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Private Photo, Video Locker 32.0
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Calculator Gallery Vault may look like simple calculator with thenaked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it. If you enter thecorrect password, this will actually allow user to Keep safe photosand videos behind fully functional Calculator.Top Features⦁Photos& videos protection: Selected files will be hidden and can onlybe accessed with correct password.⦁Secret Locker: You can only openprivate photo vault by typing correct password into our SmartCalculator or your fingerprint (for supported devices).⦁IncognitoBrowser: an inbuilt private browser for your safe browsing ofprivate websites and downloading of photos, videos and audios fromweb and lock instantly inside secret locker and leaves no tracks inyour system.⦁Fake Password: Smart Calculator supports Fake Passwordto show fake content in extreme cases when you need to open secretlocker in front of other peoples.⦁Direct Sharing: Share your lockedPictures, Videos or Files directly to social apps. No need tounlock.⦁Music/Apps/Docs/Contacts protection: Hide your personalaudio,contacts,apks or any documents easily.⦁App Lock: Powerful andfaster App lock with different lock themes for your better privacyof your apps. Fingerprint App Lock and fingerprint gallery vaultsupported to compatible devices.IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall thisapp before unhiding your personal files otherwise it will be lostforever. Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app frombeing uninstalled by others especially kids.⦁Other usefulfeatures:⦁ Face Down Phone will help you to perform chosen actionin emergency situations when someone came suddenly. for exampleclose smart calculator app, open website or open other appimmediately.⦁ Capture images and download Pictures, Videos fromsecret browser inside the app itself.⦁ App Disappears from recentapps list. If you got any call when using locker then lockerimmediately closes itself and also if suddenly someone came nearyou and you just screen off then locker will closes automatically.⦁Supports “Calculator App Protection” to prevent calculator vaultfrom being uninstall by kids or strangers and also prevent forcestop your app lock by other applications.More Amazing Tools:⦁Customize color of your full app. DIY color themes into our SmartCalculator.⦁ Amazing image viewer with shuffle and slideshowoptions to relax and view photos.⦁ Inbuilt Audio/Videoplayer.Inbuilt AppLock Features:⦁ Choose from Multiple new themesand backgrounds for applock.⦁ Intruder Selfie : catch the snoopersand capture selfie who try wrong password, pattern or finger printin your app lock.⦁ Fake Cover: Fake App lock cover of force closescreen appears over locked apps and only you know trick toopen.This app uses the Device Administrator permission.To preventCalculator being uninstalled, Calculator need Device AdministratorPermission and Calculator never use any other Device Administratorpermission except uninstall prevention.This app uses AccessibilityService. To keep applock at best and help users with disabilitiesto remind unlock apps.Useful FAQ: Q). My hidden files are storedonline?A. No, your hidden files are stored inside phone locally.Q).Got new phone or phone stolen or broken. Can i recover hidden filesfrom old phone?A. No, currently we do not support online backup ofyour hidden files so that you can not recover any of files from oldphone.Q). How do I change my password?A. Open your secret vaultfirst and Go to settings of calculator gallery vault app and clickon Change password option.Q). Forgot my password and how torecover? A. Enter 7777 = on our smart calculator. This will openpassword recovery screen to recover your password in yourregistered email id with an app.contact us:kohinoorapps@gmail.com
App lock - Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password 35.0
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Applock, Fingerprint App Lock for your apps with Intruder selfies,Dual advanced security lock screens and fingerprint enabled applock that makes your phone total safe and secure.It takes photo ofsnooper that tries to unlock your apps with wrong passwords,patterns or fingerprint and send email to you immediately withphoto and details.~ Fingerprint app lock is supported by all phoneswho has Fingerprint hardware and Marshmallow Android Version and ifyou don't have one then our Fingerprint Simulator enables simulatedApp lock support for any phone you have. Enable Simulator fromsettings and you can simulate fingerprint app lock with PIN orPatten.FEATURES: ★ Lock any App like System Apps, Social Apps, Lockyour private Gallery, Downloaded Apps and games.★ Supports wifi andbluetooth switches control.★ Unlock with PIN,Pattern orFingerprint.★ Intruder Selfie supported. App lock takes selfie ofpersons who entering wrong pin, pattern or finger print.★ Sendimmediately Intruder alert and photo to your email address you setin settings.