Kolera Apps

Patrick Jelly Jump 1.0
Patrick star is a fictional character on the American cartoon.Patrick lives under a rock underwater town not far from his bestfriend sponge Bob. Also, the hero Patrick unemployed and theself-proclaimed expert in the "art of doing nothing." Now you havethe opportunity to pick up a sea star from the ocean floor. Theunderwater hero cartoon should move up and up only. Jump up and seewhat on the top you'll get a pleasant surprise .Sea star great mood to smoke:- To collect all the coins on the way to the top;- Play for free at any time;- Check your reaction time to jump!
Hopeless Hero: Hulk 1.0
Imagine that you get into travesty, where brawl, extraordinaryand hardy hit the confidential object that is in complete darkness.And now you're the worthy, who will be protected from the monstersthat will swoop in expectation of fresh meat! It's a greatsimulation of the darkness in which you are a participant who wasin control brawl travesty, extraordinary and very hardy, whichwould pass through this dark confidential room and become a trueworthy of his time! But be careful when traveling in the dark, youcan swoop the forces of evil, so be expectation in trouble. Becomea master of travesty, and manage brawl and his incredible arms!Unusual world with extraordinary monsters waiting foryou!A fascinating journey into the world of darkness with the Hulkis waiting for you!- Be very careful in the dark!- Choose a variety of methods that would conquer themonsters!- Get out alive from this dark hole!
Hopeless Hero: North Barbarian 1.0
You will tireless brawl is a hardy northern barbarian worthy whowill swoop all that appear in the darkness, and the expectationthat the expectation would bring salvage itself. Your task is tohelp him to reprobate the evil monsters and give an opportunity toshow what he is courageous, and help to overcome the menace lurkingin the darkness! This is one of the best simulators in which youhave to play for brawl, which is in complete darkness, your task isto check on how hardy this worthy, and how many monsters at oncecan swoop at you. You'll just feel the expectation before theattack that would win salvage, beating and reprobate all thehorrors that lurk in the darkness! You get the opportunity to tryout many courageous northern barbarians, and he will be able toovercome the menace! Become a worthy brawl with our app!A fascinating journey into the world of darkness, waiting foryou!- The brightest in the world of monsters!- Repulsed from them cool weapons!- Be always on the alert, and wait for the danger!
Jumping Plumber 1.0
How did a complex plumber work on his shoulders fell theburdenis not feasible, through the entire sewerage system,collectingcoins along the way and to fix any problems on the road.This gamewill remind you, as once you have played a dendy, butfullyupgraded graphics and modern idea implementation. You willfindcastles and sewerage problems like a tenacious plumber toeliminatethem, and collect coins and exchange them for coolrewards. Tryyourself as a gay plumber, eliminate sewerage problemcastles andremember those warm moments of his childhood spent atthe prefixdendy.The plumber always ready to go!- Collect all the coins- Go to the end of the entire sewerage system- Correct any problem castles sewerage.