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Rescue Knight - Hero Cut Puzzle & Easy Brain Test 0.15
Find angry Goblins and knock'em all. Stay assassin of kingdomcoinand goblins hunters. Join majesty clash! 🤴Rescue Night is arealarcade simulator game about the knight who savesbeautifulprincesses, defeats evil orсs and finds piles of gold. Andall ofthis is absolutely for free! 👶 Fun free games for granny andtheirkids! 🤯 Solve fascinating puzzles and help a brave knightcollectall the treasures. Drag pins and destroy your enemies bypullingfiery lava and poisonous gas into their puzzle units. Cutthe ropesin order to rescue the princess from the scary orcs’paws.⚔️Complete at least several levels, and Rescue Night will beamongyour favorite free games. The following is waiting for you:👑beautiful graphics 👑 hundreds of interesting levels 👑 dozensofgame mechanics
Backgammon online and offline - King of Dice 0.10.1
The app for real lovers of backgammon, the legendary board gamefortwo players, where experts can find worthy opponents from alloverthe world and novices can learn the rules of backgammon andbecomebackgammon masters free. An ancient intellectual game not forbeachbum. Dozens of boards, a variety of tournaments, simplecontrolsand great audio - all this comes completely free in King ofDice 🎲Backgammon has a place of honor in the pantheon ofinternationalboardgames alongside such games as chess, checkers,Poker,Blackjack, Mahjong, and Yahtzee. ✅ Fair games only! No moreloadeddice, "lucky" double sixes at the worst moment or othersimilar"coincidences". Real dice flight physics and genuinerandomizationreproduce the element of chance in the game ofbackgammon, whereevery throw can change the game completely. 🎲Offline mode! Accessto backgammon offline even with no internet -just start an offlinetournament and compete against AI. You canpause a game at any timeand come back to it later. ✈️ Tour theworld! Check out the world'smost high-stakes boards, moving fromcountry to country andcompeting for ever-greater rewards! In everynew league you'll findexclusive boards, chips, dice, and evensoundtracks. 🏆 Compete intournaments! Compete for huge prizes intricky knockout tournamentsor risky pair-on-pair battles - eachplayer can find their favoriteformat. 🛋 Real comfort! Throw thedice and have fun - the AI willfollow all the rules of backgammonand long narde, and tell youimmediately if your move is permissibleor if there are exceptionsto the rules. Play the way you like - bytapping on the relevantpoint, dragging your chips ordouble-clicking. King of Diceresponds to any prompt and adapts toyour playing style. ☝️ Bybackgammon fans for backgammon fans -Adherence to all rulesapproved by the World Backgammon Federation -Ability to throw thedice yourself, controlling the force of thethrow and the twist ofthe dice cup - Honest randomization,physically realistic diceflight, and no lucky "coincidences" foryour opponent - Excellentgraphics with realistic, carefully craftedboards - Tournaments indifferent countries, from Moscow to Dubai -Ambient soundtrack tohelp immerse you in the atmosphere of the game- All variants ofbackgammon available - standard, long narde, anddoubling! King ofDice is not a gambling game for real money, it's abackgammonsimulator played to the genuine rules. All prizes arein-game only,and match results depend on your skill.
Knight Rescue - Pull The Pin Hero Puzzle 0.14
SOLVE PUZZLES No more fake videos - the real game is here! Pullthepin and save the hero! Knight Rescue is a free arcade quizgameabout the brave hero who hunts for treasures in dangerousdungeons.Help him to save cute princess, fight evil goblins and getgoldcoins. Mix and sort elements to win! Each level is a surprise-what comes if I pour this lava into water? Try this free gametofind out! BUILD YOUR CASTLE Now you con be the King! Collectgoldto improve your own Castle. Your city upgrades skills oftheknight. Get more income and train your luck. Use Portal toaccentchallenges from different worlds. Magic Chest will give youfreegold coins every day! And among us - it’s so cool, try it forfree!COLLECT TREASURES Complete levels to receive gold chest or apileof coins. Just like in all the best free games for granny andtheirkids! Solve interesting puzzles and help a knight collectthetreasures and save the girl. Drag pins and destroy yourscaryenemies with burning lava and poisonous gas. Cut ropes andchainsto rescue the princess from the orcs hands! Knight Resquewillbecome one among your top free games as soon as youcompletetutorial and start puzzles. FEATURES - Nice graphics! -300+challenging and fun puzzles! - Tons of quests and enemies - Abigand beautiful castle to build Hours of amazing game playMorelevels coming every month!
Magic Archer: Hero hunt for gold and glory 0.191
Are you ready to have the courage to save the world from evilforces and terrible monsters?! Go on a legendary hunt and save thefantasy world from an army of enemies! Upgrade your powerfulskills, get incredible new weapon and equipment (from unique tolegendary), and defeat epic bosses! Go through thousands of levelswith obstacles and hordes of monsters and collect untold treasuresof the dungeons. Create unstoppable combinations of skills andweapon to help you defeat monsters and demons. Use your bow andarrow to survive and become a hero of archery. Only a true archerhero can save this world from chaos. Become a legend. Forward tomeet glory and gold! All this in the new fantasy arrow game - MagicArcher: hero hunt for gold and glory Key Features: * explore manycolorful magic worlds and dungeons * unlock powerful uniqueweapons, cool armor, awesome rings and magic artifacts * learn epicskills and create crazy combinations to win * fight impossiblebosses and various scary monsters Start hunting now! Get your bowand arrow ready. An unforgettable adventure awaits you. Millions ofmonsters and tons of gold in Magic Archer: hero hunt for gold andglory.