★ Fake Cover. App lock shows Force Close dialog onopening of locked apps and let you open them with trick.★ Supportsound and vibration effects.★ Supports Protection option to avoidForce Stop by any other user bymistake.★ No need to remember PIN orPattern, you can Instant unlock with your fingerprints forcompatible devices.★ Automatic set colors in app lock screen forpopular apps and system apps.Are you bored typing passwords andusing pattern everytime you unlock apps? Now Lock Apps easily withAdvance Feature of Fingerprint Applock. Take the advantage of thisLatest Applock with beautiful design and Amazing Features differentfrom other applocker.You have to scan your finger to unlock apps soonly you can open your private and social applications. Theintruders trying to hack your security will caught by takinginstant selfie and save inside app. Applock with fingerprint canlock your private apps. Prevent unauthorized access, guard privacyand ensure security. Also you can have control forInstall/Uninstall of new apps. PIN/Pattern or Fingerprint need touninstall any app. Enable it from settings.FAQ:Q: Can I lock ANYapp or games?A: Yes, you can lock ANY installed apps and games inyour device.Q: How can I lock the app?A: It's simple, please lockfor apps you want to lock, and set your PIN or Pattern. you can useFinger print automatically if already registered and existing withyour phone.you don't need to set manually.Q: How to stop otherpeople uninstall AppLock?A: Please enable “Prevent Force Stop" inSettings of AppLock, so nobody can force stop or uninstall withoutyour permission password. You can disable it whenever you don'twant it.This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.Disclosure:To prevent App Lock being Force Stopped byother apps or Being Uninstalled, App Lock need Device AdministratorPermission and App Lock never use any other Device Administratorpermission except avoid force stopped & uninstall prevention byother users on your phone.This app uses Accessibilityservices.Disclosure:By using this service, It helps to use PowerSaving mode. The service is only used to remind users withdisabilities to unlock apps, and save battery usage.Feel free tosend your feedback to us! kohinoorapps@gmail.com
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank 5.0
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Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is an awesome tool which simulates tounlock your phone by scanning your fingerprint. The amazingfingerprint graphics and wonderful flying fireflies animation makeit professional and funny. You can also set 4 digit or 6 digitPasscode or Pattern style backup security lock screens alongwith fingerprint. Download HD wallpapers from our hand pickedcollection to set as lock screen background.NOTE:Please know thatthis app this app is intended to simulate a fingerprintscanner. Fingerprint Lock screen Prank is designed forentertainment purposes only. It is a trick to unlock your phone andyou can use it to prank your friends!AMAZING FEATURES:✔ Full HDgraphics.✔ Customized Fingerprint Lock Screen to unlock your phonewith fingerprint simulator.✔ Support 4 digit and 6 digit Passcodeand Pattern style backup for keypad lock screen along withfingerprint simulator.✔ Apply “Blur Effect” when slidesto passcode or pattern.✔ Shows “Notifications” for new incomingmessages, missed call, mail etc. Enable Notification from settingsinside app.✔ Support “Slide to unlock” where you can also set yourown name. ✔ Simulate beautiful animation of Firefly Effect onscreen with hd backgrounds.✔ Awesome sound effects and unlockanimations✔ Latest Firefly Theme HD Wallpapers to set as wallpaperof lock screen.✔ Choose from multiple new fonts for each items onlock screen and also apply your favorite colors to make it lookpretty awsome and different from others.✔ Clean and Simple designto consume less memory and battery usage of your phone.✔ Now youcan test the changes you made in customized lock screen by clickingon “PREVIEW” option from the app.✔ On/off FingerprintLock screen in just a click.STEPS TO USE:1. First you need to“Disable System Lock” from app settings, to turn off system lock ofyour phone if you are using it.2. Now click on “Enable Screen lock”option to start the lockscreen services. 3. Turn ON “FingerprintLock” to use fingerprint simulator and for backup you can set 4 or6 digit PIN or PATTERN lock style.Get this best Fingerprint LockScreen Prank and be creative, or be realistic; it's all up toyou!This app uses Accessibility Service.This service is only use toread notification for the users with disabilities into our LockScreen. We never use/collect any private information from theservice.Disclaimer:This Lockscreen cannot really identify yourfingerprint, it's just a simulated app used for fun.For help orsuggestions kindly contact us:kohinoorapps@gmail.comEnjoy thiswonderful and cool HD Lock Screen which is secure,customizable andfree with various Themes HD Wallpaper and more. If you like itplease share with your friends and remember to rate us 5 stars.
