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Magician's Pinball 1.0.3
I found a strange house on a back street inthe city a few years ago.Because irresistible influence held me, Icouldn't ignore the one. I went into there with a tense feels. Aman with gray robe was in there."Are you a guest? I only prepared these pinballs. Nevertheless,please play your free if you're a good."You can play the 4 playfields on 3 gamemodes which created byforce of magical unity!How To Play:-Press and hold the plunger to launch a ball.-Touch left side to control the red flip(s), right side to controlthe blue flip(s).Equipments Of a Ball:-Green GYou can fix the ball through holding anything.-Yellow EThe ball will warp to a safety zone if you drop out the ball.-Red RIt transform ball's size bigger.-Skyblue FWater balls will well up!"Oh. Will you go back home soon?""Yes. It's about ti…!?"I saw a tail of lizard under the man's robe!"What happened? Did you see a strange ghost?"© 2015 Kulaiperial