demanding. You have 10seconds to count the number of balls in different colors. All youneed is a good sight! Sounds simple right?Intuitive, single handcontrolSimple game play, yet challengingAuto game save and resume
Silly #3 Swim 1.1
Silly #3 Swim - is the most insane swimming game you will everplayed. You may decide to swim like a Pro or swim like a Dog.Breaking the world record requires some serious practices, howeveryou and your friends will be laughing almost instantly.
Marshmallow Pop 1.2
Our 4th Marshmallow series —— Marshmallow Pop! The sweetest blockselimination game you have ever played!3 Game ModesRush Mode:Marshmallow keep pushing up, you have to act fast. Tape 3 or moreblocks of the same color and once the top bar got filled up, youwill get to the next level.Tactic Mode: You will have 3 moves toget the bottom row raising so you have enough time to thinkcarefully for each move.Elimination Mode: Try to clear all theblocks on the game board and the top bar will show you what levelyou are on how far you are going for the existing score.Tips: Themore blocks you pop in one group, the higher score you will get.
Marshmallow Link 1.3
Here comes a new series from Kitty Gala —— Marshmallow Link! Thissimple addicting puzzle game can lead you to endless enjoyment.Justlink the pairs of numbers with less than 3 line segments! Thehigher the level, the more challenging you will get. There are 8different size of game boards for difficulty and each size containsdifferent levels as well. Keep an eye on all the different seriesfrom Kitty Gala and you will be amazed!
Marshmallow 2x2 1.3
Marshmallow 2x2 is a new number crunching game you have neverplayed.Are you ready for an unprecedented game play that willguarantee you will be addicted to it for the first time you play?Marshmallow 2X2 can do it! Please make sure you have enough timebefore you get it started!The game is played on a 4 by 4 game boardfull of different numbers, just SLIDE the row horizontally orvertically to match the same number and the two numbers will bedoubled, the bigger the number the higher the score you will get(each move can get more than one combination). At the end of thegame, you will have an option to take a screen shot so you can bragto your friends the final biggest combination you get!For advancedplayers:The game logic is well defined, therefore knowing themechanism will help you plan steps ahead to achieve much higherscore.1. Matches are always starting vertically, from top tobottom.2. Matches will then be make horizontally, from left toright.3. Vertically combined tiles will be moved to the lowerposition.4. Horizontally combined tiles will be moved to the righthand-side.5. Emptied positions will be filled by the lowestpossible number without matching to adjacent one.The game may lookssimple (and you may also play this game without thinking too much)but there are still some techniques to be discovered by yourself toachieve higher scores. Good luck.Features:• Intuitive, single handcontrol• Sweet, smooth graphics and animations• Simple game play,yet challenging• Taking screen shot for game results• Auto gamesave and resumeKeep an eye on all the different series from KittyGala and you will be amazed!
Gem Looter 1.5
Gem Looter is the best gem game ever for those who like match-3,coin dozing and items collecting experience in one….and it’s FREE!You can enjoy your favourite diamond game and watch the coinsdropping on top automatically! The more combinations and chains youhave got, the more coins and presents you will get in return.Thismeticulously designed 3D game has lots of features that awaitingyou to explore:- Many different stages with special designedlevels- Different combinations of gems can create powerful bombs -Score to let UFO to drop helpful items through the game- Earn morecoins for presents- Lots of collectible items/presents- Raise thewall to stop items from dropping off- Key will be dropped when allthe tiles are cleared so you can move on to the next level/stageYoucan click “How to play” to have a more detailed explanation or youcan just play to get the hint on the first few levels.There is notime limit so you can play at your own pace. We are sure you willlove Gem Looter! Please leave us comments in the Google Play Store,your feedback is very important to us!More games coming soon! Thankyou for your continuous support of our games! If you have anyquestions or suggestions, please welcome to contact us.
Biscuit Biz 1.5
Slide, Explode & Collect Biscuits! Biscuit Biz is the ultimatematching puzzle game with guaranteed fun that you can’t miss and itis totally FREE!Match three or more jelly of the same colour fromthe ticket office to get crops and the purple ticket for the Questsmode. In the Quests mode, you have limited time or moves tocomplete your adventure. All your collected crops will be in yourbag for trading sugar which you will need it for playing in theticket office or completing quests. You can also use crops to buydifferent boosters to help you playing during your adventure.Tips:Try to mixing bombs with different combinations and don’t miss thedaily bonus!Biscuit Biz Features:- Each level in Ticket Office orin Quests mode is specially designed and it is one and only -Different combinations of bombs can create even more powerfulbombs- Lots of collectible items: coffee bean, blueberry, plum,apple and many more….- You can master the game by using differentboosters in different situations