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Weed Firm: RePlanted 1.7.5
Weed Firm: RePlanted. The Vicious and Lawless Career of Mr. TedGrowingThe updated version of the popular weed growing inspiredgame features a unique, fictional role-playing adventure for you tocultivate your marijuana fantasies.You will: - Plant and raise newmarijuana strains and use different pots and fertilizers toincrease your harvests- Customize your weed shop to attract newcustomers with record players, bongs and more- Increase your potprofits by interacting with the numerous, colorful stoners whileyou spin vinyl and smoke dope with them- Defend your shop fromthugs, corrupt cops and the infamous extraterrestrial aliens (!)straight out of their UFOs as you collect huge piles of money andMary Jane.- Complete tasks like collecting big piles of cash,outsmarting the wily five-o and dealing with the hordes of maryjane loving customers knocking at your door.Follow the colorfulstory of expelled botany sophomore Ted Growing as he inherits alittle herb growing operation. Watch as he puts himself to workgrowing and cultivating Bush Weed, Northern Lights, White Widow,Purple Haze Pot and the sweet Alien Crossbreed. Jam out to Reggae,Punk and Trance music while hanging out in his sweet stoner pad.Watch him smoke up with colorful characters like Dancer Jane, Marythe Artist, Bob Rasta, Sandy the Cheerleader, Lee Mechanic, andmore. Watch out for the bad guys like the ganja loving gangstas andthe pesky police. And be extra wary of our visitor from Area 51;the alien extraterrestrial ready to abduct you and your grass for atrip to outer space, UFO style. Don’t skate through your taskshalf-heartedly either, there’s a new surprise every app update foryou to explore, exploit and flame up your green empire with!Goodluck staying out of trouble, because once you get big everyone willwant a piece of you & your pot profits.Get growing, Mr.Growing, and may Jah be with you in your bud business!