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Drive Mountain School Bus 1.1
The best and highly tuned gameplayexperiencefor android mobile.Off-Road School Bus Drive is modern off-road school busdrivinggame in which you are driver off a yellow school bus and youhaveto pick up the kids from their stops and then drop them offtotheir schools.Drive the big London school bus to pick up the student frombuspoints and then drop them to their schools before timerunsout.Park your school bus right into the highlighted area and stopthebus then start driving again when students get into thebus.To let children know that you are coming to pick them up fortheirschool, honk the horn before the stop come so the childrenshouldbe ready to get into their bus so they couldn’t be late fromtheirclasses.Being a kid’s school bus driver is a biggest responsibility foryou.So you have to pick your route wisely and drive the bus withgreatcare.Be a fanatical bus transporter and transport the kids beforetheirschool bells rings. Show you ultimate off-road bus drivingskillsin this brand new simulation game of 2016.Watch out for the traffic and other vehicles. Stay in your laneandtry not to crash in other buses and avoid any kindofaccident.The road is very busy and there is hustle of the traffic ontheroads; keep your one eye on the road and other on the time barsoyou can avoid any kind of destruction.You can also gain ultra hard core driving skills in thisbussimulator. Complete the task to unlock new challenges inthegame.Make your bus a party bus for the kids and other students sotheycan chill and enjoy their off-road journey from beginning tilltheend.The off-road track is very bumpy and very difficult. Drive slowlyatthe narrow and steep turns on the road to pass themcarefully.This bus is neither a tourist nor a passenger bus so you havetodrive like a real life school bus driver and get your jobdoneefficiently and successfully.HOW TO PLAY:Tap left and right to turn left and right.Hit the throttle to accelerate.Tap on brake to stop and reverse.Tap on pause to pause the game.FEATURES:Explore the realistic off-road tracks and environment.Lot of twisted and challenging levels.Pick up the kids and drop them to school.Controls are very comfortable and smooth.School bus is with highly tuned physics with HDgameplaydynamic.Improvise your driving skills to the next level in thisoff-roadsimulator.
Tractor Valley Simulator 3D 1.0
You are George the farmer and you own abigfarm ranch in a village and a farming tractor.You have one daily routine which is to get up early in themorningand start plowing the fields.You are following this one same routine from many years anddidn’tchange it a little bit.Now you are getting bore with this life style of yours andyouwanted to do something new.You want to have fun in life and enjoy the every bit of yourlifeuntil the end of the life.One day you wake up then suddenly a crazy idea light up in yourmindto bring twist in the routine.The idea is about to use your farm tractor as a racing tractorandstart to race on it.You have to start the ignition of tractor and let its machineryburnup for some time.Then drive through the off-road track in the farm and speed upthetractor in line.Collect all the checkpoints to score high and finish thelevelsuccessfully in game.Don’t crash the tractor in obstacles or in the fences otherwiseyouwill lose the mission.Keep watch for the steep and narrow turns on this mud offroadtrackand pass it carefully.Don’t deviate and stay on the path to complete the mission ontimeto score high.Don’t miss any check point and try not to get lost from thewayotherwise your time will be wasted.Keep completing the given tasks within time to make progressthroughthe level and the game.Improvise your driving, parking and checkpoints collecting skillsinthis tractor parking simulation game.Take your tractor driving skills on the offroad muddy track totheultimate hardcore level .Be a real life tractor driver while driving tractor in simpletownand simple village on his farm.Good driving skills are necessary to become a successful farmerwhocultivates his farm daily.Driving a Tractor is different from driving car, bike, jeep, busortruck. Its driving physics is different.So be master skilled driver of tractor to drive it safelyandsuccessfully on the farm.HOW TO PLAY:Tap left and right to turn left and right.Hit throttle to accelerate.Tap brake to stop and reverse the car.Tap on pause to pause the game.FEATURES:Real life farm environment in village.Best tractor driving physics with highly tuned engine.Various fun levels with crazy driving experience.Experience the real life of farmer.Improve your tractor driving skills.Complete the given task to pass the level and make progress.Controls are smooth and comfortable.Simple and easy gameplay.
City Emergency : Car Rescue 1.0
Drive your car and help & rescue thepeoplein the apocalypse emergency of 2016.Your city is hit by a catastrophic mayhem attack ofterroristrecently & caused a civil war.This is like the end of the world for you because everythingisdestroyed.The government has imposed the situation of emergency now.But the help from the govt. didn’t reach to your city yet becausenoone knows about it.You are cutoff from whole country. No communication channelisworking.The citizen of your city are scared and in danger. They are inneedof help.Now you have to be the person who helps all of them in this timeofapocalyptic.Start your car and go out in the city streets to find theneedyone.Find the injured people and get them into your car.Drive them to the safe place, shelter or to the hospital.Park Your car in front of the person in the highlighted spot togethim or her into the car.Then follow the directional arrows pointing to the next safe spottodrop them off.Find and help the children, men and women and be the saviorforthem.Survive this apocalypse of civil war by helping others andrestorethe faith in humanity.Be the most fanatical driver for your nation and save them andyourmotherland.Prove to them that you are not a coward but a brave and avigilanteperson who help others.Be the superhero without cape and be the lone survivor whohelpsothers without any cause.Keep the citizens out of danger zone and escort them to thesafeshelter house.Get the injured ones by following arrows into your car byparkingyour car in front of them.Wait for them to get into your car and then rush them intothehospital within time.Keep your eye on road and one onto the time bar. Don’t let thetimeruns out or you will be failed.Watch out the hurdles and obstacles on the road. Be the Rescue911service for the people.HOW TO PLAY:Tap on left to turn left.Tap on right to turn right.Hit brake to stop.Tap on reverse to reverse the car.Tap on pause to stop the game.FEATURES:Realistic apocalypse environment.Controls are smooth and comfortable.Lots of levels of mayhem to play.Play and complete rescue missions.Superb effects are applied.Complete given mission to progress through game.
