Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Word Games 2.22.7 helps you learn and improve English as well as practiceMath in an easy and interesting way. Courses are based on Englishvocabulary, grammar, English idioms, English phrasal verbs, Mathtips and tricks, ratio and proportion, progression, averages,percentages etc. The platform works on scientific algorithmsspecially designed to help you learn and improve English &practice Math effectively. Course Highlights 1. Vocabulary Builder– Easy: Learn English with these most commonly used words. Handyflashcards make it easier to memorise, improve vocabulary, andlearn English in an enjoyable way. 2. Vocabulary Builder –Intermediate: A must-learn wordlist to improve English vocabulary,it comprises of 200+ words which would help improve Englishsmoothly. A good command on these words will also help you achievea good score in exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS & TOEFL. 3.Vocabulary Builder – Advanced: Entrance exams require thepossession of an extensive english vocabulary. This wordlist can behelpful for improving vocabulary required for competitive exams. 4.English Idioms: Learn English with this course where you areintroduced to about 250 common English idioms. 5. Phrasal Verbs:This course will help you easily understand the use of the mostfrequently used English phrasal verbs and help you excel in examslike XAT & NMAT. 6. Commonly Confused Words: This course willhelp you learn more than 200 homonyms, homophones, and otherconfusing words. **Minis Section – New Courses** These newinteractive courses are now available under two topics—English andMath. Courses concentrate on English grammar, proverbs,prepositions, punctuation marks, conjunctions, dedicated coursesthat will help you prepare for competitive exams like IELTS, GRE,etc., math tips and tricks, ratio and proportion, percentages,averages, progressions, etc. Games 1. Words Checker: Improvereading skills by playing this fun vocabulary game. 2. SpacePursuit: Improve writing skills by learning to tackle commonlyconfused English words. 3. Fly High: Build your vocabulary bylearning synonyms. 4. Reader's Digest: Improve reading skills byfocussing on speed, accuracy, and comprehension. 5. Echo: Improvespeaking and writing skills by correctly spelling words in thisEnglish dictation game. 6. Jelly Fizz: Improve speaking skills bylearning phrasal verbs in an interesting way. 7. Panda's Trail:Refine your English grammar skills through this carefully-craftedgame. 8. Sea Voyage: Challenge your reading speed and retention byplaying this engaging game. 9. Word Maze: Challenge your vocabularyknowledge and quick-thinking ability by playing this vocabularygame. 10. Spell Safe: Learn to spell words that have confusingspellings. 11. Polarity: Learn the positive and negative shades ofmeaning attached to words. 12. Words Race: Improve your readingspeed and accuracy. FEATURES • Vocabulary revision tests that arepersonalised and adaptive • Interactive mini lessons for betterunderstanding of concepts related to English and Math • Interestingword games and other language games (English dictation, phrasalverb identification, English grammar revision, etc.) to learn andimprove English in a fun way • Effective English vocabulary builderand grammar app • Improve listening and speaking skills frompronunciation audios • 'A Word a Day' concept for aspirants ofvocabulary based competitive tests Download the app for free andrediscover a fun way to improve English and practice Math. Learningon your mobile just got easier!
