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Sahadan Live Scores
The widest content for football andbasketball, find instant live scores, super fast pushnotifications, team and player statistics in 750+ leagues, cups,championships from all over the world with Sahadan.com mobileapplication.
OkeyKolik 1.1.9
A completely new and a refreshing take on oneof Turkey’s most beloved games Okey from the team that buildMackolik.Although we have a lot of similarities, we are taking the okeyexperience to a higher level.● It's a game where you can be together with real players.● You can easily sign up with Facebook or log in as a guest. If youconnect with Facebook, it will be easier to access your accountwhen you want to login from different devices.● You can invite your Facebook friends or start playing with otherplayers immediately.● It is possible to play with 2 or more people, no need to wait forthe 4th.● You can chat with the players at the table or express emotionswith emoji.● If you wish, you can also send private messages to otherplayers.● You can send gifts to other players at the table! You can clickon the gift icon next to your profile and choose what you want fromthe gift panel.● You can browse the community page and make new friends.● Pot; There are 3 kinds of pots that you can win by finishing withthe Okey tile. Each of them has different gifts and coins hiddeninside.● Jug; Every room has a different Jug, and each Jug is filled witha percentage of the coins for each game started in that room. A jughas a hidden tile and when a player finishes a game with that tilethe jug is broken and the player wins all the coins collected inthat jug.● Cruse; The Pot collects coins from a table, the Jug collects thecoins from a room and the cruse collects the coins from all thegames. Each cruse has a hidden number of games and it can be anyplayer from any level or a room who breaks it.Of course we also have a VIP membership. VIP privileges are grantedby;- Special profile design- Special custard and stone- Special gifts- Private rooms- Special tables- Unlimited messaging!● We can suggest you visit the shop. We have our products to beinterested in... We have gold and diamond packages, special boardsand tile sets and different VIP membership packages...● When you complete your daily tasks, you continue to receive yourawards.● Also when you keep coming back every day, you can collect yourdaily rewards!Please forward your error reports, suggestions and requests tookeykolik@kokteyl.com.Thank you so much for your support!