Rickshaw Thief Run 1.0
Drive the rickshaw now in busiest streetsofthe city like a crazy driver.Be the craziest rickshaw Tuk Tuk driver and drive around inthewhole country.Drive from one corner to the other corner of the city whiledrivingthe tuk tuk rickshaw.You are a thief who is involved in the heist in the central bankofcity and now on run.It’s your bad luck that your getaway car is nowhere near thebankand you are involved in the bank robbery.Your fellow robbers have abandoned you and betrayed you &tookyour entire cut from the loot of the bank.Now your only goal is to save yourself, loose the cops and gettothe safe house.You saw a rickshaw parked near the bank, you approached the tuktukrickshaw and throw the driver outside in GTA style.Now you are the crazy city rickshaw driver who has to run awayfromthe police.Drive in the city streets and reach to the cool point to shakethecops from your tail.Run in the desi bhangra style, taking steep turns, avoidingothertraffic.Reach to the tuk tuk rickshaw, grab the driver, pull him outandthrow him on road.Avoid to crash into the police blockade otherwise police willarrestyou and throw you in jail.Take your rickshaw tuk tuk driving experience to the whole newleveland experience the craziness.Be the ultimate bank robber whose only goal and aim is to savehimfrom the hands of law.Keep running from police until you are at safe point and out ofthereach of police force.Drive the rickshaw with thrilling and chasing bhangra Punjabimusicand keep on running from the cops.Getting caught by the police will decrease your reputation amongthethief brotherhood.Keep running on your rickshaw and be the ultimate runner whoescapesfrom the police.You have committed the grand theft rickshaw and now you are ontherun from the national police.Be the best and crazy rickshaw driver who has to run in thegiventime limit to the safe house.FEATURES:An exciting city environment.Experience the crash and burn driving style.Travel through Desi areas.Enjoy the local punjabi cultural musics.Lots of 3D animations.HOW TO PLAY:Tap on left to turn left.Tap on right to turn right.Tap on throttle to accelerate.Hit brakes to stop and keep it hold to reverse.
Army Truck : Rescue Drive 3D
AMBULANCE RESCUE Truck DrivingCHALLENGESDrive OFFROAD ARMY Ambulance Rescue TRUCK Simulator when it isProxy War & Modern War Time & Enemies are going forSurgical Strike. Its Surgical Strike time, & Modern War hasBegun. Take part in Proxy War as an Army Rescue truck Driver asEnemy has Started Surgical Strike. Avoid accidents as SurgicalStrike & Modern War are being fought, & avoid accidentswith enemy CARS, Offroad JEEPS or TRUCKS while driving. Begin areal OFFROAD ARMY Base Desert Army TRUCK Drive & Start the ArmyAmbulance Truck Service and turn on a real crazy Offroad DesertMountain Army Base Army Ambulance Truck Driving & racing fevermode and smash the Offroad Army Trucks, Army Oil Trucks, ArmyJeeps, Cars & Bikes traffic with your Army Ambulance RescueTruck Driving & racing skills of dodge and drag. Enjoy ultimatefree Army Base Army Ambulance Rescue Truck simulation & startanother chapter of endless Army Base Army Ambulance Truck OffroadDesert Mountain Driving journey with extremely adventurous OffroadArmy Base Army Ambulance Rescue Truck Game.ARMY DESERT OFFROAD 3D ENVIRONMENTGet ready for a Real Offroad fun of Offroad Army Ambulance RescueTruck Simulation in Super Realistic 3D ARMY BASE Desert Mountain,hills & Jungle Environment. Just follow the Extreme CurvyDesert Army track with your speedy Rescue Truck booster and reachthe ARMY BASE destination before time runs out. If you ever drag& Race your Army Ambulance Rescue Army Base Truck or Coach inOffroad Mountains so must take another racing & Dragging funbut this time in Real Offroad Army Base Army Ambulance Rescue Truckwith various racing rivals in Army Jeeps, Army Trucks, army Coaches& Bikes etc. Army Base Army Ambulance Rescue TRUCK SIMULATOR isan adventurous Army Rescue Truck SIMULATION game for thrill lovers.So if you're a real offroad ARMY Base Army Ambulance Truck Drivelover then must play this free ARMY Base Army Ambulance RescueTRUCK Drive game.FABULOUS REALISTIC TRUCK COLNTROLA real fun with Army Ambulance Rescue TRUCK Drive comes when youdrive your ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCK in offroad Mountain ArmyBase Environment and overtake the traffic rush to the Army Basereach to destination in given time TO RESCUE the injured SOLDIERS.So let's thrill the Army Base Ambulance Rescue Truck race with thisoffroad Desert Mountain Army Ambulance Rescue Truck racing in ARMYAMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCK Drive 3D Game & get a real experience ofARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCK Drive. A real challenge of ARMYAMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCK Drive is ready to thrill you with asphaltspeedy traffic racers and nitro speed Cars. So let's start yourARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCK Drive and Race your Army Base ArmyAmbulance Rescue Truck in this free 3d game and enjoy a free realARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCK Drive in Mountain & HillyEnvironment with ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCK and other nitro cars,Trucks & ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCKs. ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUETRUCK Drive 3D not only simulates your ARMY BASE Rescue TRUCKdriving skills but also prove you a real crazy and extreme skilledoffroad Mountain Rescue Truck driver who can drive every type ofcruiser, gmc, prado, range rover and other offroad vehicles.ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUE SUPPLY DUTYA real lover of offroad Army Base Mountain Environment and draggingshould get ready to drag a ARMY Base Ambulance TRUCK and overtakethe traffic racer on Mountain Offroad highway with his GRAND ARMYBase Ambulance TRUCK cruiser and become a REAL GRAND ARMY BaseAmbulance TRUCK DRIVE legend. You've many ARMY AMBULANCE RESCUETRUCKS options & traffic racer which ready to compete in ARMYAMBULANCE RESCUE TRUCK. Show the real thrilling face to all theArmy Base Truck racing rivals and begin your Army base Oil truckracing.