GRE Verbal Prep Master 1.2.1
GRE Verbal Prep Master helps you sharpen your GRE Verbal Reasoningskills by introducing different question sets and identifyingimportant strategies for the GRE. GRE Prep Master helps youfamiliarize yourself with the test format and question types. Youcan also learn high-frequency words efficiently and check yourprogress with practice questions to ace the test and get into thegraduate program of your choice. Our self-paced online courses aredevised to enrich your vocabulary and intensify your reading skillsto attain a high GRE score. It includes all the GRE Verbal questiontypes like Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and SentenceEquivalence. It also features test prep strategies, best practicesfor the exam, helpful tips, and explanations for all answers.Follow an in-depth end-to-end roadmap called ‘Journey’ that breaksdown the courses into comprehensible modules to prepare for the GREeasily. Features Mentor-assistance that will ensure personalizedand adaptive learning at an affordable price Practice tests totrack and evaluate your progress in real time Intensive vocabularyrevision tests and games Interactive mini-lessons to elevate yourunderstanding of concepts related to all the sections in the GREVerbal Reasoning test Useful tips and strategies to give you anedge for the GRE Verbal exam Course Highlights 1. VocabularyCourses: A must-learn word list to build and improve yourvocabulary, comprising 500+ words of basic, intermediate, andadvanced levels that will help improve your English. These coursesinclude meanings and example sentences for each word. 2. DiagnosticTest: The first step in cracking the GRE Verbal section is todetermine your baseline score, that is, the score you will get ifyou were to take a test right now. The diagnostic test will helpyou assess your strengths and weaknesses. 3. Skills Courses: Thesecourses will discuss the language skills and sub-skills that willhelp you construct and analyze arguments and counterarguments,predict answers, decipher meanings of obscure words, read with apurpose, and so on. 4. Practice Tests and Mentor Sessions: We havestrategically placed several practice tests after each sectionwhere you can connect with a qualified mentor who will answer allyour queries, provide you with feedback every step of the way, andhelp you improve your GRE Verbal score. We have timed practicetests at the end of the journey with varying levels of difficultyto make sure that you are fully prepped. We also provide you withthe right answer(s) and explanations for each question. 5. Games:Improve your language skills by playing engaging, exciting, andcarefully-crafted games like Words Race, Panda’s Trail, Reader’sDigest, Fly High, Jelly Fizz, Spell Safe, Space Pursuit, and manymore! From the makers of—Google Play’s Best of 2017 inthe Best Hidden Gem category. Download the app for free anddiscover the most effective way to crack GRE Verbal Reasoning onthe go through our in-depth journey. Learning on your mobile justgot easier!
IELTS Prep Master 1.2.0
IELTS Prep Master app helps you prepare for the IELTS test on thego in an easy, fun, and interesting way. We equip you with theright tools and skills you need to ace the test. Our courses,carefully created by experts, are designed to improve yourvocabulary, grammar, listening skills, speaking skills, readingskills, and writing skills to score Band 7 and higher. The platformworks on scientific algorithms specially designed to help you learnand improve English effectively. Follow an in-depth end-to-endroadmap called ‘Journey’ that breaks down the courses intocomprehensible modules to crack the IELTS easily. FeaturesMentor-assistance that will ensure personalized and adaptivelearning at an affordable price Practice tests to track andevaluate your progress in real time Vocabulary revision testsInteractive mini-lessons to elevate your understanding of conceptsrelated to all the sections in the IELTS General Training andAcademic test Interesting word games to learn and improve Englishin a fun way Useful tips and strategies to give you an edge for theIELTS exam Course Highlights 1. Vocabulary Courses: A must-learnword list to improve English vocabulary, comprising 200+ wordswhich will help improve your English in a fun way. 2. GrammarCourses: These interactive courses coach and test you on parts ofspeech, prepositions, conjunctions, subject-verb agreement,collocations, direct and indirect speech, gerunds, tenses, etc. 3.Skills Courses: These courses will discuss the language skills andsub-skills that will help you construct answers, talk to theinterviewers, read and listen with a purpose, and so on. 4.Practice Tests: We have strategically placed several practice testsafter each section where you can connect with a qualified mentorwho will answer all your queries, provide you with feedback everystep of the way, and help you improve your band score. We havethree complete, timed practice tests at the end of the journey withvarying levels of difficulty to make sure that you are fullyprepped. We also provide you with suggested answers andexplanations for each question. 5. Games: Improve your languageskills by playing engaging, exciting, and carefully-crafted gameslike Words Race, Panda’s Trail, Reader’s Digest, Fly High, JellyFizz, Spell Safe, Space Pursuit, and many more! From the makers—Google Play’s Best of 2017 in the Best Hidden Gemcategory. Download the app for free and discover a fun way to crackthe IELTS through our end-to-end journey. Learning on your mobilejust got easier!