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Trump Tower Dump 1.0
The Trump tower building is here! How many blocks can you dumpbefore it comes crashing down upon Donald Trump?Tap and hold todump a tower block, but be careful or your Trump tower might dumpout!Collect alphabets while dumping towers - Solve popular DonaldTrump quotes!Points: +1 for each Trump tower dumped!With theelection coming up, dump Donald Trump tower blocks and build thehighest tower!
Chicken Stupid Scream 1.0
Make the stupid chicken fly! Fly against other screaming chickensto unlock more chickens! Fly the longest dodging various obstaclesto get the highest score.Beat your friends' high score and scream!How long can you fly it before you fall? Don't get left behind oryour stupid chicken disappears! Screams of the stupid chickenflying across obstacles. Join the stupid chicken on it's adventuresof scream!
Red Button - Angry Dare 2.0
The Red Button is back! And it's angry! The Red Button is yourenemy and it tells you don't press the angry shiny red button onthe screen.Many challenges, lots of angry dialogues and fun! But donot dare to click it! The screen has a big red angry button andjust one click will get you addicted. Play until the end game! Doyou dare to click the angry red button to make it angrier. Somechallenges are hard, but there are red checkpoints to keep yousafe.Don't dare click the angry red button. It will make him veryangry. I double dare you.
Finger Lie Detector Test Prank 7.0
Use Finger Lie Detector to test if your friends lie or tell thetruth. Lie Detector Test scans your finger print and determinesTRUE(real), MAYBE or FALSE (lie). Tap and hold your finger on thelie detector machine. After detection, Lie detector will test liesbased on your finger print. Finger lie detector test is a freeprank app, will not actually detect if a person is lying.DISCLAMIER: Lie or real is not determined by your finger print.This app is a prank app - does not really detect if a person lies.
Ghost Detector - Real Radar Prank 3.0
Use Ghost Detector Real Radar Prank to test if your house hasghosts or paranormal spirits. Ghost Detector scans frequencies andmagnetic fields and detects GHOST or PARANORMAL activities as aprankHit scan on to begin ghost detection. After detection, realghost detector will test surroundings based on different EMF,EMV.Ghost Detector Real is a free prank app, will not actuallydetect if ghosts are around you.DISCLAIMER:Real Ghosts andparanormal spirits are not determined by app. This app is a prankapp - does not really detect if ghosts are around you.
Stupid Quiz Test 2k17 2.0
Graduate from Stupid to Genius as you useyourbrain in 2k17 to answer the quiz! Master the quiz, then laughasyour friends and family try these seemingly simple test!Find out if you're stupid or genius in 2k17 from thesequiztests!Stupid Quiz Test 2k17 is one of the best quizzes out therewithloads of levels and tests. Download now and see why StupidQuizTest 2k17 is a favorite app!Stupid Quiz Test 2k17 - are you stupid or genius?!
Knife Flip: Extreme Challenge Flip 2k17 1.0
Do you like to flip your knife? Flip the knife in the air and thenlet it land on the table upright without flipping problems in2k17!The knife blade is glowing, it’s time to play awesome knifeflippy simulator game! Land the knife into table with sufficientforce to score points. To be successful, timing and placement ofthe tap is all you need in 2k17. Throw knives, use tap technique,become the greatest master of knife flipping in the world!GameFeatures:- Awesome 3D knife flipping simulator- Great knife flips!-Challenge: Impossible to score more than 15 flips!
Left Brain vs Right: Brain Training Game 1.0
Let's train between your right brain andleftbrain!What is the secret of cleverness?Brain Training Game to quick exercise to your brain, speed&accuracy.It has 2 modes: Left brain training and right brain training.Improvements:- Focus brain training- Colors vs. Brain- Left Brain Vs Right Brain- Speed Training- Accuracy Brain Training GameIncrease your brain multitasking capability by playingthis.Increase your focus by controlling your attention. Use yourlefthand for right brain training. Use your right hand for leftbraintraining.Balancing Left and Right brains are very important, playingthisgame will train your brain on balancing activities .If you are not satisfied with your results, Play this braintraininggame daily 5-10 min. You may see better results.