Tractor Parking 3D 2016 1.0
Are you really tired of parking trucks,carsand buses? Do you want a change and twist in parking gamesthenthis game will definitely cheer up your mood.Are you a fan of farming life and farms? Have you ever dreamedofbecoming a farmer who drives his tractor around on hisfarm?Then drive your tractor around the farm in a small village as areallife farmer in this 3d tractor parking simulator game of 2016formobile.The parking trend has taken a new twist. Now drive yourfarmingtractor in the farm and find a spot for parking thetractor.Enjoy driving a tractor in its full speed and then park itrightinto the highlighted spot.Try not to have collision with fences and walls of huts. Avoidanykind of obstacles. Otherwise your tractor will crash and youwillfail the level.Complete the given task within the time. Keep your eye on thetimebar and drive fast and carefully.Improve your tractor driving and parking skills in thistractorparking simulation game of 2016.Take your skills to the ultimate hardcore level in thiscrazytractor drive game.Feel like a real life tractor driver who drive his tractor insimplevillage and simple town on his farm and park the tractor intheparkzone.To become a good farmer you must be a skilled tractor driver. Sodoyou have the guts to learn and become a most skillfultractordriver in the farmers community?The driving physics of the tractor is very different thenotherusual vehicles. So you have to drive the tractor with greatcareand try not o crash.Drive your tractor near a hut. The door will openautomatically.Then drive in to park it in the safe spot.Be a crazy driver and show off your skills in parking thetractorwith new style and in a unique ways.Follow the white arrow to reach to your desired destination.The harvest season is over. Now give the tractor rest and parkingitinto the shed safely.Experience the real life farming environment and country sideinthis 3D tractor parking Sim.HOW TO PLAY:Tap left and right to turn left and right.Hit throttle to accelerate.Tap brake to stop and reverse the car.Tap on pause to pause the game.FEATURES:Real life farming experience.Drive tractor with highly tuned driving physics.Lots of level with crazy fun.Improve your tractor driving skills.Controls are smooth and comfortable.Simple and easy gameplay.
City Van Simulator 3D 1.0
CITY VAN SIMULATOR:Let's get ready for a real fun of Simulation in Berlin. Arealfun of adventurous dragging become when you drive your CITY VANinBerlin city and overtake the traffic rush to collect allthecheckpoints and reach to destination in given time. Arealchallenge of driving is ready to thrill you with asphaltspeedytraffic tracks and nitro racing turbo engine. So let's startyourCITY VAN and drive to collect checkpoint with this free 3d gameandenjoy a free real sim of Berlin city with CITY VAN and othergmcnitro cars. City jeep 3D is an adventurous racing game forthrilllovers. So if you're a real offroad and drag lover then mustplaythis free game to become a prt of offroad legends. Let's getreadyfor a real fun of Simulation in Berlin.WONDERFULL CITY ENVIRONMENT:Berlin is city of Germany and consider as a best place to DriveaCITY VAN for real and ultimate racing in VAN SIMULATOR. CITYVANSIMULATOR 3D not only simulate your gmc and cruiser drivingskillsbut also prove you a real crazy and extreme skilled offroaddriverwho can drive every type of cruiser, gmc, prado, range roverandother offroad simulating vehicles. So let's thrill the racewiththis offroading racing fun and get a real experience of racing+and racing ++ engine.CITY VAN PICKUP DRIVE:So if you're a real lover of offroading and dragging so let'sgetready to drag a car and overtake the traffic racer on Berlinhighwaywith your City Van cruiser and become a real City Drivelegend.You've many options and traffic racer which ready tocompete withyou. So let's show your real thrilling face to all theracing rivalsand begin your racing in car with racing + engine.Ruined the trackwith your speedy booster and collect all thecheckpoints before timeruns out. If you ever drag your car inTokyo City so must takeanother racing fun but this time in Berlinwith various racingrivals and offroad cruiser and some are offroadlegends.VAN PICK & DROP CHALLENGES:So begin a real CITY VAN SIMULATOR Pick & Drop Serviceandturn on a real crazy racing fever mode and smash the trafficwithyour racing skills of dodge and drag. Enjoy a free simulationofultimate 2016 racing and enjoy another chapter of endlessjourneywith extreme adventurous CITY VAN.CITY VAN SIMULATOR 3D FEATURES:Real simulation of Berlin City.Loads of PICK & DROP Challenges.Turn your CITY VAN SIMULATOR on .Dodge and drag your gmc and become a crazy offroad legend.Enjoy endless driving mania with ultimate CITY VAN 2016.Extreme crazy road trip and endless journey.