Foto Editor 1.0
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Foto Editor is a professional tool whichiscreated to enhance your photos in a quick and easy way withnofuss. It contains almost every commonly used imageprocessingfunctions, and can provide most of the photo editingfunctions andphoto effects with unmatched graphics.This Photo Editor includes all the tools you need, in asupereasy interface so you can directly start editing.Features of Foto Editor :★ Dozens of Photo Filters and Effects★ One-tap auto enhance Foto Editor app★ Fun stickers★ Remove Blemishes, Teeth Whitening and Skin Whitening★ Red-eye reduction★ Image Cut★ Image size adjustment★ Painting and graffiti Photo Editor tool★ Freely set the brush size and hardness to meetdifferentneeds★ Adjust image color and brightness, adjust theexposureinsufficient.★ Picture mirroring★ Balance Color with this Foto Editor app★ Sharpen and blur★ Color temperature ("Warmth")★ Color Splash★ Focus (Tilt Shift)★ Draw and add text (Meme Creator)★ Share to social networkThe Photo editor structure is so simple and clear that evenachild can use it! Despite its simple structure, itprovidesprofessional quality and a wide range of photo effects toyourimages.Use your imagination - to create a masterpiece! And Shareyourcreation using Foto Editor app with your friends.Need Help?Support: kohinoorpps@gmail.com
Lock Screen HD 9.0
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Very High security lock screen with Passcode and Pattern style withHd wallpapers and flying fireflies. also you can set 4 digit or 6digit pin security lock screens.Lock screen app simulates theanimation of Firefly which makes them flash on your phone whichlooks wonderful. It has many beautiful HD wallpapers to downloadfor FREE!! Now you can get rid of your old boring Screen locker anduse this Latest Firefly Lock screen.TOP Features:⦁ Simulatebeautiful animation of Firefly on screen with hd backgrounds.⦁ HighSecurity keypad,pattern lock screens.⦁ Classic way to unlock yourphone easily using “slide to unlock”.⦁ Customized sliding text tokeep your own name.⦁ Customize your lock screen with applyingmultiple fonts for each item on lock screen.⦁ Options to Unlockyour phone with beautiful Animations and Different Sounds.⦁ You canset Passcode for keypad lock screen in order to safe your phonefrom prying eyes and unwanted user in our very strong securitypasscode lock screen .⦁ Amazing New Firefly Theme HD Wallpapers forthe background of lock screen.⦁ Customize and create beautiful lockscreen with applying new fonts for each items on lock screen andalso apply your favorite colors and impress your friends by showingyour lock screen.⦁ Support “Blur Effect” when slides to passcodeand also view “Notifications” for new incoming messages, missedcall, mail etc. Enable Notification from settings inside app.⦁ Userfriendly and clean design to consume less memory and battery usageof your phone.⦁ Instant Testing your customized lock screen byclicking on “PREVIEW” option whenever you change any settingswithin app.⦁ On/off lockscreen with just one click.How to Use:1.From app settings select “Disable System Lock” to turn off systemlock in case you are using it.2. Go to Security if you want tounlock phone using PIN or PATTERN for better security.3. Click“Change Wallpaper” option to change HD Wallpapers in background.andmany more settings you can apply to your lock screen and expressyour creativity.Enjoy this wonderful and cool HD Lock Screen whichis secure,customizable and free with various Themes HD Wallpaperand more. If you like it please share with your friends andremember to rate us 5 stars.This app uses AccessibilityService.Need Support or any Suggestion?Contact us:kohinooapps@gmail.com
Calculator Vault 3.0
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Calculator Vault hides your Pictures and Videos secretly behindCalculator. Calculator Gallery Vault may look like simplecalculator with the naked eye but has a secret gallery lock behindit. If you enter the correct password, this will actually allowuser to keep safe photos and videos behind fully functionalCalculator.Key Features :★ Hide Pictures : Keep your personalphotos in safe space.- Hide your pictures easily from gallery,album or photos.