Lone Survivor - Lifeline Text Chat Story 1.0
The story of the Lone Survivor Lifeline.Whathappened to the rest of the world?Can you help him survive? This is a survival text based chatstory.You will be able to alter the story by making lifelinechoices,creating your own adventure!THE STORY - He wakes up in the middle of nowhere, and can'trememberwho he is. He can't find anyone who is alive either. Whyis he lone?What has happened to them? Help answer throughchat-like textlifelines! Make choices and choose your story!If you liked Lifeline, you will love Lone Survivor- LifelineTextChat Story!
Emoji Quiz - Guess the Emoji 1.3
With over 500 questions, Emoji Quiz - Guess The Emoji willentertain you for hours! You just can't stop. Are you ready forfree emoji games?? 😍Solve simple (and sometimes hard!) Emoji Quiz!You'll have to Guess the Emoji - what is it that these emoticonsare describing?! Challenge yourself with this Emoji Quiz! 🙏It popsup the emoji and you just start to answer with alphabets to thisEmoji Quiz game. Can you Guess the Emoji? 🤗Thank you fordownloading and playing Guess the Emoji. 🙌
Soccer Logo Quiz 2018 1.0
Do you know a lot about soccer clubs? If you feel youknoweverything about soccer, you must check your knowledge withSoccerLogo Quiz 2018.This application is designed specially for allfansof soccer. It's a challenging soccer quiz game and not manyplayerscan complete it. If you like soccer and trivia quizzes, thisgameis a perfect challenge for you. Which soccer club do youlike?Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Manchester,Arsenal,Santos, Ajax, Milan, Juventus, PSG? You will find them allinSoccer Logo Quiz 2018!Features of the app:★ Logos of soccerclubsfrom all over the world★ 5 Levels★ Will be updatedfrequently★Awesome source of soccer knowledge:★ Soccer trivia★Grading aftereach levelDISCLAIMER:- All logos which are shown orrepresented inthis application are protected by copyright and/orare trademark oftheir respective corporations. The use oflow-resolution images inthis application for facilitating theidentification of logos,qualifies as "fair use" under copyrightlaw.
Yes Or No 1.2
Yes or No is a fun game to play when you're bored. You can playonyour own or with friends or family.Vote which option youwouldrather choose - yes or no, then view the stats on what optionwasthe most popular among Boys and Girls> Play hundreds of YesorNo questions> Free to play> View stats on which optionwaspopular - Yes Or No> Perfect app for all ages> Yes OrNofiltered with Boys and Girls optionAnswer questions like:-Everbeen too scared to watch a movie?- Ever been suspendedfromschool?You are completely anonymous in the game. Noinformationabout you is sent to the server. Stats for the votes arebased onextrapolation of a small sample.This game contains hundredsof thebest hand picked Yes or No questions.
Never Have I Ever Game 1.0
Play Never Have I Ever on your own, with friends, or family!Passthe phone around, let everyone answer the question with HaveorNever - then see what the rest of the world has answered!NeverHaveI Ever Game will take your party to new heights!View stats onwhichoption was popular - Have or NeverThis game contains hundredsofthe best hand picked Never Have I Ever questionsHave funplayingthe game.Never Have I Ever is suitable for people of allages. Youare completely anonymous in the game. No information aboutyou issent to the server. Stats for the votes are based onextrapolationof a small sample for Never Have I Ever.
Flags of the World Quiz 2018 1.0
Do you remember the flag of Belgium? Maybe United Kingdom? Findoutwith Flags of the World Quiz 2018 Flags of the World Quiz 2018is aflags game that teaches the flags and their countries. Thereareover 190 flags of the world - do you know them all? Every levelhas10 flags - match the flag with the country correctly andprogressto the next level! The flags are divided into differentlevels -easy, medium and hard. Enjoy learning the latest flags of2018 withFlags of the World Quiz 2018
Rolling Speed Ball 1.01
Do you think you can control the Rolling Speed Ball? Readyyourspeed fingers and dodge all of the blocks coming at youatsupersonic speeds. Rolling Speed Ball is a simple one touchcontrolgame. Tap to roll the speed ball over and escape. Thefarther yougo, the faster it gets! Multiple levels, rolling bonusesand speedballs! Are you fast enough for the rolling speed ball?