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View MS Access Pro 1.2.8
allow you to Open MS Access database file(ACCDB or MDB (Jet) format.) on your Android Device,you canviewtable records with Paging, Sorting and FilteringSupport Microsoft Access 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016.Features• Support ACCDB or MDB (Jet) format DB.• View table data with paging list.• Filter on specific column(With many options)• Sort table data by column• View Row Detail Form• support Big database (Tested on 350MB 2,5 million Rows).• can open cloud database by click on FileNotes:it is the seem free app without ads.This application does not support Insert, Edit and Delete Rows,Alsoit does not support queries and forms (I'm working onthis).can't Open encrypt database
Viewer for MS Access Database (ACCDB - MDB - DB)
********** Viewer For Access database for Android ********** allowyou to Open Access database for Android ( ACCDB or MDB (Jet)format.) to open table Rows with Paging, Sorting and Filtering , *Microsoft Access 2000 database * Microsoft Access 2002 database *Microsoft Access 2003 database * Microsoft Access 2007 database *Microsoft Access 2010 database * Microsoft Access 2013 database *Microsoft Access 2016 database Features • Open All ms Accessdatabase Version • open ACCDB database or MDB database . • opentable data with paging list. • Filter on specific column Data(Withmany options) • Sort table data by column • View Row Detail Form •support Big database (Tested on 350MB 2,5 million Rows). • Openencrypt database with Password • View record relationships • opencloud database by click on File Notes: This application does notsupport Insert Data, Edit Data and Delete Rows, Also it does notdisplay queries and forms (I'm working on this). If you face anyproblems or you have any suggest on our database app please contactus. [email protected]
Stickers Maker For Whatsapp - WAStickerApps 0.0.12
Simple whatsapp sticker maker that allow you to make Stickers forWhatsApp from your images and photos. Create your own packs and addthem to WhatsApp directly ! Features: ✔ Support All Image Type ✔Select picture from gallery. ✔ Easily add remove sticker (justselect It) ✔ save sticker with out White background - Create up to10 packs with a maximum of 30 stickers per pack create personalWhatsApp stickers , Easily Add sticker and remove it . Integratedwith WhatsApp using official WAStickerApps API Please do note thatthis app is still in development, so please report every bug youfind to make the app experience better.