Mountain Prado 3D
OFFRAOD RACING ADVENTURE WITH MOUNTAINPRADOThis Prado car game is the only Prado game, which can fulfill yourPrado racing thirst. It is the dream of everybody to drive a LXPrado car, and participate in this LX Prado race. Now you can alsobe the part of this LX Prado race which is just a download aheadfrom you. Download now this LX Prado game and start adding fun byracing with Prado jeep. In this luxury Prado game there are bestgame features among other luxury Prado games. Driving of a luxuryPrado was the dream of everybody, now you can fulfill your dream ofdriving luxury Prado and offroad jeep. There is just not one luxuryPrado, you may choose luxury Prado, mountain Prado and offroadPrado. In this luxury Prado game, there are multiple luxury Pradocars and city Prados. You can drive any with your own choice, landcruiser also available for driving. Driving land cruiser is a greatfun, as you might have driven other luxury vehicles like SUV Pradoand city Prado. One of best vehicle in this luxury Prado game island cruiser.ENJOY THIS LUXURY PRADO RACE ON MOUNTAINYou might have played racing games, but you got bored of all thoseracing games, because there was hell of repetition in those racinggames, but you still looking for racing game but innovative one. Ifyes then download this Prado race game, in this Prado race game youwill get different luxury Prados, which you can drive. In this cityPrado game, there is endless Prado race on the mountain tops. Thatis why this city Prado game is quite addictive, as in this cityPrado game there are different luxury vehicles and different racingpaths. Now in this Prado race game you are going to grab theopportunity of Prado racing on the mountain. This Prado race is notlike other car race, in this Prado race your Prado rivals are alsoenriched in luxury and high-speed, that is why this offroad Pradogame is quite addictive and challenging. In offroad Prado gamethere is 4x4 Prado car for your driving and racing. You can driveyour 4x4 Prado any time anywhere as this 4x4 Prado is actually anoffroad Prado that is designed to drive on the mountains; this iswhy this 4x4 Prado is also called mountain Prado. In mountain Pradoheavy engine is installed as compared to highway Prado, althoughhighway Prado has also high-speed as in the mountain Prado. Drivingthis 4x4 Prado as offroad Prado is never ending fun and adventure.In this highway Prado game, you can drive your 4x4 Prado and otheroffroad Prado, but while driving on the mountain tops you only haveto drive mountain Prado, 4x4 Prado or offroad Prado as these luxuryPrado s have heavy engine installed.DRIVE THIS CITY PRADO FOR PRADO RACE ON CITY HIGHWAYThis Prado city game is great deal of adventure and fun, in thisPrado city game there are multiple luxury Prado s for differentpurposes. Basically this city Prado game is a Prado racing game, inwhich different Prado take part. This Prado city game is actuallyaddictive and interesting racing simulation of Prado race. ThisPrado simulation game is racing simulations of Prado s cars. Inthis Prado simulation game there is crazy Prado for highspeed race,you can drive this crazy Prado to participate in this Prado race.There is multiple luxury car Prado s in this offroad race ofescalade Prado s. In this offroad race game there are just not onlyescalade Prado s but there are other luxury Prado s like offroadjeep aside from offroad jeep there are luxury Prado cars. In thisPrado jeep you can drive and race offroad jeep and escalade Prado.This escalade Prado in this Prado jeep game is new luxury Prado carthat is why this escalade Prado is famous in this offroad jeepgame. These 3D effects in this Prado jeep game of escalade Pradoand offroad Prado is the reason of making this Prado car game a topgame of crazy Prado.
