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Mahjong Epic 2.3.6
Mahjong Epic has been enjoyed by millions of people for more thanseven years. This free Mahjong sequel improves on the traditionalMahjongg game and brings it to all new heights! Because of itssimple rules and engaging game play, Mahjong Solitaire has becomeone of the most popular board games in the world. Whether you onlyhave a few minutes to spend, or many hours, Mahjong Solitaire Epicis your perfect companion! This free, fun solitaire Mahjong game isalso known as Mahjongg Trails, Shanghai Mah Jong, Chinese Mah-jong,Mahjong Titan, Top Mahjong, Majong, Kyodai. All with the classicmatching game play where you match identical pairs of free Mahjongtiles. Features: - More than 1600 boards! - Get new puzzles daily!- 30 Beautiful backgrounds! - 8 Unique tile sets! - Relaxing, zengame play. - Simple pick-up-and-play controls. - Completechallenging goals! - 1080p HD Graphics! - And more! Playing Mahjongis very simple: find and match pairs of identical tiles. Match alltiles to complete a board.
Mahjong Titan 2.3.6
Mahjong Titan is a free mahjong matching game. This premium qualitygame is your perfect match for playing some relaxing Mahjong.Mahjong Solitaire is one of the most popular board games in theworld. The simple rules and relaxing game play means that anyonecan enjoy a round of Mahjong Titan. This free board game is alsoknown as Mah Jong, Majong and Top Mahjong. In Mahjong SolitaireTitan you match pairs of identical Mahjongg tiles. Features: • Over1600 boards! • A new free Mahjong board every day! • 8 large, highquality tile sets. • 12 backgrounds. • Optimized for portrait mode.• Fun goals to master. • 1080p HD Graphics.
Fantastic Farm: Maggie's Story 1.0.2
Ever wondered what it's like to run a magical farm? Maggie, freshout of the School of Magic, has just taken over her parents' farm,and is now being threatened by a sinister business man. To help hersucceed, build your small farm into a prosperous enterprise. Growplants, care for the animals, and operate magical machines toproduce sweaters, pies, ice creams and much more!Features:- Over 150 levels across five game modes- Earn trophies for achievements- 6 different plants, 4 animals and 3 machines- Enchant items with your magic cauldron- Fun cartoon story- And more!**********************************- Join us on Facebook: 2.4.4
Sudoku Epic is a free sudoku game with five different sudoku gamesin one: Regular 9x9 puzzles, 6x6 mini, Wordoku (also known asLetter Sudoku), Killer Sudoku and daily soduko challenges. KillerSudoku is an exciting mix of sodoku and kakuro. Wordoku is playedwith letters instead of numbers, and the puzzles contain words thatfunction as hints. With thousands of puzzles and challenging goals,Sudoku Epic is the perfect app for exercising your brain! Features:• Five Sudoku game modes! • Thousands of free sudoku puzzles! •Killer Suduko: For expert puzzle solvers! • Wordoku: Find thehidden word! • Get new puzzles daily! • Auto notes • Completegoals! • Five difficulty settings! • Get hints!
Jigsaw Puzzles Epic 1.4.6
Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is a jigsaw game with over 10,000 beautifulpictures in a wide variety of categories. You can also createpuzzles from your own photos. This premium quality app is theperfect choice for lovers of jig saw puzzles. In Jigsaw Puzzle Epicyou can travel all around the globe, see majestic landscapes,experience the seasons of the year and the wonders of the world,all from the peace and quiet of your own home. Features: • Over10,000 beautiful, HD photographs, in more than 250 different packs!• Get a new free puzzle daily! • New puzzle packs added regularly!• 11 difficulty settings: Up to 625 pieces! • Create custom puzzlesfrom your own photo collection. • Every puzzle is unique: Differentpiece shapes every time! • Saves all puzzles in progress, so youcan work on several at the same time. • Complete challenging goals!• 1080p HD Graphics.
Word Search Epic 1.2.1
Word Search Epic lets you enjoy free, unlimited puzzles in avariety of different categories. Find the hidden words to solve thepuzzle. Play handcrafted puzzles, or generate new random ones forlimitless, free play! One of the top word games with some of thebest options like design your own custom games, different sizes anddifficulty settings plus a huge selection of categories for allyour word seeking needs! Features: • Generate new puzzles forunlimited play! • More than 70 categories! • Hundreds of free wordsearch levels! • Large or small puzzles with 4 difficulties. • Newdaily challenges. • Complete fun goals. • 1080p HD Graphics. 1.1.7
Solitaire Epic is a free solitaire card game. This premium qualitygame is designed to deliver the best solitaire experience, focusingon keeping things simple, clean and easy to play. ClassicSolitaire, also known as Patience or Klondike, is the most popularcard game in the world. The simple rules mean that anyone can enjoya relaxing round of Solitaire Epic. Features: • Many options,including Draw 1, Draw 3, undo and hint. • Play both regular games,and guaranteed winnable games. • High quality card sets andbackgrounds. • New daily and monthly challenges. • Standard scoringand Vegas scoring. • Play in both portrait and landscape mode. •Simple and responsive gameplay. • Detailed game statistics. •Complete fun achievements. • And more! Patience, like WindowsSolitaire is the classic card game you know and love. Enjoy clearHD graphics, and exciting ways to play like cumulative vegasscoring where you challenge the house over multiple games.