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SpaceTerror VR 1.11
Immerse yourself in a space adventure, explore a new world! On aroutine trip the ship where you're working suffer an accident andis forced to land on an unexplored planet... now begin youradventure to survive.Next level soon..Video game designed by Kos IsWorking for virtual reality headset based on stereo vision asOculus Rift (HMD), you can play it with your Google Cardboard orwith: SVR Glass, Durovis Dive, VR One, ImmersiON-VRelia, Go4D VR,Refugio3D, vrAse, Homido, Lakento MVR, etc.
Polygonal RollerCoaster VR 1.5
Kos Is Working
Enjoy a journey of heart attack! Feel the thrill of the falls andthe speed of their curves. Take a roller coaster always in yourpocket, have fun watching the reaction of your friends in apolygonal world.Experience designed by Kos Is Working for virtualreality headset based on stereo vision as Oculus Rift (HMD), youcan play it with your Google Cardboard or with: SVR Glass, DurovisDive, VR One, ImmersiON-VRelia, Go4D VR, Refugio3D, vrAse, Homido,Lakento MVR, etc.