- Love your own private gallery to view yourpictures.
 - Keep your eyes prying and nosy friends away from yourprivate pictures.★ Hide Videos : Keep your personal videos in safespace.- Hide your videos easily from gallery, album or photos.
 -Enjoy your private video player, so that you can view your privatevideos in NEV Privacy.
 - Keep snoopers away from private videos.★Incognito Browser : An inbuilt private browser for your safebrowsing of private websites and downloading of photos, videos andaudios from web and lock instantly inside secret locker and leavesno tracks in your system.★ Fake Password : - Create a 2nd, fake PINthat you can use when someone asks you for your real PIN, whichopens a decoy Keep safe photo vault.★ Themes : Vault and CalculatorThemes.- Well designed beautiful themes for Calculator.- Enjoy yourVault with your favorite color. Also you can change color ofcalculator you like more.★ Disguise App Icon : App is itself secretcalculator and for more security you can change calculator intoScanner Disguise. - The App Icon of calculator will be changed toScanner.- With the trick you can get calculator back and open yourCalculator Vault by password.★ Direct Sharing : Share your lockedPictures, Videos or Files directly to social apps. No need tounlock.✔Don’t risk your private photo albums, secret videos orsecure files being seen when people use your device! The biggestphoto, video locker and hack proof app.✔Other useful features:⦁Face Down Phone will help you to perform chosen action in emergencysituations when someone came suddenly. for example close smartcalculator app, open website or open other app immediately.⦁ AppDisappears from recent apps list. If you got any call when usinglocker then locker immediately closes itself and also if suddenlysomeone came near you and you just screen off then locker willcloses automatically.⦁ No storage limitation for your hidden filesif your phone memory has enough storage space.More Amazing Tools:⦁Amazing image viewer with shuffle and slideshow options to relaxand view photos.⦁ GIF playable image Viewer Calculator Vault.⦁Audio player.IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before unhidingyour personal files otherwise it will be lost forever. ActivateUninstall Protection to prevent this app from being uninstalled byothers especially kids.This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.Disclosure:To prevent Calculator being uninstalled,Calculator need Device Administrator Permission and Calculatornever use any other Device Administrator permission exceptuninstall prevention.Useful FAQ: Q). My hidden files are storedonline?A. No, your hidden files are stored inside phone locally.Q).Got new phone or phone stolen or broken. Can i recover hidden filesfrom old phone?A. No, currently we do not support online backup ofyour hidden files so that you can not recover any of files from oldphone.Q). How do I change my password?A. Open your secret vaultfirst and Go to settings of calculator gallery vault app and clickon Change password option.Q). Forgot my password and how torecover? A. Enter 7777 = on our smart calculator. This will openpassword recovery screen to recover your password in yourregistered email id with an app.Contact the Calculator vaultcustomer service with any questions or suggestions you mighthave.kohinoorapps@gmail.com
Instasave for Instagram 9.0
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Instasave videos and photos. Now you canquickly view Instagram photos offline by downloading them usingInstasave for instagram app. It differs from other Insta downloadapps because it is very easy and fast to use.FEATURES:✔ Fast download speed.✔ Easy to use.✔ One click Autosave photos option or batch save photos andvideos.✔ View Recent Saved Stories using story bar on top✔ Beautiful 3D slider for stories.✔ Repost Instasave photos✔ Browse news feed✔ Search users by tags or names✔ View profile of users.✔ Beautiful dashboard to manage saved photos✔ Backup Instagram Photos and videos✔ Inbuilt Photo viewer with slideshow and Video player with otherplayer supported.HOW TO USE:1. Open instasave app and click on "Browse Instagram" button.2. Click on detected photos or videos from bottom bar and you canselect multiples to download at once.3. Click "yes" to download.That’s it!!InstaSave for Instagram allows you to browse your news feed andyour friends profiles/walls to select the photos you want to Instadownload and save them so you can view it later and share it withyour friends to different social apps.Note:Please do not use this program to save photos without thepermission of the respective owners. Respect the rights of theInstagram users. If you notice that any content in our app violatescopyrights than Please inform us so that we remove thatcontent.support: kohinoorapps@gmail.com
