Knorre Apps

Vortex 1.2.2
Vortex is an unofficial player for Twitch. It is designed forphones and tablets with a modern user interface.Features:- WatchTwitch channels- Chat while watching- Browse through the streamlibrary- Follow your favorite Twitch channels and eSportstournamentsAlthough the new Chromecast SDK is available to thepublic, it still won't work due to technical limitations, sorry forthat.
Dangerous Goods Manual helps you in identifying hazardous materials(HazMat). It is very useful for motorists, fire department andemergency responders. Features: - Search hazardous substances (UNnumber) - ERI-Cards ("Emergency Response Intervention Cards")provide guidance on initial actions for fire crews - Informationabout hazard identification numbers (Kemler number), HazchemEmergency Action Codes (EAC), Packaging groups, Transport categoryand Tunnel codes - Classification and labeling summary (includingGHS) - No internet connection required
LOL Droid 1.2.6
View lolcats and many other funny picturesfrom several pages. Just tap or drag the picture to get anotherone. If you want to, you can save all loaded pictures and view themwhen you are offline.Features:- 36 Picture Categories- Zoom function- Manual and automatic saving on the SD card- Offline Mode (shows saved pictures)- Fast loading times (loads multiple images at once)- Sharing (Facebook etc.)- No adsCategories:- After 12- Beach Creeps- Daily Squee- Derp- Engrish Funny- FAIL Blog- Failbook- Graphjam- Historic LOLs- I Can Has Cheezburger?- If Style Could Kill- I Has A Hotdog- Lamebook- Late Night Mistakes- Memebase- Monday Through Friday- Must Have Cute- My Food Looks Funny- People of Walmart- Picture Is Unrelated- Poorly Dressed- Pundit Kitchen- ROFLrazzi- Sketchy Santas- So Much Pun- That Will Buff Out- There I Fixed It- This is Photobomb- Troll Physics- Totally Looks Like- Tots and Giggles- Ugliest Tattoos- Up Next In Sports- Very Demotivational- Wedinator- WIN!Portions of this applications are modifications based on workcreated and shared by Google and used according to terms describedin the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
Griddler 1.1
Start a chain reaction for as long as possible. Just tap a circle,hunt your highscore and enjoy the show...