Offroad Taxi Driving 3D 1.0
JOY OF OFFROAD TAXI DRIVEYou are going to experience Offroad Taxi Drive on hillssurroundedwith green pastures and green hills at the distance. Youhaveplayed all those boring games of shooting, racing, biking,killingand hunting and all others sniper commando mission or anyother.Those are now become the boring idea, there is nothingsomethingreal. However, this Offroad Taxi Drive is something new,OffroadTaxi Drive is the demand of new era. People want somethingnew andreal. This Offroad Taxi Drive is exactly what people want,new andreal. You are ready for Offroad Taxi Drive on the hills,yourOffroad Taxi Drive duty is to carry the passengers from theirpointof picking to their destination. This is great experienceofOffroad Taxi Drive, you also have to collect the money accordingtothe situation. Root of your Offroad Taxi Drive is thetouristplace, so foreigner come here very often, so as a OffroadTaxiDrive you have to carry those foreigner to theirrequiredesignation and also be their guide.Offroad Taxi Drive is not so easy it seems. You face manyvirtualand physical obstacles in Offroad Taxi Drive. Virtualobstaclesinclude Offroad Taxi Drive is time management, fair issuesandarguments with the customer.DIFFERENT TAXI VEHICLESReal Taxi Drive game is very different from all other games;therewas hell of repetition in all those game. Real Taxi Driveisdifferent and unique; this Real Taxi Drive is not kidpleasuregame. Real Taxi Drive brings the completely new idea intothe worldof games, especially for those who are reality lovers.Real TaxiDrive is for those who prefer reality based games. So thisRealTaxi Drive is exactly for them, as idea of Real Taxi Driveisunique and real while graphics, sounds, arguments, andsurroundingenvironment make it more real, while playing Real TaxiDrive playerfeels real responsibility. he also feels while playingReal TaxiDrive that he is in his taxi and picking the passengers toCarreythem to their destination.Moreover, in this Real Taxi Drive, game vehicles usedmultipleluxuries for taxi according to the paths, weathersituation, andtime laps. You choose your vehicles in Real TaxiDrive according toyour own will. There are number of luxuryvehicles in Real TaxiDrive. In this way, you experience both thingsat the same time,driving of luxury vehicles and visiting thedifferent terrain ofamong those green hills.CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENTCrazy Taxi Driving seems a freelance type game, where tasksaresimple; you only have to drive the taxi when and where youwant.However, not exactly, in Crazy Taxi driving there areverychallenging situations, there are different tasks CrazyTaxiDriving that you have to finish. While chasing the tasks inCrazyTaxi Driving, you face many obstacles; these obstacles inCrazyTaxi Driving could be of any shape and form. Sometimeobstacles inCrazy Taxi Driving are to fight against the time,sometimeobstacles come in the face of difficult paths, and thesesteeppaths Crazy Taxi Driving are life taking.Sometime in Crazy Taxi Driving, you have to deal with a customerwhowill argue with you on fair matter. You have to deal himpolitely.This Crazy Taxi Driving is great adventure of realitybased game andalso there are challenging environment in Crazy TaxiDriving whichmake this Crazy Taxi Driving addictive.KEY FEATURE OF THIS GAME Amazing Hill Station Environment and Realistic Graphics Thrilling precise driving tasks Easy control Multiple levels Fascinating Luxury Taxi with Realistic Vehicle Physics Enjoyable realistic background music and game sounds Offroad Hill driving simulation Animated passengers Realistic and intelligent traffics system and passengers
Army Training Soldier Duty 1.0
TRAINING CHALLENGESAs the part of US Military Training you are going to joinworld’snumber one army. After US Military Training you would beable tojoin world’s number army. In US Military Training you wouldbetaught how to cop with tough situations. In battle or insomecommando missions you face some uncertain situations so inUSMilitary Training camp you will learn how to understandthoseuncertain situations and make an encounter plan. USMilitaryTraining school is top training school across the country,whichtrain all kind of soldier, military police, snipers andnavysoldier. Because in US Military Training they have includedallkind of hurdles which a soldier, sniper gunman or navy mancanface. As you step inside the boots of a commando trainingyoubecomes from ordinary to extra ordinary. This is what happens inUSMilitary Training, they mould you into extra ordinary super man.Itis famous saying “If you want to succeed in the days of battlethenexercise in the days of peace”. That is why US MilitaryTrainingschool is offering free training to citizens and armysoldiers,this US Military Training is special training, it fallsbetweenarmy and commando, US Military Training is more tough thanarmy andlittle less than commando training.PROTECT YOUR HOMELANDAfter the World War 2 the cold war has started among allcountries.Now it is requisite to train the soldiers for any kindofuncertainty. Requirement of cold war is to give commandotrainingto all army soldiers. US Commando Training center isofferingmidterm training to all soldiers and citizen who arewilling toprotect their motherland. US Commando Training is mosttoughtraining in the world; there are only few who can absorbUSCommando Training. In US Commando Training they teach you howtosurvive without any ordinary food, US Commando Training teachesyouto eat snake and live under the water for several days. InUSCommando Training there are two important things, which theytaughtyou, these are to survive when surviving is impossible andcopewith the uncertain situations.There are two courses of US Commando Training one is forfreshcitizens and second for already trained. After basic USCommandoTraining you will qualify for complex US Commando Training.Afterthese two training there would an option for citizen tojoincommando or army forces while the already part of commandowould beoffer promotions.TRAINING FOR SURVIVALCommando is one man army. One commando man is equal to entirearmy,one soldier of commando force can do what an entire army cannotdo. And the toughest part in the life of soldiers is tofaceuncertainty and survive when survival is not possible. That iswhyin Army Shooting Training they mostly focus in these twothings.Hardest part a commando soldier can face is to survivewithoutregular food and survive in the land of enemy. In ArmyShootingTraining they teach you how to camouflage yourself in theenemyterritory. Mostly commando missions are held in mountains orinjungles, this is why Army Shooting Training camp is held inamongthe jungle of Amazon, where Army Shooting Training team leaveyouall alone and you learn to live alone and eat different kindofanimals for your survival.