Fastags for Instagram 2.0
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Tired of manually entering hashtag to yourphotos? Worry no more!! Now you can post the most suitable Hashtagsdirectly from our trending categories of hashtags.If you are Looking for best tags to promote your Instagram,Facebook or Twitter account than this app is just for you. Increaseinsta likes and insta followers by using our hand picked popularhashtags.5000+ Popular tags to choose. All are devided into usefulcategories to make it easy to find the right tags for your photosand videos. Make custom tags to quickly access them whenneeded.TRENDING CATEGORIES:- Fashion- Celebrities- Entertainment- Music- Food- Follow and Like- Travel- Populars- Nature- Social and People- Animal- Urban- Electronics- Art and Photography- Weather and Seasons- Holidays and Celebrations- Family- Sportsand many more.STEPS TO USE:Step 1: Select the right category of tags relevant to yourPost.Step 2: Choose one of the social apps like Instagram, Facebook orTwitter so that our powerful engine will copy tags automaticallyand redirect you to that app.Step 3: Paste the tags and start getting likes and followers.That’s it!!USEFUL TIPS & TRICKS:- When you add some tags to your posts, it would be easier to befound them by people who are interested at the same thing.- Its a great possibility that those people may finally follow youor at least like your posts. After you add more tags, the postswill be viewed by more people and your account also can be seen bymore users.- This would be much more easier for you to get insta likes andinsta followers and become a popular guy or girl onInstagram!- You must know that Instagram sorts their search results by timewhen picture or video was originally added and not when you addedtags. So add hashtags using our Fastags for Instagram as soon asyou post the picture.Make sure you share this amazing app to your friends if you reallylike it :)
Insta Stories - No Time Limit 1.0
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Hate the 24 hours limit of Instagram touploadstories? Do you love sharing your amazing life from any pastmomentusing stories? So why anyone should forbid us from uploadingourpast moments with any kind of time limit.Using InstaStories app you can update any photos or videosforInstagram stories without any 24h limitation. You can seethephotos that are eligible for uploading and you select fromgalleryby pressing the "+" button any photo you would like toupload evenif it is was not taken in the last 24hours.Quick Guide to Use:1. First when you open the app you will see some of your photosandvideos that are taken during the last 24hours.2. To add more photos and videos which are not taken in last24hours, just click on plus “+” button.3. Now choose some of the photos and videos. This will makethemeligible to be uploaded into your stories.That’s it!!So now you can update all your favorite photos and videos toaddinto your stories from the past moments withoutanylimitations.USEFUL TIP:Since you can combine so many amazing pictures & videos inyourstories, you’ll be able to get more followers & likesfromthose who have been attracted by your profile, instead ofhandfulviews like before.IMPORTANT NOTE:- InstaStories app does NOT automatically upload yourphotos/videosto Instagram Story. It converts them into latestphotos and videos,so that they can be used to make Instagramstories.-  If you notice that any content in our appviolatescopyrights than please inform us so that we removethatcontent.- This app is not affiliated with Instagram and we respecttherights of Instagram.