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com.kosratdahmad.myprayers v2.5.3
My Prayers is an Islamic application with accurate Prayer Timesusing the phone's location (latitude and longitude) based ondifferent conventions and has static prayer time for those citieswhich have static time table for prayers. Also this app providesQibla Direction, Azkars (Hisnul Muslim), 99 Names of Allah, NearestMosques and more. Main Features: •  Accurate prayer times based onyour current location with multiple settings available (angles). • Static prayer times for those cities which have static time tablefor prayers. •  Show a progress of the next prayer time remaining.•  Notification or Alarm for each prayer time with the ability toadjust their times. •  Ability to forward notification prayer time.•  Ability to adjust prayer times manually. •  Automatic locationdetection using Network or GPS, or finding the location manually bysearching (Without Internet). •  Ability to select notificationtone (Azan) from the SD card, system tone, or available Muazins inthe App. •  Switching the phone to silent automatically duringprayer times, with settings for each prayer. •  Show Hijri datewith ability to adjust Hijri date. •  All muslim azkars (HisnulMuslim) which contains 287 azkars with ability to share azkars,favorite azkars, and notification for daily azkars •  Qibla Compassdirection. •  99 Names of Allah •  Nearest Mosques, It's based ongoogle maps and shows you the nearest mosques to you on the mapfrom the nearest to the furthest from you in a radius that you canselected 5-50 Kilometers. •  2 different widgets to display allprayer times •  App fully translated to: English, عربي, فارسی, andکوردی Important Notes: If you feel that the app is giving you wrongprayer times, do the followings: •  It is most likely related toyour settings. Go to Setting → Prayer Time Settings to adjust itor. •  Refer to the official Islamic institutions or Mosques inyour city and send us the correct times to take them inconsideration. Contact us: •  Facebook: https://goo.gl/ouXCwZ • Twitter: https://goo.gl/pkMja4 •  Telegram: https://t.me/my_prayers•  Email: myprayers.official@gmail.com
My Prayers - نوێژەکانم 1.0
This app shows Muslims prayer timesforKurdistan Region.Application Features:- Show the prayer time for the cities ( Erbil, Sulaimanya,Duhok,Kirkuk).- A Compass to show the Qibla direction.- Show 99 names of ALLAH and with their meanings.- You can set the app background.For more information check the Info page intheapplication.For bug reports (or bugs on special devices), and featuresrequestsplease email us.More features will be added later.ئەمە پرۆگرامێکە بۆ زانینی کاتەکانی نوێژ بۆ هەرێمی کوردستانبەشەکانی ئەم پرۆگرامە- نیشاندانی کاتەکانی نوێژ بۆ شارەکانی ( هەولێر، سلیمانی،دهۆک،کرکوک)ە- قیبلە نەما کە ئاراستە قیبلەت پێدەلێ- نیشان دانی ٩٩ ناوەکەی خوا لەگەل ماناکەی- گۆرینی باکگراوندی شاشەی پرۆگرامەکەبۆ زانیاری زیاتر دەتوانی بچیتە بەشی زانیاری لە پرۆگرامەکەبۆ هەر کێشەیەک یاخود هەر ڕاو پێش نیارێک دەتوانن ئیمل مانبۆبنێرنوە هەروەها زۆر بەشی تریش ماوە کە لە داهاتو زیادی دەکەین