Army Sniper Warrior 3D 1.0
ONE MAN ARMYYou might have hear the phrase ‘one man army’, this phraseisperfectly describe a sniper gunman. You are Sniper SecretAssassin,you are one man army. An Sniper Secret Assassin man can doalonewhat an entire army cannot do.You are legend Sniper Secret Assassin part of an secret agencythatis famous for contract killing. Now as the part of thissecretagency you are assigned to a mission, there is a secrethideout ofenemies near frontier base camp, you mission is toeliminateenemies near your base camp, use your Sniper SecretAssassin skillsto eliminate your target. Your Sniper SecretAssassin team hasalready sent a commando team but they failed intheirmission.As those enemies near the base camp of Sniper Secret Assassinunitare at high position you need to pick a place that is equalinheight and far from from the gun range of your enemies. As youhavemodern sniper gun and you are Sniper Secret Assassin so huntdownone by one these enemies with your sniper gun. Prove yourselfasone man army and make your Sniper Secret Assassin team proudofyou. Though it was an impossible mission but we are sure youwillsuccessfully accomplish this mission by using your personalandSniper Secret Assassin skills.UNBLOCK MISSIONSThere are multiple challenging and adventurous missions inSniperReal Commando game. Though all the missions in Sniper RealCommandogame, you can access only few in the start, you have toprove yourSniper Real Commando skills to access those morechallengingmissions.There are combat enemies everywhere with deadly collectionofweapons, so its quite dangerous to get close to them withordinaryweapons that is why you are provided with commando realsniper gun.With your commando real sniper gun you can make enemiesyour targetfar from their weapon range safely.Sniper Real Commando is unique from from rest of these type ofgamebecause of its realistic environment and challenging missions.InSniper Real Commando there are multiple missions and levels,andevery mission of Sniper Real Commando quite different from restofmissions, not only different and unique but when you fartherinlevels you face great challenges.EASY CONTROL AND REALISTIC ENVIRONMENTThere are many boring games on shooting and sniper killing. Anysuchsuch game without perfect realistic control system andrealisticenvironment is quite boring and waste of time. But whenplayingSniper Real Warrior you will not complain of these things.As thereis quite realistic challenging environment, 3d graphics,realsurroundings and realistic sound make Sniper Real Warriorworthplaying. With all these stunning feature Sniper Real Warriorisquite interesting and addictive.You are Sniper Real Warrior and always look forward forcriminalhunt. Now you have given a city mission there are enemiesmoving inyour city and these enemies are threat to the peace ofcity, useyour Sniper Real Warrior skill and eliminate these enemiesfromyour city. You are highly trained Sniper Real Warrior,anotherstunning thing about Sniper Real Warrior is that he love toworkalone, now good news for you, this mission require one manarmythat is no one else but you Sniper Real Warrior only.Key feature of game:• Challenging Environment• Multiple Challenging Missions• Offline: Play it Anywhere• Smart Combat Enemies• Thrilling Fight• Killing Spree• Modern classical Sniper• Real Shooting Experience• Stunning graphics and realistic Environment
Asphalt Racer 2017
DRIVE THROUGH HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ON ASPHALTTRACKSAre you ready for one of the most compelling and satisfying trafficracing experience in the world? If yes then download this endlessbike game. Let me break a biggest secret about this top racing gameand that is this top racing game is just not bike racing game but acar racing and rickshaw racing. With its advance features now youcan choose between 4 different cars, 2 racer bikes and multiplemonster racing vehicles. This top racing game is a milestone in thegenre of endless race. Race through highway traffic, avoid anytraffic incident for the long time and get opportunity to become alocal traffic racer. You are a speed rider and going to rock thisendless bike race and endless car race on your high speed car andon your high speed bike. Smooth and realistic car handling makethis endless traffic race game a top racing game with realisticracing and driving physics. If you drive endlessly through thehighway traffic with high speed on your speed bike or on your speedcar then you can become a first traffic racer of thishighway.ENJOY THE SMOOTH AND REALISTIC HANDLINGAre you tired of all those old racing traffic games? Do you want toplay something innovative with different kind of vehicles of yourown choice? If yes then download this top racing game. In this topracing game of speed cars and super fast bikes there are differentracing cars and racing bikes of your own choice. Drive your car ordrive your bike through the highway traffic earn cash and upgradeyour speed car or just go for buy new vehicle. In this traffic racegame there are different kind of super fast racing vehicles like 4super fast cars, 2 motorbikes, a rickshaw and a monster truck. Thistop racing game is just not traffic bike race or traffic car racebut it is also an endless rickshaw race. Endless bike racing is nowredefined with the choices of different cars. Drift through highwaytraffic on your speedy car or your fast bike or perhaps you maylike endless rickshaw. Get ready for endless traffic race on yoursuper fast rickshaw or on your monster truck.LEADER BOARS AND ACHIEVEMENTSThis traffic race is going to be your next addiction with multiplerace modes, like there are 4 different addictive environmentssnowy, city night, rainy and desert. Along with choice of differentenvironments you can choose between 4 different racing cars, 2racing bikes and a monster truck along with rickshaw. Faster youdrive through traffic the more score you get and opportunity tobecome a local traffic racer. Addition of leader boards andachievements make this endless bike race a top racing game. Thereare different addictive games modes like: two way, endless, timetrial and free ride. Yours racing rivals in this top racing gamesare trucks, buses, sports cars, racing bikes and SUVs. Whiledriving over the 100 kmh overtake traffic closely to get extrabonus and opportunity to become a competitive traffic race.KEY FEATURES:• Smooth and realistic handling and driving• 4 Cars, 2 bikes, a monster truck and a luxury Rickshaw• 4 game modes: time trial, endless, two-way, and free ride• 4 detailed environments desert, snowy, rainy, and citynight• Traffic rivals includes: buses, trucks, cars, rickshaws, andPrado• Leader boards and achievementsGAME CONTROLS:• Tilt or touch• Touch corner brake button to slow downGAME PLAY Tips:• Drive faster and get more scores• Drive over the 100 kmh and overtake traffic closely to get extrabonus• Drive in opposite direction while playing two-way mode to getextra cash and scoresWe Update our games and remove bugs on regular basis. Your valuablefeedback would be appreciated gladly.
Modern Robot Machine War 2017 1.0
ABOUT GAMEThis game, which is about robots, is going to be your crushoraddiction. In this game you are a robot with a secret mission,inorder to complete your mission you will have to go through asecretbuilding. Let me tell you that in that secret buildings therearecombat robots on duty to stop you. Your mission is to kill themandkeep moving forward until you find what you demanded inyourmission. There are 6 game levels, every game level isdifficultthan previous game levels.SHOOTING ADVENTURE OF ROBOTIC FIGHTIn this shooting robot game there is lot of shootingeverywhere,there are different game levels in this street fight ofrobots.This robotic street fight is worth watching, this roboticstreetfight is going to held between zombie robots and robotshooter. Thename of zombie robots is not because they eat humansbut they killthe human that is why these evil robots are named aszombie robots.While robot shooters are manmade; men developed theserobotshooters to cope with these alien robots. These zombie robotsinthis robotic street fight game are alien robots, they camefromother world and these zombie robots are wishing to take thechargeof our planet. This robot strike force against robotic fightinthis robot game is the reason this robot game is going to besoaddictive. Let me tell you that this robotic fight in thisshootingrobot game is with other robot strike force. You might haveplayedother shooting game but this robot shooting in this roboticfightgame is worth participating. In this robotic fight theopponent arenot humans but the alien robots from other world. Therobot forcethat will fight in robotic fight is consisting on realrobots whoare savior of this planet earth.WARFARE OF ROBOTSRobotic warfare begins when the robot machines from the sky cametothis planet and wished to hold the charge of earth. Afterthisthere are lot of shooting robots from the sky came here andstartdestroying the peace of earth. Then after sometime the roboticarmyof humans start fighting against them. The human army has madetherobot machine just to fight against these shooting robotscomingfrom outer world. In this robotic warfare game there areshootingrobots wish to destroy the peace of humans so humans hasdecided tohave combat robotic fight, they designed these roboticmachines forthis purpose. Now these evil robots and alien robotshave come hereto hold the charge of earth, this is the time to savethe earth,you are a robot shooter you can destroy all these alienrobotswithin seconds by using your full robotic force. Your roboticforceis more powerful than any other robotic force.UTILIZE YOUR ROBOT FORCEIn this robot tanks game there is a tank war between robots ofthisearth and robots of outer world. These two kinds of robotswillfight with each other by using their robot tanks, basicallytheserobots tanks are not ordinary tanks these robots tanks areactuallymachine robots. You know these machine robots in this robottanksgame are self intelligent. These machine robots can findtheirrobot enemies and can shoot these evil robots right afterseeingthem. Robot tanks in this tank war of robots are made toguard thisplanet earth from the alien robots. These roboticmachines in thisrobotic warfare game are quite skilled in shootingand killing.That is why these robot machines are commonly known asrobot killeror robot shooters. These robot machines in this roboticwarfaregame are strong enough to shoot these shooting robots andfightwith robo shooters. No matter how strong these shooting robotsfromother planets are but with fine strategy and plan of robotmachinesthey can be defeated.
Traffic Driving School 3D Sim 1.0
ENHANCE YOUR DRIVING SKILLSIf you want to spend time on something valuable, then downloadthiscity driving game. This city driving game is actually adrivingschool for learning the car driving, in this driving schoolgame,you will learn how to drive and park your car or jeep.Beforetaking admission in this driving school, you should knowfewthings, this driving school will help you in learning cardrivingbut you have to practice hard on your own. There aredifferent cardriving & jeep driving levels in this drivingschool game, tobe master in car driving; you have to go through allthe drivingtests. In this city driving game you will practice cardriving onthe city highway. Every time you break the rule in thiscitydriving game, you will lose the point. And your teachers ofdrivingschool will charge you some points after every trafficviolation oncity highway. Learning car driving in this drivingschool game isquite easy. The driving lessons in this drivingschool of citydriving game are quite simple, you just have to takeyour luxurycar and start driving on city highway.LEARN CAR DRIVINGIf you want to be master in CAR driving, you have to practice italot. We have developed this car driving learning game for you.Justhit the download button and start practicing car highwaydriving.In this car traffic driving game, the highway drivingopportunityis what makes this game attractive among the youngsterwho wants tolearn car driving. In this car traffic driving game,when you areout for highway driving, you must check your fuel ofluxury car.The reason of giving car driving lessons directly on thehighway isbecause so you get to use of highway driving. Thishighway drivingfeature in this car traffic driving game makes thistraffic drivinggame worth playing. In this highway driving game,you will drivecar in traffic, and you will follow certain rules ofour cardriving school. These rules of this driving school aregeneraltraffic rules included in this traffic driving game. In thiscardriving game, you are going to grab the car speeddrivingopportunity on fast speed cars. In this driving game, youwilllearn how to drive, moreover, you will get the carracingopportunity. Opportunity of car race in this driving schoolis fordriving and learning purpose, when you get yourself involvedin carrace, you learn how to drive car in speed with endlesstraffic onhighway.GET ADMISSION IN DRIVING ACADEMYThis game basically simulates a driving academy. This cardrivingacademy game is quite useful for those who love Car driving&Car Parking and wanted to improve their driving &parkingskills. After playing this car driving academy game, weassure youcan be a car driving master. Actually this car drivingacademy gameis a real life simulation of car driving & carparking. Thisgame is a driving academy game & this is the bestdrivingsimulation of all the time, not because of drivingsimulationquality but because of other driving features. This cardrivingsimulation game on driving learning is best ever game forreal lifeuse. As this car driving academy is going to teach you howtomaster your driving skills actually this driving simulation gameisgreat opportunity of driving practice of luxury cars on thecityhighway. Let me share good news with you, in this car drivinggamethere is car racing also, this car racing is also forlearningpurpose. In car racing learning, you have to follow alldrivingrules and traffic rule. Reason of putting car racing inthisdriving school is to increase driving interests. In thisdrivinggame, you would learn car racing while following all rules.Youwill go through speed car drive tests as well. Your drivingskillswould be checked when you are into high speed driving. Bestway ofchecking speed car driving skill is to ask you to participateincar racing competition. Buckle up & Get ready to face alltheTraffic Rules Challenges.
Roadway Racer 2017
MILESTONE IN THE GENRE OF ENDLESS RACEDo you want something addictive to play? This racing game is goingto be your favorite racing game. Let me tell you about this racinggame, this racing game is actually a car racing game withcaptivating addictive features. You will run your racing cars onthe highway through city traffic. Overtake traffic closely to getbonus and cash in this racing game. there is adventure of racing inthe in this car racing game, this car racing game is going to beinteresting racing game you ever played before. Do not get your carcrash with the traffic this way becomes a traffic racer in this carracing game. you might have played other car racing game, but thereis no worth playing like this car racing game with smooth andrealistic driving. This car racing game is actually a milestone inthe endless race, as in this car racing game there is no lapssystem, there is no level system. you just have to run your car onasphalt tracks through traffic in this car racing game. you wouldbe given drift cars and racing cars in this car racing game, sotake your racing car and get ready for this speed race throughtraffic. This car racing game is going to be addictive racing gamebecause there are real driving physics with 3D graphics in this carracing game.RACE THROUGH CITY TRAFFIC ON HIGHWAYARE YOU TIRED OF ALL THOSE RACING GAMES WITH LAP CHANGING AND LEVELCHANGING BORING CONCEPTS? DO YOU WANT TO PLAY ENDLESS RACING GAMEWITH HIGH SPEED? If yes then download this endless racing game,drive your speed car in this endless race and get opportunity tobecome first traffic racer. To be a traffic racer in this endlessrace is not so easy; you need lot of cash by overtaking trafficclosely and avoid crash with traffic. You know why this racing gameis known as endless race because there is no end limit to this highspeed race through traffic. And this is the first ever race game inwhich your rivals are local traffic vehicles, that is why we callthis race as traffic race. This endless racing game is basically atraffic race in which you run your racing car at high speed throughlocal traffic. In this endless race, which is actually a trafficrace, you will witness the appealing surrounding environment.NEW WAY TO HIGHWAY RACINGThis car race game is not like other car racing games, in this carrace game there is drift race along with endless race through citytraffic on highway. In this car race game there is not end limit orrace limit as you see in other racing games. in this car race game,which is actually a drift race, there is endless race with localtraffic on city highway. Moreover this car race game is mostaddictive and interesting race game because of realistic racing anddriving physics. This car race game is going to be best racing gamebecause you would get the opportunity to become first ever trafficracer. So download this traffic race game and enjoy the endlessrace through local traffic of city highway. Let me tell you thatthis car race game is actually a drift race, and you will also begiven drift cars along with racing cars for participation in thisdrift race. So ignite your drift cars for drift race in this carrace game, this way your endless race journey begins. There is nosuch other car race game which offer you this much racingopportunity like drift race and endless race along with trafficrace.Roadway Racer Features:-Classic city for car racing game-More city environments to challenge your racing skills-Realistic 3D graphics and natural surroundings-Beautiful and Addictive background music-More amazing top speed car-customizable game control- tilt steering including handbrake with touch to boost.-Earn coins by overtaking close to the traffic